October 31, 2016

How to Score a Designer Bag for Less + $100 Sugar Plum Consignment Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

Outfit 1:  Skirt c/o // Cami c/o // Jacket c/o // Heels c/o // Watch c/o // Bag
Outfit 2:  Jeans c/o // Poncho c/o // Boots c/o // Watch // Bag
Outfit 3:  Jeans c/o // Coat c/o // Boots c/o // Watch c/o // Bag
If you’re anything like me, you LOVE designer bags, but you don’t always love the price.  I’ve been lucky enough to find some amazing bags at Sugar Plum Consignments in Memphis.  But this consignment boutique doesn’t just stop at designer bags.  From designer jeans to bags to even furs, Sugar Plum Consignments carries some of the best brands of pre-owned and pre-loved clothing. 
Today I am wearing 3 of my favorite outfits from Sugar Plum.  How gorgeous is this knit fringe skirt with the leather jacket?!  This is the perfect look for a date night.  And since I’m a mom, outfit 2 is something you will see me in most days – skinny jeans, OTK boots and a poncho.  And lastly, the perfect look for this upcoming holiday season – a beautiful fur coat.  Think you can’t afford a designer fur (or designer anything for that matter??)  Think again.  Sugar Plum has furs that start at only $99.  That’s less than most any faux fur coat or vest I own. 
Okay, now let’s talk about this bag.  This gorgeous quilted Chanel bag.  Oh my gosh, isn’t it amazing?  I’ve been drooling over this bag for so long!  And today I’m sharing 10 tips to help you score a designer bag for less too.  Make sure you keep reading to enter the $100 gift certificate from Sugar Plum Consignments!
1. Buy secondhand.  You can save major money if you’re willing to invest in a pre-owned bag. I like Sugar Plum Consignments for guaranteed authentic purses that are in great condition.  If buying secondhand, make sure you are buying from a trustworthy secondhand shop.  Always ask them how they authentic their handbags.

2.  Know what you’re looking for and make a list.  Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton.  Know which brand or style you are really wanting to add to your collection.

3. Be flexible.  You may be dying for black, but if the real deal comes along in brown or gray, it might be worth going for it rather than waiting.  This would also give you the opportunity to own a unique bag that stands out.

4. Compare prices.  You can easily make an impulse buy if  your not prepared.  Take the time to compare prices.  Know what the bag originally cost and if it ever went on sale or if it will go on sale.

5. Have reasonable expectations.  You and I expect a lot from the things we buy and we should.  When shopping secondhand merchandise, though, it’s best to remember that if you find the bag you want at half its original retail price, it will probably have a scuffed corner or a hardware scratch or two.

6.  Don’t be afraid of a good deal.  See a designer bag that you’ve been coveting but it has a little tear in it or is missing the zipper pull.  Those are usually pretty easy fixes.  You can easily take them to a cobbler or tailor and get small things like that fixed.

7. Get alerts. You will only find a discounted designer bag that you really love, if you’re at the right place at the right time. Sign up for email notifications of new arrivals and follow Sugar Plum Consignments on social media.  The good items go quickly, so staying on top of the site’s latest additions is key to snagging your dream bag.

8.  Shop often.  That dream bag may be here today and gone tomorrow, and you definitely will be kicking yourself if you miss it  The key to scoring a great bag is to be on the hunt and check out the new selection as often as you can.

9.  Be in the know.  Ask the store what days they get most their items in.  And know what days the big sales are usually on.

10.  Try before you buy.  Ask to see the bag and walk around the store with it.  See how much you can fit in it, how it feels on your shoulder, how the strap drop feels.  Is it big enough?  Comfortable enough?  Sturdy enough?  Slouchy enough?  Whatever you’re looking for in a bag, make sure it meets those criteria.  The last thing you want to do is drop a lot of money to realize that the bag isn’t big enough for you and you never end up using it.

Now for the fun part!  Sugar Plum Consignments is my favorite consignment boutique in Memphis, and today I’m excited to be teaming up with them to give away a $100 gift certificate to their shop.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below.  The giveaway is open to anyone in the Memphis and surrounding area who can come shop the store.  = )  Good luck!  What designer bag is on your wish list?


49 thoughts on “How to Score a Designer Bag for Less + $100 Sugar Plum Consignment Gift Certificate Giveaway!!”

  1. I love all of your looks as I always do. And that gorgeous handbag… Oh how nice. My dream bag is a Hermes bag(if I spelled it correctly even). We live 3 hours from Memphis but come fairly often and I would love this. Thanks so much.

  2. Hmm I don't know if I have a dream designer bag! I just know if I see 5 bags in a line up without the prices or brand, I will always pick the most expensive. Hah, it's like a talent of mine. A really bad talent, haha!

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