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Bows + Devon Maryn Activewear Giveaway!!


Devon Maryn Capris c/o // Dri Fit Running Tee (old, save) // Aeropostale Puffer Vest c/o // Brooks Shoes // RayBan Aviators c/o
How adorable are these Devon Maryn bow capris?!  Devon Maryn has the best slection of preppy chic activewear I’ve ever seen.  I am always looking for cute, new workout and running gear, and I have definitely found it!  I wore this outfit this past Friday to run some errands, do some after-Christmas shopping and make a stop by P.F. Changs.  = )  It was the perfect casual outfit that still made me feel pulled together and girly.  When you look good, you feel good, and I can’t help but feel good running in a pair of pretty hot pink capris with bows on them.  They are nice and thick and stretchy, and they hold their shape.  They don’t stretch out after running or working out for a while like some capris do though.  I hate running in a pair of capris that I feel like you can see through.  Nobody wants to see that!  They are very soft and comfortable too on top of being the cutest pair I’ve ever seen – winning!
If you love Devon Maryn’s preppy workout gear as much as I do, then today is your lucky day.  I have teamed up with them to give away one item of the winner’s choice.  Not only do they have adorable capris like the ones I’m wearing, but they also have shorts.  To enter just use the rafflecopter widget below.  What would you choose from Devon Maryn if you won?
  1. Those bow capris are SO cute! They would make for great motivation to get back into the gym & get a wedding-ready body!

    xoxo, SS

  2. Those pants are adorable! I am always looking for cute workout clothes since I work at a MindBody Fitness Studio! I would love those!

  3. Those capris are so cute! I hate when the pants I am working out in get stretched out when I'm working out. Nothing is less attractive than the saggy butt look. haha! I love the Hound Around Yoga Capris

  4. This work out gear is amazing! Especially love the pink vest!

  5. Love thE color of the vest.


  6. Everything is adorable!! Love the Stripe Down Capris and Shorts!!

  7. The bows on your capris are the cutest!!!

  8. So cute!! I am always looking for workout clothes that have some fun details.


  9. vickie

    Love this!

  10. I love these workout clothes! They are super cute and I haven't seen anything quite like them!

  11. I love the Confetti Yoga Capris! Thanks for the chance!

  12. I really love these bow or the pair of pink striped capris!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  13. I love the capris! They are adorable and just what I've been searching for!

  14. Their yoga capris are to die for!!! They are so wonderful

  15. I am obsessed with the "Bows to Toes" capris! They have adorable work out clothes!


  16. The capris are adorable! And I share your discomfort with too thin workout pants.

  17. Big fan of the hound around shorts, such cute choices!

  18. I've been in love with Devon Maryn for awhile! The "butter me up" Lobster Yoga pants are at the top of my list!

  19. Elisabeth Fluharty

    I LOVE the Bows to Toes Yoga Capris and the Stripe Down Yoga Capris! They look so cute and comfortable, and would be perfect for working out in!

  20. great puffer!! I just got a hot pink one as well to wear when I go jogging . . . which, lets be honest, doesn't happen all that often, but it was a great "pretend" excuse to buy some fun bright fitness gear!!

    Tara Belle
    follow me on instagram: @misstarabelle

  21. JMc

    Those are the cutest capris ever! I love the bows! Adorable!

  22. My favorite item is the Hound Around Yoga Capris.

  23. love the Lobster capris!

  24. Love these! Need these for my half in March!

  25. Love, love, love the Stripe Down Yoga Capris. GORGEOUS!

  26. they really do carry the most adorable activewear! love the stripe down capris!

  27. I like the confetti yoga capris.

  28. Love the Butter Me Up Lobster Yoga Capris!

  29. Page Zettlemoyer

    Those Drop Anchor shorts are adorable!

  30. Everything is SO CUTE! Love all of the yoga pants & shorts!! Too many cute choices it would take be forever to pick, ha!

  31. I love the chevron yoga capris!

  32. Kim

    I love the stripe down yoga capris!

  33. Anonymous

    How cute are these box capris!! I love finding functional AND stylish work out clothes! More inspiration to work out…

  34. Love the Hound Around Yoga Capris.

  35. The bow to toes capris are my favorite too. 😉

  36. Definitely those bow capris!

    Kristina does the Internets

  37. Those bow capris are the cutest!!! Maybe they'd motivate me to stop skipping the gym! #newyearsresolutions

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  38. I'd get the capris that you are wearing with the little bows! I'm such a girly-girl!

  39. I love your vest!
    I wish you happy holidays!

  40. The stripe down yoga capris on the website are totes cute in addition to the capris you have on as well. I am a momma on the go…I wear what I want to wear to the gym all day (when I'm not needed to be out on the road for my job). I will do daycare drop off and pick up in the workout gear and work in the outfit I plan on wearing to the gym for an evening workout. I like to be fashionable but smart and look good. Please help this momma spruce up her workout wardrobe.


    Michele Trobman

  41. Love the stripe down yoga capris!! Amazing!

  42. I like the stripe down shorts.

  43. The bows and the houndstooth are my 2 favs! These are SO adorable!

  44. I'm loving the Chevron Yoga Capris! All of their yoga pants designs are so cute…
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  45. I love the Stripe Down shorts!
    Erika W.

  46. I like the bows and toes capri leggings.

  47. I like the Chevron Yoga Capris.

  48. Loving the confetti yoga capris!! They look awesome!!

  49. I like the Butter Me Up Lobster Shorts (Pink)!

  50. Love the "Bows to Toes"!!!…Let's be real. Love your entire outfit! 🙂

  51. I really love the Hound Around Shorts! This is such an adorable site & idea for cute athletic wear! Making the gym more adorable & working out a little bit more fun. Thank you for introducing me to them!

