June 20, 2014

Baby Clothing Wants

Baby Wants

Today is the first post of its kind from my blog, so I hope you enjoy it!  I know that plenty of my readers have children, but I also think that plenty of them don’t.  So for the ones who don’t, hopefully I won’t bore you with today’s post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these adorable baby clothing finds!  Honestly I would wear most of this stuff (if I wouldn’t look like a crazy person.)  Is it just me, or is baby clothing SO much cuter than it used to be?!  I find cuter baby dresses at Target than I find for adults!  I went a little overboard when we first found out we were having a girl, but I haven’t bought that much lately (sort of.)  = )  A few of these items I have actually already bought like this, this, this and this (but in the hot pink guitar print.)  And these are actually for toddlers, but they were too cute not to put up on my wish list!  The J.Crew baby clothing is a little pricey, but oh my goodness, they are so cute, and they even have the matching prints for adults.  Yep, I will probably be one of those moms lol.  Hope yall have a great weekend!


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  1. Love that romper! I'm having a girl too, and the very first thing I bought her was an adorable romper. I also really want to get her one of those home onesies like you have on your list. Baby girl clothes are too fun! 🙂

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