August 13, 2015

My Mom Jeans

My Mom Jeans

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One of the biggest body transitions I had after having Leighton was fitting back into my old jeans.  And even after I got down to the same weight, I noticed things were still proportioned a little differently.  It made it almost impossible to fit back into my favorite jeans.  I have spent months denim shopping and am sharing some of my favorites today.  I am short and petite but not stick straight by any means.  These are my favorite new “mom jeans” that aren’t your typical mom jeans.  You have probably seen me wear a few of them on the blog recently, and I am guaranteed to be wearing one of these pairs on casual Friday or on the weekends.  What are your favorite styles of jeans that fit just right?  What was your biggest body struggle after baby?




2 thoughts on “My Mom Jeans”

  1. Great picks! Those are great jeans! My biggest struggle was everything,lol. I just felt so uncomfortable after I had my little one. Nothing fit for a long time and then I took action and whipped myself back into shape. But still things change and then you have to shop for your new body.

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