August 4, 2014

L Mae 50% off End of Summer Sale!

L Mae 50% off Sale!
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L Mae is having such an amazing sale going on right now that I just had to share today.  They are offering 50% off their end of summer sale by using the promo code SUMMERFINAL50.  After the promo code, this scarf is only $6.40!  The sale goes on now through Friday, so make sure you check it out soon before your favorite style and size is gone.  They also offer free shipping with any purchase over $50.  You have seen me wear L Mae quite a few times on the blog here, here and here.  They have always been great quality.  They have great customer service, and the styles they carry are so feminine and cute!  I can’t pass up seahorses, flamingos, pineapples, sailboats and whales!  I just ordered this and this from the sale and was so bummed that my pregnant self can’t fit into the sizes left in this gorgeous silk dress.  And though it wasn’t on sale, this was a must have that I ordered too so watch for them on the blog and instagram soon.  = )  Which pieces from L Mae are your favorite?

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