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Christmas Gift Guide – Holiday PJs

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pajamas to give as a Christmas gift or your searching for a pair to wear on Christmas Eve with family, I’ve rounded up the absolute cutest pairs!  Growing up, my mom would also buy me and my sister the cutest pjs to wear Christmas morning while opening gifts.  Now, I want to continue that tradition with Leighton.  I’ve already got the perfect pair for Shane and Leighton, and now I just need to stock up on a few for myself (you can never have too many, right?!)  ☺  It is going to be a touch choice, but I’m going to scoop up these, these and these.  What Christmas traditions do you have?  What are your favorite Christmas pjs?
  1. Vickie

    I love these!

  2. These PJ's are so cute! Wish I could curl up in a pair and stay home today!

  3. Holiday pjs, my favorite! There's nothing better than getting cozy around the christmas tree in holiday pjs. Love this post.

    Lee Anne

  4. My momma always buys us matching Christmas pjs to wear on Christmas Eve! This roundup is so cute!


  5. I have a PJ obsession as it is… but it's amplified around Christmas because there are SO many cute ones!!

  6. LOVE these picks. I love Christmas so i am always looking for an excuse to buy for the season! Xo.

  7. Great post, this gives me some great ideas for gifts.


  8. I love everything ! Seeing this makes me so excited !

  9. Holiday pjs are the best!! I love that hoodie!!


  10. Those Pjs are way to cute!! I need to new pjs right now! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love all these pjs! especially that onsie!


  12. ]

    These pjs are all so cute and cozy! I want them all!!

    xO – Steph

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