My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis + LILLEbaby Carrier Giveaway!!

My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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A couple weeks ago Leighton and I spent the day together hanging out in downtown Memphis in kid friendly places.  I knew I would be on vacation soon and then traveling for work, so I wanted to get in all the snuggle time I could.  So what did I do?  I pulled out my LILLEbaby Complete Carrier, and Leighton went crazy to get in it.  She definitely wanted to go up!  She might be almost 3, but that definitely doesn’t stop us from babywearing.  I usually wear her on my back, but she wanted to do a front face in carry, and it seriously melted my heart.  She kept laying on my shoulder and then hugging me, and I was just eating it up!  Do you blame me?!  We spent the day in downtown Memphis going to some of our favorite kid friendly places so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite kid-friendly places downtown to visit with your kiddos.

1.  Mud Island River Park.  They have a monorail, paddle boats and an exact replica of the river your kids can walk through and splash around in.  Leighton had a ball playing in the water!
2.  Aldo’s Pizza.  Our favorite pizza place in downtown Memphis hands down, and they have a patio so it’s perfect to sit outside with a rowdy toddler.  = )
3.  The Arcade Restaurant.  They have sweet potato pancakes, milkshakes and more.  I know Leighton is already ready to go back!
4.  Bass Pro.  From bowling to eating to shopping to looking out over the city, Leighton loves when we go to Bass Pro.  She also loves looking at the aquariums and the alligators inside!
5.  Watch a Show or Game at the Orpheum or FedEx Forum.  We took Leighton to see Frozen on Ice at the Forum a couple years ago, and we are taking her to see Peppa Pig at the Orpheum this October.  Can’t wait!
I’m so excited to be teaming up with LILLEbaby today to give one lucky reader a LILLEbaby Complete Carrier like the one we are using.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!  What is your favorite LILLEbaby carrier? What are your kid friendly places in your home town?!
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High HeelsMy 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High HeelsMy 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
My 5 Favorite Kid Friendly Places in Downtown Memphis by popular blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
On Me:  Shorts c/o // Top // Sandals c/o // Watch c/o
On Leighton:  Dress c/o // Sandals c/o // Baby Carrier c/o


  1. I like the Complete airflow in frosted rose!

  2. We just received our first Lillebaby and so far it's LOVE! We would be so lucky to win this for Daddy to have his own to carry baby!

  3. I love the embossed black noir! ????

  4. The complete is amazing and the pictures you took are beautiful. Love the frosted rose and the blue two tone

  5. I think my favorites are ones I can't get��. I really like the all orange one and I loved the one of a kind rainbow one!

  6. We love our all seasons. It has been a lifesaver for 2.5 years now and I look forward to using it with our new squish in a few months!

  7. I love the rainbow colored one I've seen and the light pink.

  8. I don't have one, but the lavender embossed is one of my favorites! I also love the stripes and polka dots! So many to love!

  9. I love the all seasons embossed, those are gorgeous!

  10. Love this!! Can't wait to try out a Lille with my second baby on the way!

  11. I love the embossed, and organics, soft and beautiful!

  12. I love the embossed but their new one they just came out with the navy and orange feather one might be my absolute favorite ������

  13. I love the embossed!!

  14. Want me those navy blue airflow ones or, the guncles!!!

  15. Love this! I loved wearing my first, but only used a Boba wrap, so we stopped once she got too big for it. My second is coming in August, and with a 2.5 year old plus a newborn, I know I'm going to need to have additional babywearing options in order to accomplish "simple" tasks, like going to the grocery store! This would be great!

    • I also think the All seasons would be a great option for all throughout the year! I loved the stripe fabric of the carrier you're wearing!

  16. That carrier is perfect! We love ours!

  17. Ahhh I love lillebaby!!! I love the embossed they look so pretty and so comfy. Baby snuggles are the best ❤️

  18. This is such a great post! I need to check out Memphis one day!! Such a cool giveaway too!

  19. Y'all are the absolute cutest! And it sounds like you've found all the honey holes in Memphis! We always love Bass Pro as well. So many fun things for littles to see.
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

  20. I love the frosted rose airflow and brilliance embossed! You really can't go wrong with Lillebaby.

  21. We love our anchors away air flow! We cant wait to expand our collection so we can try tandem wearing both kiddos 🙂

  22. My favorite Lille right now is our Citrus embossed. It's beautiful!

  23. I love the stripes you're wearing ! So classic

  24. I'm am in love with the feather fantasy!

  25. We love our boardwalk essentials! But my dream carrier is a lavender embossed, can't wait til we can get another!

  26. Ashley cox

    Feather fantasy is amazing!

  27. I love my teal embossed!

  28. I love the airflow and woven. Your pictures are beautiful.

  29. I would want the new one with feathers! I am in love!

  30. I have the Lille ring sling in pomegranate. It's simply amazing!!

  31. We love our black airflow ❤️ I also love the teal embossed, it's stunning! ��

  32. Would love to try the toddler carry, and my Airflow is amazing!

  33. These pictures are gorgeous! I love my Lille ❤️

  34. I love the new All Seasons Feather Fantasy! LOVE these pics!!!

  35. I love the complete in feathers. They're so beautiful it's hard to choose, but we'd love to win our 1st Lillebaby! Thank you I just love your blog.

  36. I have an all season Tokidoki and love it! But I'm in love with all the prints LilleBaby has ❤️

  37. I love the new Seatme! It frees me from having to bring a diaper bag, which is great because I'm pregnant with #2 & wearing #1!

