September 25, 2014


I’m back with another fashion post today!  I have recently only been doing about 3-4 outfit posts per week because it has heated back up in Memphis.  I have realized that all you pregnant ladies out there doing outfit posts get serious credit from me.  I don’t know how you do it.  I feel like I’m melting, and I have to use the bathroom every 5 minutes.  TMI, I know!  So, I am about 36 weeks now.  Almost there, and Shane and I are just so anxious to meet Leighton!  I have my last baby shower this weekend for Shane’s family.  I am so excited to see what cute little things she gets, and then we will be making a final Target run on Sunday to get any extra things we still need.  I say final, but final and Target run probably shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.  They might as well make me my own parking spot there.  Her nursery is coming along too, and I can’t wait to share it on here in just a few weeks.  There are just a few more items we need to get and a few finishing touches to do such as hanging her letters, garland and shelves, but at least it looks like a real room finally!  Thanks for reading!  = )
P.S. – If this dress looks familiar, it’s because I styled it as a top here – maximize that wardrobe!

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