January 4, 2016

Nuna Sena Travel Crib Giveaway!!

Nuna products are some of my absolute favorites as a mom!  We have their Nuna Zaaz High Chair and use it every single day.  We also have their Pepp stroller, and it stays in my vehicle to use every time we are out and about.  Just recently we finally got to try out Nuna’s Sena travel crib.  For some people, the holidays bring traveling.  Visiting with family is always one of my favorite things about the holidays, but for some people, it can be a little stressful while traveling with a baby or toddler.  The Sena has a soft quilted mattress so your little one can get a good night’s sleep, even while away from home.  The Sena is sturdy, and you can easily close it with just one hand – perfect as you learn to do most things with one hand once you have a baby!  The travel crib comes with an easy to carry carrying case with handle.  What I like most about this travel crib is that it comes in 2 sizes – regular size and mini size.  The mini would be perfect when you are traveling and don’t have a lot of room in your vehicle or even where you’re staying.
Today I’ve teamed up with Nuna to give away a Sena travel crib to one lucky reader!  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below.  What is the hardest part of traveling with a baby or toddler to you?  For me, it is trying to fit an entire nursery and playroom into one vehicle, and then hoping that they still sleep well on vacation!  = )  Good luck moms!



117 thoughts on “Nuna Sena Travel Crib Giveaway!!”

  1. I think the hardest part of traveling is always sleeping arrangements. My 13 month old hates sleeping in anything but the crib! We currently have the Four Moms pack n play and he will not sleep well in it… On NYE he slept in my friends Nuna and it made such a difference! He slept so good! I would love to win one!

  2. So far, it has been SLEEP. My son's night sleep gets all out of whack, so none of us sleep well on vacation. Hoping to win this crib so we can transition him to something sturdier than the travel infant crib we've been using!

  3. Using a pack and play that is too small for your little one when you are flying. That happened last time I went to visit family because I didn't check any bags. It was rough for my baby and me. She ended up sleeping in the bed by the end.

  4. I am currently pregnant with our first so I'm not sure what will be the hardest part but I anticipate the change in schedule and time zone would be the hardest for a baby! When we travel we go behind 2 hours to see family and I always have issues adjusting.

  5. This is a great product! Our old pack n play is very bulky and hard to put together. My little one is still too small to sleep in a bed, so this would be great for travel.
    The hardest part of travel for me is trying to keep the kids on a normal(ish) schedule while being away from home. They don't want to sleep but they need to or else they are so crabby!

  6. We will find out soon enough, but my guess is that it will be overpacking for them.. I tend to overpack in general for me but imagine I will be worse with packing for a baby!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Might have to end up getting this no matter what! We're expecting our first in five weeks, and any travel advice helps! I'm so worried about all the time spent in a car and keeping them entertained!

  8. I am pregnant with my first one, but I help babysit my sisters kid. I agree it is hard to keep a play area and sleep area in one spot. I think it will be challenging for me when I have a toddler because my house is smaller. But I can not wait.

  9. The hardest part of traveling with baby is getting adjusted to new environments, meanwhile keeping somewhat of a normal sleep schedule. It always takes a couple days once we get back home to get back to normalcy, but the close family time spent during the travel makes it ALL worth it!

  10. Not being on a regular schedule is the hardest part. For me and my little ones we live on a schedule and when that gets altered it's not easy. I would love to have this for traveling as we do travel quite often.

  11. The hardest part of traveling with my son was keeping him on a sleep schedule. When they get out of schedule, they seem to get cranky too. This would be awesome for a baby to still have a "bed" for their own. 🙂

  12. The hardest part of traveling with baby and toddler is keeping a routine. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old who are really into their routine and traveling seems to really mess that up. Would love something nice like this that the 2 month old could sleep in!!

  13. If it's just me and the kids, then getting a 10 minute recharge alone is the hardest part and we all end up exhausted by the end. If it's our whole family, then trying to convince my husband that the kids are just kids and don't have the same stamina that we do/need regular meals and sleep time too.

  14. I think the hardest thing is packing for your child and yourself and remembering everything. The other thing that was really hard and difficult was trying to time travel to when my son was going to nap. For flights it worked sometimes and with the car he always eventually fell asleep though it sometimes took a bit of listening to him yell first.

  15. Oh how wonderful this looks! I travel for work and gets bring my sweet baby along, but usually end up having to use the hotel pack and plays which are not necessarily the cleanest or greatest place to lay your sweet baby down on. This would be so huge! I think the hardest part of traveling with a baby is and to maintain your schedule. With family around everyone wants to play with the baby, maintaining your schedule is rather difficult. Finger fingers for this one! Poor Luke does not want to sleep in the hotel bed anymore!

  16. I think the hardest part of traveling with my baby is both my penchant for overpacking, and the overstimulation/overtiredness for her. Poor thing! But we still love to tag along on daddy's business trips. 🙂

  17. All of the stuff our little one requires! Packing for the holidays we were shocked at all of the things and how much time it took to pack for our two month old. Hoping to simplify for our first trip on a plane in a couple of months! I've heard so many good things about the Nuna line – we're looking into buying some of their other products as well 🙂

  18. The majority of my family is 4 hours away. I'm extremely close to them. It's important to me that my son Harrison has that bond as well. So I try to make that trip at least every other month. One of the biggest obstacles is making sure you have everything. At least most things you can buy if forgotten. I find the biggest challenge is playing Tetris with my SUV. Trying to get all of our bags, his necessities, etc and still have room for us and our 14 yo chihuahua. We somehow manage. Family is so worth it. ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity! I so enjoy your blog!

  19. There is quite a bit of stress that goes with traveling. There is the packing, the stopping for restroom breaks, the kids not being comfortable when they sleep. I have a 6 and 7 year old and 6 month old twins so it is very challenging but so worth it with all the memories made!

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