June 23, 2016

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Eyelash Extensions

For the last couple of years, I have went back and forth about eyelash extensions?  Do they look fake?  Would they be uncomfortable?  Would they be too much maintenance?  Would they harm my natural eyelashes?  After seriously considering it for the last 6 months, I finally asked a few friends whose opinions I trusted.  I also researched salons, asked questions and educated myself about what eyelash extensions really are.

Last week while I was in Vegas, I got eyelash extensions for the first time at Chic Sin City.  One of my friends had recommended them, and she definitely didn’t steer me wrong.  They were so nice.  They salon was clean and relaxing, and the staff was so friendly.  They looked at my eyelashes first to assess them, but they also asked me my opinion of what I thought I wanted my extensions to look like.  I told them if I was going to get extensions, I wanted to go ahead and go all out.  I wanted something that was pretty long, full and curled and that would make a statement.  I told them I wanted a good mix of classic and volume.
My appointment took about 2.5 hours, and the mixed full set is $200.  It has only been a week, but I have constantly been thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner?  I don’t have to curl my lashes or put on mascara or eyeliner ever.  I look completely put together when I wake up.  I didn’t wear much makeup before – just powder, lip balm and mascara, but I couldn’t live without them each day either.  I wouldn’t go anywhere without putting on mascara and curling my eyelashes.  That saves me about 10 minutes per day, that is 4.5 hours per month.  My future appointments should take approximately an hour each month.  That is worth it in my book, but the biggest thing for me is just being  able to get up and go.  I also swim, run and workout a lot.  It has been so nice not having raccoon eyes ever again.  The dramatic look they give is just an added bonus.  I had tons of questions and reservations about eyelash extensions as I’m sure you do too.  I’ve rounded up all the questions and answers I’ve ever wondered below.  If you have any more questions, just ask below.  Have you tried eyelash extensions before?  What do you think about them?
Q.  What are eyelash extensions? 
A.  They are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curled to replicate your natural eyelash.  They are applied one by one to each individual natural eyelash.
Q.  How many eyelash extensions are applied? 
A.  Most people have between 70-150 upper eyelashes per eye.  Most salons try to lash approximately 90% of your natural lashes during your full set appointment.  That’s approximately 63-135 synthetic eyelash extensions that are applied per eye.
Q.  How long does the appointment take?
A.  It usually takes 2-3 hours for the first appointment.  Each fill appointment takes approximately an hour.
Q.  What do I need to do during my appointment?
A.  You will need to remove your eye makeup before your appointment or when you get there.  Eye makeup reside keeps the extensions from fully bonding.  If you wear contacts, bring a contact case with you to store them in during your appointment.  It is best if you wash your hair before you come because you cannot get your eyes wet for 24 hours.  This allows the extension to bond to your natural eyelashes.  You will then lie on your back on a massage like table or chair.  You will keep your eyes closed and stay still for most of the time.  I recommend bringing music or an audiobook to listen to.  Or you could even nap.  It is very relaxing.  It shouldn’t hurt as they apply the extensions. 
Q.  How much do eyelash extensions it cost?
A.  The first appointment for a full set usually costs $100-$300, but $150 is the average price. 
Q.  How much do fills cost? 
A.  They are usually $50-$150, but $75 is the average price.
Q.  What is a fill? 
A.  A fill is the appointment you make after you’ve had your full set done and some of the extensions are starting to shed.  The fill helps you maintain you maintain your eyelash extensions by having new extensions applied to the lashes where the extensions have fallen out or grown out.
Q.  How long do eyelash extensions last?
A.  They last approximately 2-6 weeks, with the average being 3-4 weeks. 
Q.  When should I have a fill done? 
A.  Usually between 2-6 weeks when you notice that 50% of your lash extensions have shed.  Once you have less than 30% of your extensions left, your next appointment is usually considered a full set again instead of a fill.
Q.  How many eyelashes do people shed each day? 
A.  People shed approximately 2-5 natural eyelashes each day naturally (whether or not they have extensions.)  You will most likely notice the extension shedding when you didn’t previously notice just an eyelash shedding because the extensions are larger and longer and more noticeable.
Q.  Can you feel eyelash extensions?
A.  I could not feel a thing.  They did not itch, hurt, feel heavy or anything.  They felt like my normal lashes.  If you do feel any discomfort at all, let your lash specialist know immediately. 
Q.  Can you wear mascara?
A.  You cannot wear mascara on your extensions.  It weakens the adhesive and will make your extensions fall out faster.  You can wear mascara on your bottom lashes.  Some people do and some don’t.  I go back and forth between wearing mascara on my bottom lashes and not wearing it.  I like both looks, but love not having to wear any mascara at all.  It is also nice not to have raccoon eyes when swimming.  The eyelash extensions will make such a dramatic difference that you won’t necessarily need mascara on your bottom lashes anymore, but it is personal preference.  You can still wear eyeliner and eyeshadow if you would like; just make sure you remove it each night and clean your lashes well. *In the pictures above, I am wearing mascara on my bottom lashes.*
Q.  Will I look strange with eyelash extensions on if my eyelashes are short or straight?
A.  You should always meet with your lash specialist for a consultation first.  Ask lots of questions.  There are many different kinds of eyelash extensions, some straighter, some more curled, some shorter and some longer.  Be honest with them and make sure you choose a reputable salon to do them that you trust.  They should apply eyelash extensions that will keep the integrity of your natural lashes.  Lashes that are too heavy or long for your natural lashes will not hold.  Let them know the natural shape of your lashes to find the extensions that are right for your lashes.
Q.  Will getting eyelash extensions make my natural lashes fall out?
A.  Not unless they are pulled or pinched or are applied too long or too heavy for your natural lash to hold.  Be careful not to rub your eyelashes and pick at them too much.  Doing this could pull them out just as it would your natural eyelash if you pulled or picked at them.
Q.  Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?
 A.  No.  If applied correctly, extensions will not hurt your natural lashes or cause premature shedding.  Note – Once your extensions grow out, there will be a big contrast as you were used to seeing your eyelash extensions.
Q.  I prefer brown mascara.  Can I get brown extensions?
A.  Many places do carry brown extensions as well.
Q.  How do I care for my eyelash extensions?
A.  Avoid water, steam, and sweating for 24 hours.  Makeup remover, makeup and facial products used around the eyes should be oil free.  Avoid picking, pulling, heat (like the oven or blow dryers) or sleeping on your lashes.  Do not use mascara or eyelash curlers.  Clean your lashes every night.  Dirt and oils can break down the adhesive that bonds the extensions to the natural eyelashes.
Q.  What kind of eyelash extensions did I get?
A.  I got Borboleta Beauty lashes.  They are faux mink  They are very soft and light and keep their color and curl.  The adhesive they used on me was Borboleta Beauty and is formaldehyde and latex free.  I got a mixture of a volume and classic extension which was a combination of single extensions applied to single lashes and a fan of 2 fine extensions applied to single lashes.  This creates fun, thick, long and curled lashes that just help to enhance the natural lashes. 
If you’re ever in the Vegas area, make sure you visit Chic Sin City at 6030 W. Windmill Lane.  They are amazing!  A big thanks to them for my eyelash extensions and helping me answer some of my questions.  = ) 
Photo credit to Kamra Fuller Photography

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