November 18, 2016

Life is Too Short to Pay Full Price + 5 Tips for a Successful Black Friday Shopping Trip

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This time of year it is inevitable that we will all be doing A LOT more shopping than we normally do, right?  Black Friday is next Friday.  Seriously y’all, it’s only a week away!  And while stores will have some of the best deals around, there is always room to even save more.  I rarely ever, ever, ever pay full price!  My favorite way to shop is definitely online.  I live an hour away from the city, I have a 2 year old toddler (enough said), and honestly, I can find better deals online most of the time.  One of the things I ALWAYS do before I shop online is to visit online coupon sites like Groupon Coupons before I place my order.
Groupon Coupons has coupons for some of the best stores.  And that goes for coupons you can use online or even use in store.  From Forever21 to Nike to Amazon, you can always find a coupon for a store you love.  Before I went on my Royal Caribbean cruise last week, I had to do a little online shopping for some last minute travel outfits.  I got this adorable blush pink Express sweater for an extra 15% off thanks to the Groupon Coupons for Express.  And these sandals from Nordstrom?  Before you buy, make sure you check out the Groupon Coupons for Nordstrom.  Never pay full price.  It only takes an extra couple seconds to type in your favorite stores over at Groupon coupons before you shop online or in store.
Before you go Black Friday Shopping, I have listed my 5 favorite tips to make sure you are prepared and get the best bang for your buck.
1.  Make a list.  Seriously.  Write down each store you love to shop at.  Write down each item you are searching for.  Whether it be a new winter coat for yourself or your Christmas gift list you have to buy for others.  Know what you need or else you will forget half of what you want and end up overspending on things you didn’t really need or want.
2.  Be prepared.  Check each store’s site that you want to shop at before you go Black Friday shopping.  I even add things I want in my size in my shopping cart and keep that pulled up on my phone when I’m in store so I don’t accidentally forget anything.  And while you’re checking the store’s sites that you want to shop at, go ahead and check the other store’s site at that mall too.  You never know, they might have an amazing deal on something you’ve been needing or wanting and you wouldn’t have even thought to go by there.  And check out Groupon Coupons and have them ready to use when you go shopping!
3.  Have a plan of action.  Know what time each store opens, what deals are happening at what time and create an itinerary.  Even if you don’t stick with it 100%, it helps to know which stores to go to in which order (and make sure you think logistics.  Plan to stop by the stores that are closest logistically to each other first.)
4.  Have a budget.  So so important.  You need to know your total amount you can spend, the amount you want to spend per person and the total amount you are willing to spend for each item.  You don’t want to get caught up in the excitement and overpay for something!
5.  Be comfortable.  I may not be winning any style awards while Black Friday shopping, but I sure am comfortable.  I usually wear leggings or skinnies, flat boots or flats, a large crossbody type bag I can stuff a lot of snacks, lists and other stuff in, and a comfy top, vest or sweater combo.  And make sure you pack snacks.  No one wants to miss out on a deal because they had to make a detour to get food.

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