July 27, 2015


In case you haven’t heard, Target just newly redesigned their denim line with improved fits and fabric.  To help them show how Target denim really does love every body, they just started a promotion yesterday where you can receive $10 off any pair of denim in store just by trying them on!  They are also offering the same promotion online with code TRYON10.  Skinnies are my favorite style, and I love a good dark wash because they are so slimming and can easily dress up your outfit.  I decided on this pair of dark skinnies.  They have a good fit for curvier girls who do not want another pair of low-rise jeans that will just give you a muffin top.  They come up just high enough to slim the waist without looking like a pair of “mom jeans.”  They had some short lengths, but I opted for the normal length just so I could cuff them in the summer.  I like the casual vibe it gives, and I think it looks good with the strappy sandals.  I think the jeans also have just the right amount of stretch, but they don’t stretch out throughout the day.  The fabric is also just thick enough to hide flaws and smooth without being bulky.  I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and went out and tried some new pairs on instead of just reaching around the 20 pairs of old jeans that don’t do any justice for my body type to find that one pair that still fits.  = )  It has been so hard finding the perfect pair of jeans since having a baby, but I definitely have a new favorite style (and store for jeans!)  Like I even needed another excuse to shop at Target.  = )  Have you tried Target’s new denim line?  What denim styles do you like best?



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  1. I was there Saturday and found the perfect pair of distressed Mossimo Jeggings! I was shocked!!
    I'll have to use the coupon code you provided to try out your pair as well! Thanks for sharing!


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