April 1, 2016

Changing Station + Muslin Swaddle Gift Set Giveaway!!

I’m obviously behind because I finally got a changing table for Leighton when she was a year old.  You always have those people who didn’t like one item, and then you have the other moms who couldn’t live without it.  Well, we listed to the moms who said we wouldn’t need one.  And after a year, we finally decided we did need one.  Shane was scared to death Leighton would roll over and roll off the changing table, but I think he finally realized he could hold her still when she was smaller or strap her in, and now that she is bigger, she knows to lay still.  Plus, we would be right there by her side the entire time. 
He was getting tired of changing her diaper on the bed, and I was getting tired of changing her diaper on the floor.  When she was younger, it wasn’t really that big of a deal because honestly, we needed to change her diaper anywhere and everywhere anyways.  It was usually easiest to just change her on our bed or on the couch where I would nurse her anyways.  Now that she’s older, it is so nice to have a changing table and just change her there in her room.  We were left with the dilemma of where to put all of her diaper changing essentials.  There wasn’t enough room on her changing table, and we didn’t want to have to walk over and grab them from her other dresser that is across from this one
I spotted this changing station from Baby’s Journey one day while in buybuy BABY, and I immediately had to check it out.  It has 3 large bins to store things in, a light on it (which is great for those late night changes with a newborn) and a wipes holder.  We keep her brushes, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, diaper cream and Aquaphor in it.  It is perfect to keep everything we need at hand so we don’t have to run all over her room to find everything.

Since we are talking about some of my favorite baby products today, I’m excited to share that I’m also teaming up with Margaux and May to give away 2 Margaux & May muslin swaddle blanketsThey come in sets of 2 swaddles and have some of the prettiest prints.  My favorite is definitely the dandelion.  To enter to win a 2 pack of 100% organic muslin swaddles, just use the rafflecopter widget below.  Which color and print swaddles do you like best?


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