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Trend Spin Linkup – Fall Beauty + Makeup Giveaway!!

 Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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Happy Tuesday!  Today I wanted to mix it up a little and share some of my favorite fall beauty and makeup I’ve been using lately.  I love mixing it up every so often, and it’s been a long time since I’ve shared a what’s in my makeup bag post.  Below is everything I’ve been wearing lately and part of my fall beauty routine.  I’ll also be sharing my favorite fall lipstick shades this week.  And make sure you keep reading to enter to win some of my favorite makeup and linkup with the Trend Spin Linkup today too.  xo.

Powder – I started using this just a couple years ago, and I love how it covers up the scar on my chin.  It is perfect for covering up redness!
Brow Zings – Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this fall beauty product.  I get the darkest brown, and it is amazing for penciling in your brows a little.  It comes with powder and a tinted wax.  I actually use the powder as eyeshadow and the wax on my brows.
Brow Brush – It pairs perfectly with the brow powders.  The slanted brush fills brows in perfectly and the brush is great to brush them out.  I even use it to brush my eyelashes sometimes.  = )
Highlighter I just started using this a couple months ago and love it.  I love the subtle shimmer it gives me.
Bronzer – I couldn’t live without my bronzer year-round.  This really provides the perfect glow.
Foundation – If I could only choose one product, this would probably make the list.  This confidence in a compact is also spf50.
Concealer -I use this on my scar too and under eyes.  I love how easily it goes on.
Setting Spray – My new favorite product to use to help “set” my makeup.
Lipstick – Love the pretty berry color for fall.
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsTrend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsTrend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsTrend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsTrend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Trend Spin Linkup - Fall Beauty + Makeup by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Dress c/o // Heels c/o // Bag c/o // Powder c/o // Brow Zings // Brow Brush // Highlighter c/o // Bronzer c/o // Foundation c/o // Concealer c/o // Setting Spray c/o // Lipstick c/o


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This week’s featured bloggers are Coming up Roses and In My Joi! Add your link below to be featured next week!

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And here’s the link up! Next week’s trend is Fall Boots so start planning your look!

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  1. That dress is gorgeous on you. And you've now given me a new brow product that I need to check out. I typically use a pencil since I do my makeup in the car (shhhh!) but I like the look of powders too.


  2. Laura, this dress is magnificent! The colors, the print, the length, and the flowiness! Just gorgeous.


    • your dress is beautiful nice colors

  3. Mascara – my eyelashes are light so mascara really helps me feel more girly and pretty.

    • jeri dickinson

      mine would be lipstick

  4. So pretty! I love all of your choices and the dress that you're wearing is stunning!

    Katherine |

  5. What a gorgeous dress! I love the browzing and it lasts forever.

  6. That dress is amazing, Laura!! And I totally can't live without lipstick—otherwise my face is so pale!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. This maxi dress is just gorgeous! I've been going crazy ordering new makeup for fall lately. I can never help myself, especially when it comes to lipstick! I'm all about the berry colors right now.


  8. My newest find that I can't live without is the Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer. It's so much better than Gimme Brow by Benefit and even Glossier's Boy Brow.

  9. That dress is a total showstopper on you! And your makeup looks flawless lady!

  10. Absolutely can't live without the becca under eye brightening corrector!!

  11. Anonymous


  12. How pretty is that lipstick! I can't live without my MAC Studio Fix. I've tried other foundations, and keep coming back to my tried and true love <3

    Green Fashionista

  13. Anonymous

    You look beautiful! I can't be without mascara, it makes all the difference with my naturally sparse eyelashes!

    Amanda S.

  14. I couldn't live without lipstick. I just need something on my lips!

  15. I have to fill in my brows if nothing else! I love Anastasia Beverly Hills.

  16. I always love seeing what other people use for makeup! You look beautiful and I love that maxi dress!

  17. I can't live without lip balm.

  18. I can't live without mascara and some type of lip coloring!

  19. My must haves would be brows and foundation.

  20. I can't live without lipgloss and a good matte powder.

  21. I've been wanting to try brow zing although I might be more of a pencil and setting gel girl but can we talk about that dress though? omgggggggg.

  22. Thanks for sharing some of your fav makeup. The brow product sounds interesting. Always a challenge for me to find a brow pencil or powder that goes with my red hair. LOVE your romantic dress, the colors are fantastic on you!
    jess xx

  23. LOVE the print of your dress & thank you so much for the feature this week!!

  24. Awesome post I can't live without my foundation. I have lots of scaring from lupus so I have to cover it up drives me nuts.

