April 6, 2015

Milk Snob

I hope you all had a great Easter!  It was Leighton’s first Easter, and I think her Easter basket from my mom was even bigger than she was!  You can see some of our pictures here on Instagram.  Shane picked out this and this for her, and I bought her too many outfits and this mat since she’ll be starting solids in just a couple weeks.  I am still debating on what high chair to get.  Any recommendations on one that is easy to clean??
This is a casual outfit I’ve been wearing too much lately.  You could even call it my go-to mom wardrobe (wow, I never thought I was say those words together.)  = )  Skinnies, flats, an oversized bag, top and a kimono.  It may not be fancy or special, but it’s real life.  I don’t dress up every day (especially if I’m off work), and I want to include all my outfits from the dressy to the dressed down.  P.S. – Whether you’re a nursing mom or not, I think you will love Milk Snob and their kimonos.  I’m in love with their carseat covers too.  And their products are perfect for the soon-to-be moms too.  = )
Happy Monday ladies!



12 thoughts on “Milk Snob”

  1. Such a cute look! I love that great kimono! And I definitely know what you mean about a "go to" mom wardrobe. If I'm in a hurry and want to be comfortable I seem to always grab for a comfy cardigan to wear over a cute tank. lol! I swear I wear that combo almost every day. lol

  2. Cute, I agree, great Mom outfit! For high chairs, go for function over looks. We got a high chair that has a removeable top tray, which is great cause they they cause a huge mess and they're done, it would be hard to clean hands while trying to keep them from playing with the food on the tray, so now we just remove the tray and clean up, or if her first tray is too messy, remove the first tray and there is a clean tray underneath. Perfect 🙂 I almost returned it for a more stylish highchair, but so glad that I didn't.

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