  38. I would love the I love you to pieces carrier it would be completely perfect for my special needs 7 month old 🙂
    This is under my maiden name my married name is Stokes 🙂 never use the google account so I never changed it ????‍♀️

  39. So amazing to have that bond of baby wearing! I love the embossed in lavender!

  40. Erin Vermont

    Such adorable pics!
    I think my favourite Lille would have to be the Emerald Embossed, with the Moonlight Organic a close second!

  41. I love how soft the woven are but I think my favorite is the All Seasons Of the Same Stripe, classic pattern and color!

  42. I just got the airflow so much cooler than my old carrier.

  43. I love my complete embossed in brilliance!

  44. I love the complete airflow in frosted rose!

  45. I have the All Seasons in a similar print (black and gold)! I LOVE LILLEBABY!

  46. Rachel

    My favorite Lille baby carrier is the Complete Woven – Sand Dollar.

  47. Baby wearing has saved my sanity!! I still baby wear my 3 year old, my 1 year old and a 6m old baby girl I babysit. My 3 year old is learning piggy back and baby wearing saves my neck from him choking me out �� I don't want to miss out on a single snuggle. Today is my oldests birthday, he turns 3 and I'll baby wear as long as I can and soak up all the cuddles and kisses. This would be an awesome birth giving day gift for us!

  48. I love the Seven Seas carrier!

  49. Right now I'm loving my purple mist airflow in the heat but I can't wait to get my next carrier so I can compare. 🙂


  51. Madly in love with the carry on toddler carrier in all seasons-oh, deer!

  52. I love the purple tokidoki unicorns over the rainbow.

  53. Mina Castillo

    I love everything about this. Her smile, your smile, her look, your look. The photos radiate happiness. I also went bowling with my baby in her Lillebaby this week. It was so much fun. My favorite carrier to look at and dream about is the Sand Dollar Woven. I also really love the Noir Embossed.

  54. Great ideas, babe- and love those sandals!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  55. My favorite is the all seasons in spot on! It's so cute

  56. Brenda Hollingsworth

    We have an All-Seasons in Blue Lagoon and it's changed our lives.

  57. Her little braid is too cute! AND those pom pom sandals!!

  58. Nicole

    I love the Oh Deer! Toddler carry on.

  59. We love Lillebaby! Comfiest snuggles ever!!

  60. Jamie Hendzel

    love my Lillebaby carriers. I have 2. Makes life so much easier and loves the cuddles.

  61. I'm definitely saving this post!! And could y'all be any cuter! I love both of y'alls looks!

  62. I would like to try an embossed or woven and then see which is my favorite. ��

  63. i just LOVE coming to visit memphis… so many fun areas and things to do!!!

  64. So cute for mommas in Memphis. And the sleeves on your shirt are really lovely!

  65. I lilliebaby carriers look so awesome. Love all of their styles.

  66. danielle arnedo

    the Complete airflow is what i have my eye on

  67. I like the 4-in-1 All Seasons carrier.

  68. My Sit Me was my favorite until my husband slammed it in the car door and broke the buckle!

  69. so cute! love love that top!

    xo megan

  70. My favorite is the mint embossed, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  71. I am really liking the new feather carrier look.

  72. Okay my heart is seriously M E L T I N G at these photos. So, so sweet!

  73. My favorite is the All Seasons Baby Carrier- Feather Fantasy. It's such a cute pattern!

  74. Jolyn Wright

    You guys are beautiful. Having a carrier for my little is the best thing ever. It gives such an amazing bond.

  75. The carrier looks so convenient! Also, loving your fun summer outfit!

  76. I love this cute carrier!! I loved this list and will visit whenever I am in Memphis!!!

  77. I'm loving their black with cactus, and their embossed emerald! I dont own these, but wish i did! lol

  78. I like the teal complete airflow! So pretty.

  79. Cheryl C


  80. Y'all are just adorable! Great post lady!

    xo Laura Leigh

  81. Melanie

    I love the embossed, but my all seasons heart to heart is my favorite pattern.

  82. I like the Ring Sling – Heathered Dusk.

  83. I'm new to Lillebaby and am loving my complete airflow.

  84. This is a great post, so cute!! I really like the Complete All Seasons Carrier in black!!

  85. What a dear post and your photos of you and your daughter are always so incredible!

    Jessica |

  86. COMPLETE ORIGINAL BABY CARRIER – OF THE SAME STRIPE is really nice…I love the black and white stripes.

  87. Charity Moore

    This is amazing! Excellent post and the pictures are adorable!!!!!

  88. Love feather fantasy

  89. I don't have any experience with Lille baby but it seems like a versatile carrier. A style that gets a lot of good airflow would be perfect for Memphis summers! We love taking our 6 month old to the zoo! Especially with all of the new babies lately!

  90. I love the one with the cacti and succulents on it!


  92. I like the COMPLETE All Seasons – Of the Same Stripe!

  93. Oh my…I love LILLEbaby ❤️ A Champagne Complete Airflow – SWOOOOOOON!

  94. so sweet

  95. I love the all seasons- seven seas, but in a sucker for ring slings too!


  97. Such a fun post and so many great places for kids!

  98. I would absolutely LOVE to have the organic Seaglass Green carrier! It's such a dreamy color.

  99. I'D be so happy if I won Any!!!

  100. I love this black and white you are wearing. I also love the blush pink one they have. So pretty.

  101. Kat

    CarryOn Airflow Toddler Carrier – Blue/Aqua

  102. Love the stripes

  103. Love the COMPLETE All Seasons Baby Carrier – Dreams Come True

  104. I like the COMPLETE All Seasons – Tweet Heart

  105. I love the mint one.

  106. The cactus print is my favorite