  25. I need my lipstick and Foundation

  26. amanda whitley

    i cant live without perfume and mascara.

  27. You look great! And I can't live without my Cover Girl Base make-up.

  28. I love your dress! And great make up tips. Lovely post as always!

  29. Mascara! I can not leave the house without it!

  30. I can't live without with my powder! I also have to have my lip gloss. gmom2paisley at gmail dot com

  31. Foundation

  32. mascara is my heart

  33. Lily

    I looooove my benefit watt's up cream highlighter!

  34. Mascara is a must!

  35. My go-to is Clarins Beauty Flash balm. It lights up my face, but the application is very forgiving.

  36. i have recently been into the de-slick spray from urban decay.

  37. Jill


  38. Definitely mascara!

  39. Bronzer is a must for me too! I use it for eyeshadow as well so my makeup routine is so much quicker!

  40. Can't live without mascara and lipstick.

  41. I love concealer and bronzer the most! Also, tinted lip balms!

  42. I cant live without my mascara.

  43. Can't live without eyeliner and foundation

  44. Love your makeup picks, and that dress is so beautiful!

  45. I like mascara.

  46. Eye liner immediately comes to mind as an item that I can't live without, however, my eyes would look goofy without mascara because of my light eyelashes so mascara it is. ????
    -J. Barresi

  47. I can't live without lipstick. It adds color to the face.

  48. Gorgeous maxi dress! you look amazing darling!

    Edwige |

  49. I can't live without my eyeliner! I think I would have it tattooed on if I had the money to do so!

  50. mascara!

  51. Nikki Shaffer

    I can't live without my mascara for sure!

  52. I would definitely need foundation

  53. Eyeliner!!!

  54. I can't live without eos lip balm

  55. tinted moisturizer

  56. lotion

  57. Have to have eyeliner

  58. Anonymous

    My fav is mascara, my "must have" is concealer for my dark circles!

  59. Cover-up powder

  60. I can't live without coverup and brow pencil.

  61. Bronzer.

  62. Lip gloss.

  63. A good lipstick or lip blush. Just a quick swipe and I feel put together and ready to go out

  64. I can't live without mascara!

  65. I can't live without my Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara.

  66. Can't live without mascara

  67. I can't live without foundation and eyeliner!

  68. Anonymous

    I'm 73 so I need all of it

  69. eyeliner

  70. I couldnt live without facial lotion.

  71. Bronzer, otherwise i'm too pale!

  72. Blush

  73. Anonymous

    Christina O – Red lipstick.

  74. Mascara for sure 🙂

  75. Janelle Inlow

    Mascara is a must! And that dress looks amazing on you!

  76. mascara

  77. Mascara of course! 🙂

  78. I love makeup!!!! would love this. I can't live without my mascara 😉

  79. My lipstick is what I can't live without. 🙂

  80. lipstick for me!

  81. blush

  82. I need concealer!

  83. I can't go without my mascara.

  84. Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in a pot. It resists my teary allergy eyes….I can even curl my lashes and it doesn't budge!

  85. Mascara. Never leave without It

  86. Lori D

    Pretty dress! I cannot go without mascara!

  87. I have got to have Eyeliner and Mascara

  88. My Eyeliner

  89. foundation!! 🙂

  90. I have to have my eyeliner!!

  91. Being a natural blond I have to have mascara. I can't live without it.

  92. My favorite makeup item is my They're Real Benefit Mascara! Even around the house, mascara always makes me feel great.

  93. Currently my favorite products are Mario Badescu's Silver Powder and Healing Powder. They are products my skin needs and not necessarily fun makeup. Age seems to do that.

  94. Tracy Shafer

    My lipstick..I never leave home without it.

  95. BB Cream

  96. Coconut oil!
    -Deidre Ketchel

  97. face lotion


    Black eyeliner

  99. My must have is mascara.

  100. Makeup with SPF in it. Gotta keep my skin safe from the sun's rays.

  101. Beautiful dress! I'll have to check out some of your picks!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  102. My go to makeup essential is moisturizer with sunscreen

  103. I cannot survive without lipstick! ????

  104. I must have mascara! Makes me feel good even with no other makeup!

  105. I can’t live without foundation because it hides my redness.

  106. My must have make up is lipstick.

  107. I can't live without my coulourpop matte gloss

  108. I can't live without mascara.

  109. I can't live without powder. Thank you for choosing a cruelty free product!

  110. Beautiful Dress <3 I cannot live without my mascara. Gotta make my eyes pop no matter what else I have on.

  111. I love your pretty maxi dress! I can't live without mascara, it makes me look awake even when I don't feel it!

    Emma xxx

  112. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pencil. I have very light small brows and this is wonderful

  113. I love a good brow product. This all sounds awesome.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  114. I can't live without mascara! I'm still on the search for my fave brand…can't find one I'm super in love with!

