September 7, 2015

Runday Monday + CompressionZ Sports Bra Giveaway!!

Happy Labor Day!  It has been such a beautiful weekend that Shane, Leighton and I have been outdoors everyday either walking, riding bikes, riding the golf cart or swimming.  We have had such a great time.  A couple weeks ago, I started running again, and it has felt great.  I also started eating paleo again a week ago.  Between these two things, I have felt like my old self again with so much energy, and I realize now how much I missed running.
Today I am wearing some of my favorite running gear – my Lululemon crops, my Lily Grace tee, my compression sports braVionic shoes and my Lilly Pulitzer hat.  I always talk about buying new and bright running clothes when you start running or working out again, and it definitely works to get you motivated and make you feel better.  Any time the weather is just a little cool, these Lululemon runday crops are my go-to running pants.  They are sold out, but I found my on eBay.  I love the bright colors on these shoes, and they’re actually really comfortable too and great for walking a lot in.  Lately I’ve been wearing hats while running too just to protect my face and eyes from the sun even more.  No one wants to get sunburned or have to squint the whole time while running.  If you haven’t heard of Lily Grace yet, they are an adorable line of clothing made for southern, classy and modern girls.  They have some of the cutest t-shirts in bright, fun colors with cute sayings on them.  Mine says why fit in when you were born to stand out.  They even carry some of my favorite items, spirit jerseys, which will be perfect for cozying up in this fall.
Last but not least is actually one of the most important pieces of my running outfit today, the sports bra.  I cannot stress how hard it has been over the last year to find a great sports bra that isn’t too tight, too loose, too small, too uncomfortable.  This sports bra is amazing.  It keeps you warm in cold temperatures and cool in warm temperatures.  It is made of compression technology, but what I love most about it is the snug fits that actually retains its shape.  Most of the other sports bras I’ve had in the past fit great in the beginning but then stretch out where they won’t actually hold me in anymore when I am doing anything high impact.  This one does, and the 4-way stretch fabric is actually really, really soft with no seams sticking out to rub or scratch you.  For reference, I got a large.  What did you do this Labor Day weekend?  Did you get outdoors, enjoy the weather, and get a run in?

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  1. This outfit looks very cute! My friends motivate me to go because I'm in college and being unhealthy sucks especially when you get tired walking up stairs! So we go to the gym together and take kick boxing classes together!

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