September 12, 2014

What to Pack in Your Vera Bradley Travel Bag

 Vera Bradley Travel Bag, Jewelry Organizer & Straighten up and Curl c/o
I (like most every other female in the world) love Vera Bradley.  They are well known for both their signature luggage and their handbags.  Did I mention they also come in some of the girliest and prettiest prints ever?  I recently received their travel bag, travel jewelry organizer and the straighten up and curl holder.  I already had a Vera Bradley flatiron holder (along with quite a few other pieces in my collection), so this was perfect to now have one for my curling wand too to add to my collection.  Shane and I love to travel, so I plan on putting each of these pieces to very good use soon.
Can we talk about the travel bag for a second?  It is huge, which is just perfect for me!  I’m talking 18 x 14 x 11 – big enough to fit all your travel necessities inside!!  Not only will this bag be perfect for weekend getaways with Shane, it also happens to be the perfect bag to take with me as my hospital bag for when I deliver.  The curling wand holder works for most any hairstyling tools including both my flatiron and curling wand.  This holder really is a lifesaver because the last thing I do before I leave the house it flatiron and curl my hair.  If I’m leaving to go out of town, I am usually left with a smoking hot flatiron and curling wand.  I just throw them in the holder, and that way we can head out the door without Shane asking me if I will ever be ready to leave.  = )  And I don’t think I even have to mention how handy the jewelry organizer is so you don’t end up with one big tangled metal mess when you arrive at your destination.  It would definitely have come in handy when we were moving too.  Let’s just say I spent the better part of an hour untangling all my favorite jewelry from the ball that Shane left them in.  = )
 Packing List
Now that you have your Vera Bradley travel bags, what should you pack in them??  I’ve listed my packing list above that includes pieces that work great for most any trip in my opinion.  Most all of them are small and compact, wrinkle-free, and great to mix and match.  These are all such great, key pieces that are comfortable and easy to throw on, and they will really maximize your travel wardrobe without taking up 3 different bags.  = )  What is a necessity for you when traveling?  Are you a Vera Bradley fan too?  Any good trips coming up?
This post was sponsored by Vera Bradley, but all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “What to Pack in Your Vera Bradley Travel Bag”

  1. I've always loved Vera and, thankfully, so does my MIL so she's given me some great luggage pieces over the years. I've had the curling iron holder for YEARS and you are right, it is such a lifesaver!

  2. What kind of curling wand do you use? I got a cheap one and finally got to where I can use it so now I want to upgrade to a nice one 🙂 Love that VB jewelry organizer! You can never have too many little organizing bags like that.

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