  115. I love my tinted moisturizer! It gives my face some color & keeps it from drying out!

  116. i cant live without mascara, i look half asleep without it!! i love your dress!

  117. Mascara

  118. Mascara is a must

  119. Dee Parker

    I'm a full-face of makeup every day kind of girl. If I had to pick just one, I'd say BB cream.
    dmpinfl AT yahoo DOT com

  120. For me I have always had problems wearing lipstick since it typically peels on my lips, I recently found Lip oil and it works quite well.

  121. L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

  122. I must have mascara! Gives my eye life.

  123. I can't live without lip gloss, I love it!

  124. I cant live without my Up All Night By Urban Decay liquid foundation! I have melisma and broken capillaries around my nose. This foundation covers, last all day and dries to a semi matte finish!

  125. I can not live without my eyeliner

  126. tinted lip gloss

  127. I can't live without lipstick, its such a quick way to look put together, even in the winter when I'm just not haha!

  128. I can't live without lip gloss and perfume. Thanks for the wonderful chance to look and feel beautiful 🙂

  129. Foundation is a beauty product that I enjoy using! It smooths out my skin & gives me a youthful glow.

  130. My sunscreen and my new-to-me tarte foundation.

  131. anything anti-wrinkle!

  132. The older I get the thinner my eyebrows get so I can't do without my eyebrow pencil.

  133. lipstick

  134. Stacy Novack

    I can't live without powder ~

  135. mascara…without a doubt

  136. NYCMartini

    Mascara. I look so tired without it.

  137. No doubt…eyeliner!

  138. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

  139. Melanie Wagner


  140. I love a sheer pink lipstick – helps to brighten my face

  141. I would say it would have to be foundation. Thankyou for this FAN tastic giveaway 🙂

  142. I have to have mascara and some bronzer!

  143. A great brush!

  144. i love the stila liquid felt tip waterproof eyeliner!

  145. clinque powder

  146. sondra wilkerson

    Lip gloss!

  147. My mascara!!!

  148. Anonymous

    Foundation is a must for me…sometimes liquid, sometimes powder, but I have to even out my complexion even if I'm having a "quick/light makeup" day.

  149. The Benefit brow line is my absolute favorite, such great products. This maxi is so phenomenal! The colors are just gorgeous. Such a beautiful look!

    xx, Elise

  150. IT Cosmetics CC cream!

  151. I can't live without Le Velvet Foundation

  152. L'Oreal® Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Concealer is the prefect shade for me.

  153. mascara

  154. It's definitely a tight race of favorites between my lipstick, and my cc cream. Please don't force me, lolol! Thanks!

  155. I can't live without mascara!

  156. I must have mascara to go out of the house

  157. I need to have something for my lips that is moisturizing.

  158. I can't live without my mascara

  159. Mascara. I feel naked without it.

  160. physicians formula blush!

  161. A good mineral make up!

  162. very nice product. my daughter works international news and they love the mineral make-up.

  163. I can't live without lip gloss

  164. Anonymous

    Physician's Formula power foundation.

  165. I cant live without a good lipstick.

  166. I must have my lipstick, I can't live without it.

  167. mascara

  168. Definitely mascara!

  169. I can't live without a good lip stain!

  170. Foundation for sure! But I also LOVE my eyeliner! I feel naked without it lol

  171. I can't live without mascara. I just disappear without it!

  172. Mascara. Makes me look like a different person! Really!

  173. I love my Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender.

  174. my mascara for sure.

  175. Kim

    I can't live without my liquid eyeliner! It adds the finishing touch to any look.

