February 1, 2016

Moby Go Baby Carrier Giveaway!!


Moby makes one of the most comfortable baby carriers, the Moby Go Carrier.  It is perfect for larger babies, and works from 15-45lbs.  I started carrying Leighton in the Moby around 10 months, and it really is the softest and comfiest carrier for both her and me.  We don’t use baby carriers quite as much as we used to in our earlier months together, but Leighton was going through a rough leap last month and wanted nothing but to be held all…day…long.  It was so nice to have this carrier on hand.  I stayed in my pjs all day, and she stayed in the Moby carrier.  I didn’t realize how much I actually missed wearing Leighton, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed the snuggles with her that day.  Today I’m teaming up with Moby to give one lucky mom a Moby Go carrier of their own.  To enter, just use the widget below.  What is your favorite part of babywearing?  Mine is the hands free ability and of course the cuddling.  = )



85 thoughts on “Moby Go Baby Carrier Giveaway!!”

  1. I love how peaceful my little one sleeps being worn, how easy flying and grocery shopping is and that my hands can still be free and my little one is close and happy. I'm about to have my second so I'm sure I will be baby wearing the second even more while I chase my toddler!

  2. I love baby wearing (especially my Moby wrap) because it's convenient, great for bonding and was such a life saver when I had an infant and wild toddler!! SSC are my favorite. I didn't know Moby now has a SSC, so I'm excited.

  3. My favorite thing about baby wearing is being hands free to get chores done but still able to "hold" the baby and keep him happy. We are getting close to needing to size up and this would be PERFECT!!

  4. I have not started to babywear yet, as I am still pregnant with my first! This is one of the things that I so look forward to as a new mom. Being able to be hands free and keep my little one close to me!

  5. My favorite part of baby wearing is that I can comfort my little one and get things done at the same time. Yesterday I had him in my Moby sleeping while I folded clothes and did dishes. He loves to nap in mommy.

  6. I love the closeness and bonding that Babywearing brings. When my little one is tired or overwhelmed, I love that I'm able to wear her and calm her whole world. It also allows me to be hands free, so I can attend to my other children as well as responsibilities.

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