November 2, 2015

Double the Fur – Faux Fur Vest & Clutch

This is one of my favorite new outfits.  The vest is old, but I wear it almost everyday.  If you don’t have a faux fur vest, invest in one!  I got this one from Ann Taylor, and I honestly wear it at least a few times a week.  You can throw it over most any dress or top to help pull your look together, give your outfit a pop and even slim your waist.  I got this checked boyfriend top for 40% off and have been wearing it with skirts, jeans and even leggings.  I swapped my favorite holey jeans out for some non-destructed ones and wore this for casual Friday last week.  And since one faux fur piece wasn’t enough, I had to pair this with my favorite new faux fur white clutch (perfect as a winter white clutch to wear around the holidays too!)
I hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend and Halloween!  Friday night Shane and I had a date night and ate sushi and watched the Last Witch Hunter.  It had been too long.  The older she gets the easier it gets to get set in our ways and never ask for a sitter for a night away, but I’m glad we did.  It was long overdue, and it gave Leighton some time to visit her grandma and family.  And it was nice getting to relax and stay out past bedtime, ha!
What a difference a year makes.  Last Halloween, I sat in the living room with a week old baby in her rock n play wondering if I would ever get any sleep again.  I think we were both in our pjs too.  = )  This Halloween we both dressed up as hippies that night, and during the day my mom took her trick-or-treating to family members’ houses wearing her adorable little Halloween tutu.  You can see a few of our pictures here, here and here.  She did a good job of picking out my favorite candy (Snickers) everywhere she went.  That night a couple of our friends came over with their kids so they all played.  It was raining and a little chilly so we stayed indoors though.  Sunday it finally stopped raining for us to finally squeeze in family pictures and Leighton’s 12 month photos (coming soon!)  What did everyone else do for Halloween?  Did you dress up?



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