April 20, 2016

4moms High Chair Giveaway!!

Mealtimes can get crazy around our house with a toddler.  I could only imagine what they would be like with 2 or 3!  Leighton has also become quite the picky and messy eater.  If she doesn’t want something, on the floor it goes to the cleanup crew (our yorkies Spike and Lola.)  Shane and I always dreamed of this perfect world where we would all sit down the dinner together.  I know, what was I thinking?!  The things we say we will and won’t do before we are parents are hilarious.  We recently started using a new high chair from 4moms, and it definitely helps a little with our rambunctious toddler.
Leighton thinks she can do everything.  I mean everything.  This chair has some great features though that help her to feel more independent.  She is able to climb up the steps herself and sit down.  She loves climbing.  I love it; it scares Shane to death.  = )  She feels so big and independent when she can climb up in her “big girl chair” all by herself.  The chair has adjustable heights so you can easily make it shorter or taller depending on the height of your table.  We have a pretty tall kitchen table, so we set the chair as high as it will go.  It is also nice so I don’t have to bend down.  Sometimes I even take the tray off and scoot her right up to the table so she feels like she is just sitting in a chair instead of a high chair.  She loves that!

The tray on this high chair is magnetized.  Yep, I said magnetized.  You can easily take it off and put it back on with just one hand.  It is so quick and easy to do, and it makes mealtime so much easier.  The high chair also comes with this cute little bowl and lid that is…drum roll please…magnetized too.  That means Leighton can eat without knocking her bowl of the high chair or throwing it across the room.  Mom win.
So far, we are loving this high chair.  It’s not just about the functionality’; it’s also about the design.  Shane and I love modern design, and this chair fits that just perfectly.  I love the clean white and gray colors along with the sleek and rounded design.  It looks just as good sitting in my kitchen as Leighton looks sitting in it.  To learn more about the 4moms high chair, go here.  I’m also excited to share that I have teamed up with 4moms to give away a high chair to one lucky reader so you can see how amazing the design is too.  Good luck!  What is the hardest thing about mealtime in your household?   

180 thoughts on “4moms High Chair Giveaway!!”

  1. Maybe the insecurity of the chair I had with my old high chair! Maybe because it was my first baby there is always insecurities or worries! I am now expecting baby #2 in July and I am excited! This chair would be a nice addition to make my life easier! Thank you for the opportunity in advance

  2. I have never tried 4moms brand but have always wanted to! Using a hand me down ikea high chair for my one year old this would be the most amazing upgrade we could imagine! I don't have a Twitter but I followed all other entries. Thank you so much for the oportunity!

  3. We purchased the Mamaroo for our baby due in August and I have been trying to win this high chair SO many times OMG !!! I looked at so many other high chairs and didn't love them so this is amazing. I love their products.

  4. I would love to win this high chair I have a 3 year old that won't stay still to eat his always on the go and now I have an other little boy his 2 months old and this will make feeding time more easier. Thank you for the chance <3

  5. I just have the mamaRoo but goodness knows I need a high chair. I just couldn't ever decide on one so never purchased one. I literally have 3 months until little man will be eating and I need one! Eek!

  6. I loved my mamaroo with my first son and would love to try this high chair for my upcoming baby! I love the idea of an easy to clean chair and love all the other features as well! This looks like a must have baby item.

  7. I honestly love them all I would probably say the mamaroo the most! I have the mamaroo and playpen on my list for this little one in my tummy & this high chair is seriously amazing too!! I am loving every product!!

  8. Would love to use this chair! Huge 4moms fan. The hardest thing during mealtime for us is just the overall mess and clean up after each meal, but is expected with any kid. Would love the option to scoot him up to the table or use that neat magnetic tray! 🙂

  9. First off, your daughter is beautiful and I love the photo of her climbing in the chair. Also, this chair is so sleek. I like that it's magnetic and it looks like it really works for a large age range. It's growing on me the more I see it, and I'm at that shopping around point so it is really growing on me

  10. Ahhh better late than never right?!???? The hardest part of meal time for us is usually the mess afterward!! I can only imagine how having a removable tray and it being magnetic would help solve that problem immensely!!! This would be an absolute dream to win!! I love the sleek modern design of this chair as well. And PS LOVE your daughter's name! She's a little doll!????

  11. I love my mamaroo a lot and really want this high chair!!! I have two little ones and mealtime can be hard with the almost two year old throwing his food and not loving sitting in his seat. I love the magnet of the hughchair and think it would be the perfect addition to our table.

  12. We don't own anything made by 4moms, but their products are so innovative! I love the idea of magnets in this high chair! I'm just wondering if they're strong enou h to interfere with cell phones…

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