  52. Love this entire outfit– would love to win! I am having my little guy in April and I can't wait to get back on the weightloss wagon! ????

  53. I'd get the Striped Down Yoga Capris! Thanks

  54. I love the whole ensemble, but especially that vest!! Hubby and I just started a new fitness program together, working out as a couple gets us both motivated!

  55. Kate F.

    I like the Drop Anchor shorts.

  56. Chevron Yoga Capris are so nice!!!

  57. i love the hound around shorts
    flyergal82 AT (yahoo /dot $com&

  58. I absolutely love the Confetti Yoga Capris! so so cute! fingers crossed 😀

  59. Loving the confetti yoga capris! Very cute!

  60. Love the stripe down capris

  61. Chevron yoga pants so cute 🙂

  62. I love the chevron yoga pants!

  63. OMG these pants are Amazing! I love the Confetti ones! Who doesn't love a little bling!?!?!

  64. I love the Hound Around Yoga Capris

  65. I like the Confetti Yoga Capris.

  66. The Stripe Down Yoga Capris are my favorite!

  67. I like the Chevron Yoga Capris

  68. LOVE the bows to toes yoga pant. Such cute stuff.

  69. I love the chevron yoga capris!

  70. Pamela

    Love the bow capris!

  71. I love the Bows to Toes and Hound around Yoga capri pants!

  72. These bow capris and so adorable! I am loving the Hound Around Capris too.


  73. I love the Stripe Down Yoga Capris!

  74. I love the Stripe Down Shorts!

  75. Wow this is really adorable outfit , great color as well. I love it. Amazing!!!


  76. I would get the Butter Me Up Lobster Yoga Capris! So cute!!!!

    (Rafflecopter name is Kimberly)

  77. Yoga pants with cute bow details!

  78. I like the hound around shorts!

  79. Totally love those Chevron capris! I need to branch out from the basic black

  80. I love the Bows to Toes Yoga Capris. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. I love the Confetti Yoga Capris!

  82. ET Pruitt

    The Butter Me Up Lobster Yoga Capris are my favorite.

  83. I'm loving the Hound Around yoga pants!

  84. bows to toes yoga capris!

  85. Those bow capris are A-DOR-ABLE!!! I am also loving the Butter Lobster capris!

  86. Probably the yoga pants!


  87. How darling.
    Love the Stripe down yoga pants.
    as Maureen on widget

  88. I like the hound around yoga capris and the confetti yoga pants.

  89. bows to toes yoga capris

  90. Anonymous

    Confetti Yoga Capris

  91. As a SPIN instructor I'm always ready for another pair of workout capris. I like the ones with chevron on the side!

    xo, Maddy

  92. I could so use a cute pair of work out pants… maybe then I would actually work out! Lol) I love the Bows & Tows & the Gold Confetti yoga pants!!

  93. I would choose the chevron yoga capris!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as "Wild Orchid"

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  94. I love the confetti yoga capris.

  95. I like the shorts

  96. I love the chevron capris!!!!

  97. I love the chevron capris (so of course I pinned them) – thanks for introducing me to the brand!

  98. New Englander here … gotta be the Butter Me Up Lobster capris

  99. I love the confetti yoga pants! They are black, which I love but the gold polka dots are to die for!

    happy new year!

  100. Their Bows to Toes Yoga Capris are so adorable and would be fun to wear for spinning class!

  101. Rebecca

    Definitely the Stripe Down Yoga Capris!

  102. The confetti yoga capris

  103. Bows to Toes Yoga Capris

  104. I like the Chevron Yoga Capris from Devon Maryn.

  105. My favorite item from Devon Maryn are the Confetti Yoga Capris. They are so cute and adorable that I would wear them everywhere.

  106. I love the chevron yoga capris

  107. Kathy Cheng

    The bow capris are too cute!

  108. Hound around yoga capri's please

  109. Elle

    I like the confetti capris.

  110. LOVING the butter me up lobster shorts!!!!!

  111. All are cute, but love the stripe down yoga.

  112. Stripe Down Yoga Capris!

  113. Hi! You look so cute! My favorite item is the Confetti Yoga Capris. Nice! Thank-you for the chance!!

  114. I love the hound around yoga pants!

  115. Stripe down yoga capris!

  116. I love the butter me up lobster yoga capris or pink shorts. I grew up in seacoast maine so the lobsters are perfect!!

  117. I like the Confetti Yoga Capris.

  118. I love the pink Bows to Toes Yoga Capris! Thank you!

  119. I really love the Bows to Toes Yoga Capris!!

  120. I like the chevron yoga capris!

  121. Anonymous

    I'm loving the Stripe Down Yoga design.

  122. The chevron yoga capris are really cool

  123. You look so cute in yours. I like the Chevron Yoga Capris.

  124. My favorite is the confetti yoga pants!

  125. Love the Butter Me Up Lobster Yoga Capris!

  126. I love all of the capris!

  127. The bows capris are my absolute fave! : )

  128. I love the bow capris! (And everything!)

  129. I have always adored those bow capris and the hound around capris are really cute too!

  130. The Confetti Yoga Capris are too cute! Love them!

  131. I love the stripe down yoga capris!

  132. LOVING the Confetti Yoga Capris! So cute!! 😀

  133. I'm in love with the Hound Around Yoga Capris! They are way too cute and I'd love to have them!

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