October 31, 2014

Halloween around the House

Tin Owl, Polka Dot Pumpkin and Banner c/o Gordmans
I LOVE Halloween!  We still don’t have a lot of decorations, but we always add a few more items to our collection each year.  This year, we added the Halloween door banner, tin glitter owl and polka dot pumpkin to our collection – all from Gordmans.  They had such a great collection of ceramic pumpkins and fun wall art in the shape of ghosts, owls and tombstones.  They also had a good selection of items that would work double duty by being displayed for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I’m all for the spookier and more glittery, the better.  I know that seems like an oxymororn – spooky and glitter.  = )  I love color in my house, so I made sure I incorporated lots of fun and colorful pieces.  I kept the blood and guts at bay this Halloween, but I definitely plan to pull them out next year.  We skipped throwing a party this year due to having a new little bundle of joy at home, but we hope to have lots of family stop by to see her in her (3) Halloween outfits.  I just couldn’t help myself!  Make sure you also print out the Gordmans coupon below to save 20% off any single item now through November 25.  Happy Halloween ladies!



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