July 30, 2015

Family Pic Picks – Beach Style

Family Pic Picks
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Only 17 more days until I will be lying on a beach.  This will be the first time that we will be going to the beach as a family of 3.  The last time we were in Orange Beach, I was 6 months pregnant, so this vacation feels long overdue!!  While we are there swimming, cycling, relaxing and playing in the sand with Leighton, we are also going to set some time aside to get family pictures taken with Jacqueline Ward.  While I love the beautiful all white beach photos, I wanted to do something just a little different since I love color.  I decided on a pretty pastel palette, and I could not be any more excited.  I started by picking out my outfit first.  I also love this adorable pom pom dress here too, but I think the lavender one above is better for pictures since it is such a pretty solid.  The pom pom one would be great to pack as a cover-up though.  I think the metallic and white touches in the accessories will be so pretty and elegant, but the colors will add such a refreshing vibe to the pictures.  My mom and dad are going too to help with watch Leighton some, and they plan to get in on a couple pictures too decked out in their pastel.  What do you think about pastels for family pictures on the beach?  What is your ideal outfit for family pictures?




8 thoughts on “Family Pic Picks – Beach Style”

  1. I had this same debate last year for our family photos. Pastels would work great with your families complexion. We aren't a pastel family, so I went with dark blues with hints of teal. Love the color in family pictures instead of all white. OH and at the end of the shoot, do some shots in the water, they were super fun and turned out fantastic! This was our family photo shoot at the beach http://foxysdomesticside.blogspot.com/2015/01/beach-family-photos.html Can't wait to see yours!

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