October 13, 2016

5 Mom Hacks to Declutter the Nursery

We all know what happens with the nursery.  We spend all those months “nesting” and getting it just perfect…to redo it again and again and again as they get older and accumulate more stuff.  The nursery ends up so cluttered, but it’s hard to actually find the time to declutter.  Well, today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you declutter your nursery by using practical (but still cute!) solutions so you can have more time to soak in all those special moments instead of tripping over toys and dirty baby laundry.  = )
1.  Storage is key.  Especially storage products that do double duty.  These bins we added to Leighton’s room not only look so adoarable, they are perfect for toys, clothing, shoes, and anything else you can think of.  They fold flat so they don’t take up much room at all when not in use, and they have handles to easily tote them around.  Bonus for when you have a small one starting to crawl and get into everything, they are soft so no bumping their heads on hard and sharp corners!
2.  Think small, practical and multitasking when you think of buying baby products.  We could not survive without a sound machine.  We have tried SO many, but we finally found the key to finding the perfect one – one that is small, soft and chewable, and also portable!  Why have one sound machine for home, one for the car and stroller and one for traveling?  This is what we used to do…until we decided that we needed one that was much more transportable, the SoundBub.  We can easily clip this one onto Leighton’s crib, car seat or even baby carrier when you have a small child with the hideaway clip that comes on the SoundBub.  Leighton also loves to put everything in her mouth still at almost 2 years old, so I’m happy that this one is safe if and when she does decide she needs to chew on it.  = )  The SoundBub is Bluetooth enabled, so you can play the music you already have, 2 different sound options that come preloaded on it, or you can even record you own messages or lullabies with their WavHello VoiceShare app.  This would be a great way to soothe your little one while traveling.  For us, we just love the portability of being able to use it at home on her crib, on the stroller for her to listen to her music while we’re walking, and in her pack n play when we are out of town.  And we don’t have to pack up and lug her bigger sound machines that we have used in her room in the past.
3.  Get a toy box.  We went back and forth about whether to get one or not because we didn’t want to mess up the decoration and design of the room with a toy box.  There are so many different styles of toy boxes these days though that it is so easy to find one that will perfectly fit into the nursery and only complement the room even more.  We use Leighton’s pretty wicker toy box for Leighton’s stuffed animals, and it is a lifesaver.
4.  Add shelving everywhere.  Seriously everywhere you can.  Shelves, bookcases.  They are lifesavers.  To the closet, to the walls in the nursery.  They are a must.  Just make sure that are secure and are high enough that your child can’t pull them down.  We added some to Leighton’s closet, and it makes a huge difference.  We hope to add more shelving to her closet soon to be able to better organize her clothes and shoes and to use all that wasted space in her closet that gets no use.  With shelves, we can easily add bins and sort all of her shoes and extra diapers, wipes, etc.
5.  Add canisters for storage.  Leighton’s collection of bows was getting out of control when we decided it was time to add more storage.  But we also wanted to make it a design element in the room.  Practical and pretty.  These canisters add a pretty design element to the room on top of being practical.
What are your best mom hacks for decluttering your little one’s room?  Have you tried the SoundBub yet?

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