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Our Master Bedroom Reveal

Bed // Nightstands // Seafoam Pillow Covers // Animal Print Pillow Covers // Studded Pillow Cover // Dresser // Basket (sold out) // Short Vase // Tall Vase // Glass Knot (sold out) c/o Havenly

Framed Canvas c/o // Out to Sea Print c/o // Pink Sands Print c/o // Layer Print 1 c/o // Layer Print 2 c/o // Palm Print 1 c/o // Palm Print 3 c/o // Mirror c/o // Rug // Lamps (old, similar, similar)  c/o // Trunk (old, similar) c/o // Roman Shade // Throw (old, similar) c/o // Mattress Pad c/o // Pillows c/o // Quilt c/o
I am SO excited to finally have mine and Shane’s master bedroom redecorated.  We have been using combination of hand me down pieces and pieces we bought when we got engaged (11 years ago!)  I’ll start a little from the beginning.  We had some large and beautiful furniture, but it just wasn’t our style anymore.  It was all dark espresso brown and our room was decorated in light green and yellow.  None of it was bad, it just didn’t express us. We didn’t any have any of our favorite colors in the room.  This is when I decided to work with Havenly
My biggest struggle when deciding to redecorate our room was that I would be incorporating some new pieces with our existing pieces.  Maybe it’s just me, but that is hard.  Sometimes you need an outside person to really see what you’re not seeing.  If you haven’t heard of Havenly yet, they are an online interior decorating service.  There are 2 different packages – both VERY affordable.  The mini design package is only $79 and includes 2-3 design ideas and a shoppaple design concept.  The full design package is only $199 and includes the above plus 2 design concepts, a 2-d room layout plus a $50 credit to use towards purchasing your décor.  That basically makes the package only $149.  It is 100% worth it!  Only $149 for an interior designer to completely design my room?  Sign me up.  And then from there, you just purchase what ever pieces they recommend that you want to.
I decided to go with the full design package because I really wanted to see a room layout because I’m definitely a visual person.  Seeing what my room would actually look like really helped me to know if it would fit my style or not.  After signing up and selecting the package I wanted, I went through and answered some questions on their site.  I had to select which room I was designing, the dimensions of the room, upload pictures of the room and then let them know what my style is.  It was a very easy and really fun process because even though I had been wanting to redo our room for a long time, I wasn’t 100% sure what my exact style and vision for the room would be.  There were 3 things I knew though.  I wanted a gray bed with a pretty headboard.  I wanted white dressers and nightstands.  And I wanted some of our favorite color in the room – turquoise. 
After the initial questionnaire from Havenly, I selected a designer based on their portfolio and what type of style they prefer.  I chose Amy Fasnacht.  She had a background of contemporary and glam, and I thought that was close to what I wanted mixed with a little modern and eclectic.  It was definitely the right choice.  The first thing Amy did after getting to know me, my ideas and my room was to send over 3 ideas for my room.  After I looked at the ideas and let her know which pieces I liked and which I didn’t, she sent over 2 concepts where I chose which one I liked best.  Then she sent over my final layout after my feedback from the 2 concepts.  I made a couple tiny changes just based on what I already had to use in the room, but I am SO happy with how my master bedroom turned out.  To be honest with you, I have never loved a room as much as this one.  Now I want my entire house redone by Amy.  I want it redone so much so that I paid another $199 a few weeks ago, and I am redoing another room.  I eventually plan to work with Havenly on my office and dining room too.  So…what do you think about my new master bedroom?  Have you tried Havenly yet? 
  1. I LOVE it!! Such a crisp, white room! My fave!!

  2. Wait this is so cool that you can visually see how the design would look before you buy anything!! I will def be using this in the future!! How awesome!

    xo Kelsey |

  3. This is such a great idea! I need to check them out!

    cristin |

  4. Oh my goodness! This is perfect! Love that bed so much!

  5. Such a great headboard! Love your bedroom!

    xx leah /

  6. Wow! It looks incredible. I am absolutely in love with that headboard. I have heard so many great things about Havenly!

  7. That headboard is stunning, such a gorgeous room!

  8. It looks SO gorgeous! I love your headboard!

    By Lauren M

  9. it is so lovely, love the look

  10. Wow so beautiful! Love seeing the design process!

    xx Mollie

  11. Vickie

    Love the light, airy look!

  12. This looks so cool! I have a hard time sometimes trying to decorate too! This would be perfect for me! I love the headboard and pillows!

  13. wow i love the makeover, looks amazing!!!

  14. What a beautiful room! It sounds like a really helpful service!

    Hope you are having a great start to the week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Laura! First off – your master bedroom is gorgeous and I just had to comment to let you know that we have the SAME bed frame! It's so beautiful and I love it so much 🙂 I still need to collect a few more pieces before I reveal ours but yours is honestly stunning! 🙂

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

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