  176. I can't live without mascara!

  177. My favorite makeup item I can't live without is a pinky nude lip gloss.

  178. Lipstick

  179. I can't live without my mascara!

  180. My favorite makeup item is my blush in soft pink.

  181. I can't totally can't live without mascara.!!

  182. I have to have lip gloss on my at all times

  183. My must have is lipstick.

  184. I need to have my eye liner at all times.


  185. I can't live without my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

  186. I love the Physicians Formula Organic Wear – I have to wear it everyday to smooth out the red in my face!

  187. I can't live without eyeliner. Beautiful dress!

  188. I can't live without my Physicians Formula Argan Oil.

  189. I can’t live without the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser!! It is absolutely the best!!

  190. I can't live without my eyeliner.

  191. I need my blush everyday!!!!!! 🙂

  192. Blush – gotta have my blush

  193. I love my Primer!! It's the best!

  194. REbecca Marion

    Must have my red lipstick at all times

  195. I can't live without mascara!

  196. Mascara! Otherwise I look tired

  197. My favorite makeup would be first my astringent, moisturizer, light powder and mascara.

  198. I can't live without a good foundation!

  199. I can't live without my blush.

  200. One of my top makeup items I'll always put on and bring with me is a lip gloss/balm.

  201. I have to have a concealer and some lip gloss.

  202. mascara

  203. anna mitchell

    I can't live without eyeliner

  204. I like Lorac lipsticks

  205. Ang

    I need to have my waterproof eyeliner for sure!!

  206. I can't live without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler

  207. I must have my eye liner pencil at all times. (

  208. In general? I love eye liner with my whole heart. Specifically? The Marc Jacobs gel eye pencil is my current favorite

  209. I like my mascara and red lipstick.

  210. A bright and fun lipstick!! It always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  211. I have to have body oil during the winter. Also a great moisturizer I love Paula's Choice skin rescue.

  212. Under eye cover stick from cover girl!

  213. I can't live without mascara.

  214. Concealer for me! I don't leave home without it.

  215. For me it would have to be CC cream from IT.

  216. My wife likes red lipstick.

  217. I cannot go anywhere without my mascara!

  218. Mascara! I have light lashes, and just a tiny coating makes me look sooo much more alive…

  219. Must have foundation!

  220. Christina Cohen

    I can't live without Garnier BB Cream. I love how thick it is and how it makes my skin look so fresh and smooth. Better then any other BB cream I have tried!

  221. Eyeliner is a must for me

  222. I would have to pick primer and eye brow kit

  223. I love my Maybelline eyebrow powder

  224. i cant live without mascara

  225. Lovely dress dear, and your hair is so gorgeous as always! Also, your photos are really nicely done.

    Jessica |

  226. I need my foundation. I can go natural with everything else but a great foundation can hide any imperfections and leave a natural look.

  227. Sandy Bonesteel

    The makeup product that I cant' live without is eyeliner.

  228. I absolutely cannot live without bareMinerals Original Foundation.

  229. I have blonde lashes so I cannot live without mascara.

  230. my stila eyeliner!

  231. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream

  232. Must have my foundation and liner.

  233. I have to have mascara at all times.

  234. I absolutely can not live without mascara. Being fair skinned I have to have the mascara on my face.

  235. Eyeliner. I can't leave the house without it on!

  236. Under eye concealer I never get enough sleep

  237. I can't go out without mascara!

  238. I can not live without mascara

  239. May

    I can't live without my UD Naked Concealer! It's amazing!

  240. I can't live without foundation.

  241. Lisa McNeil

    Can't live without my foundation!

  242. Chanel

    Definitely a great quality mascara! Hello lashesss

  243. Absolute must have would be my foundation!

  244. My item I can't live without is my lipbalm

  245. I can’t live without my black gel pen eyeliner! It makes the most perfect smooth cat eye

  246. I just cannot. live without my butter bronzer!!

  247. mascara!! makes me look awake!

  248. D Q


  249. a strobing palette is a must for me

  250. I love my blushes, they make me look alive.

  251. I can't live without IT Cosmetics CC Veil Beauty Fluid!!

  252. My must have makeup item is blush.

  253. I cannot live without Buxom Mascara. Gotta have it!

  254. I always need lip products— lipsticks, bams…

  255. I cannot live without my gel eyeliner.

  256. Honestly, I can't live without my favorite foundation. It gives my skin a radiant glow,but it also has beneficial ingredients to liven up my skin on my no make-up days.Thanks for this gracious giveaway!

  257. Definitely lipstick!

  258. Coty loose face powder makes my makeup flawless

  259. I have to have my lipstick on everyday!

  260. I love my Marc Jacobs shadow liner in "Stone Fox" that I got at Sephora. It goes on so smooth and the shimmery silver/grey color looks a lot better on me than any other colors I've ever tried. I don't love the price tag, but it lasts a long time and I think I will buy it forever.

  261. Mascara for sure! I'm always experimenting with new ones.

  262. I am really loving Nyx lipsticks right now.

  263. Stephanie Grant

    I have to have my Kat Von D eyeliner pen!

  264. I can't love without lip gloss.

  265. My girl friend can not live without lipstck.

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