April 3, 2015

Leighton’s Nighttime Routine + Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Giveaway!!

Nighttime Routine
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I recently shared Leighton’s bath and bedtime routine here on Instagram, but I thought it deserved a full post here on the blog.  We started this routine when Leighton was 12 weeks old.  I finally got up the courage to put her in
her crib that night instead of her rockaRoo.
She had been sleeping in her own room since she was less than a month old,
but she still hadn’t slept in her crib.
After a few sleepless nights, I figured I might as well try to
transition her to her crib (since I wasn’t getting any sleep anyways!)  It took just a few rough nights of getting up
approximately every half hour when she would cry, but after that, it was SO
much better.  I owe part of that success
to Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.  Leighton
never liked to be swaddled, so I didn’t try that in the crib in anyway, but I
noticed that she kept startling herself with her legs and arms and waking
herself up constantly through the night.



I was skeptical; Shane was skeptical; we all were, but I am
so happy we bought the sleepsuit and decided to try it out.  She loved the sleepsuit, and it honestly was
like magic.  She is 5.5 months old, and we now
have her in the size large cotton sleepsuit.  I don’t know
what I’m going to do when she outgrows it because right now I can’t imagine
living without it!  Her room is the coldest in the house, so it has also been perfect to keep her warm at night.


Each night we start getting ready for bath time at
7:30pm.  She loves to have Sophie (Sadie
in our house) to chew on while she’s taking her bath.  We have a few different brands of bath wash,
shampoo and lotion we like to use, but Tubby Todd, Wash with Water, Earth MamaAngel Baby and Aveeno are our favorites.
We usually finish up bath time about 5 or 10 minutes until
8:00.  Then we go ahead and dress her for
bed in a onesie, socks and her magic sleepsuit.
I am usually the one who feeds Leighton, so I put a soft blanket over
her if it’s cold and use the boppy pillow.
If I’m out of town, and Shane does have to feed her, Dr. Browns bottles
are the only ones Leighton likes.  She
usually finishes eating at 8:30pm, and we lie her down in her crib then.  We don’t rock her to sleep.  She is usually awake but drowsy and tired when we lie
her down.  Then we cut on her soundmachine and say goodnight.  She has
gotten to where she loves her crib now and can much more easily soothe herself
to sleep, and I definitely think the sleepsuit helps her with this too.  When she gets a little older, we also plan to
read her a book before bedtime.  What’s your nighttime routine look like?  Any tips or recommendations??
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  1. I have a three-month-old son and we are currently in the transition out of the swaddle phase. I would love a cotton magic suit in a neutral color! Thanks for the post as I always appreciate hearing what other moms do to get their babies to sleep.

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