December 1, 2016

6 Secrets to Rocking 6 Day Hair

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Yep, you read that title right.  Don’t judge me. โ˜บ Is it just me or are we all busier and busier everyday?  With social media, work, chasing a toddler and keeping up with the Jones’, we barely have time to finish those mile long to-do lists.  And yes that totally includes washing our hair.  I have had long hair my whole life, and though I love it, it takes FOREVER to wash, dry and style.  And nobody has time for that!  It all starts with your hair  care products.  I’ve been using Aussie’s products, and I love how they make my hair feel. 
Aussie is all about giving women great looking hair without all the fuss.  That is right up my alley.  I want good hair products that just work period.   I’ve been using the Moist Shampoo, Moist Conditioner, Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Shampoo, Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Conditioner, Instant Freeze Sculpting Hair Gel and the 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment.  My favorite products are definitely the 7N1 shampoo, conditioner and the deep conditioner.  They help to make my hair look and feel so much stronger, smoother and shinier.   So, what’s a girl to do to help get the most out of their hair care products?  I’ll tell you.  I’ve rounded up my favorite tips that I personally use to go longer between washes.
1.  Wash your hair twice.  Seriously.  When I wash my hair, I wash it with the Total Miracle Collection 7N1 shampoo, rinse and repeat once more.  And when I wash it, I make sure I really massage my scalp well.  You want to make sure that you really clean your hair well and that you also rinse all the shampoo out really well.  If I don’t, I can barely even make it to day 2 or 3!  But don’t skimp on the conditioner.  The biggest misconception is that you shouldn’t condition your hair, but this is completely not true.  Your hair needs moisture and the nutrients that conditioner delivers.
2.  Brush your hair.  I don’t know about y’all, but I am so bad about just combing through my hair with my fingers and never brushing it after it’s styled.  But brushing it helps distribute your natural oils from your roots down to your ends where your hair is dryer.
3.  I just admitted to doing this out of habit, but try not to touch your hair all the time.  The oils from your fingers will just add to the oil if you play with your hair all the time.  Such a hard habit to break!
4.  Use dry shampoo.  It is a miracle worker!  I wouldn’t recommend using it until after day 3 or whenever you hair gets unbearably oily.  If you use it before then, you’ll just end up with a hair full of dry shampoo on top of even more dry shampoo, and eventually you’ll just look like you have white powder all in your hair.  I save it for just the last 2 days.
5.  Try out different hairstyles.  This is the perfect time for a bun, ponytail or even a braid.  And hello, it is hat season! 
6.  Utilize the half wash.  It sounds funny, but it really does work miracles!  2 hours of washing, drying and curling my hair or just 15 minutes spent washing the front upper section of my hair (around the face and roots), drying it and styling it??  I’ll take the 15 minutes.  The lengths that we women go through to avoid washing our hair. โ˜บ
Have you tried Aussie?  How long can you go between hair washes? 
This post is sponsored by Aussie, but all opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support Walking in Memphis in High Heels. 

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15 thoughts on “6 Secrets to Rocking 6 Day Hair”

  1. Great tips, Laura! I've used Aussie's Flexible Hairspray for years, and just love the smell of their products!

    Your hair always looks so beautiful in your posts – I'm thinking I should adopt your ways!


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