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Trend Spin Linkup – Athleisure + Marc New York Performance Bottoms & Teddy Fleece Jacket Giveaway!!

Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High HeelsFALL ATHLEISURE DETAILS:

Athleisure, it’s a look I find myself in more and more as I became a mom and even more and more as the temps cool down.  It’s just so easy to throw on a favorite pair of leggings and a pullover to run errands.  This sherpa pullover is hands down one of my favorites!  It’s on sale right now for less than $41.  I love the pretty white color with the pink trim!  It will look so great this winter too paired with my favorite denim and booties.  I paired it with these leggings.  They have mesh down the side, and I love the fun abstract print.  And they’re on sale for less than $45!

Trust me, you’ll want to scoop up these pretty leggings for running around town or for literally running in.  They are so comfy, and I’m obsessed with the print.  I’m excited to be teaming up with Marc New York Performance today to also be giving away a pair of bottoms (they have the comfiest and cutest leggings!) and a teddy fleece jacket!  It comes in 5 pretty colors.  I have the rouge, and I have worn it quite a few times on flights when it has been chilly!  It definitely comes in handy this time of year.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

What has been your favorite athleisure look this year? Let me know in a comment below!

Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Loving this Fall athleisure? Click here now for more of my favorite styles!!

Fall athleisure featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


Walking in Memphis | The Fashion Canvas | Kinda Voguish

The featured bloggers are Jacket Society and Living on Cloud Nine because we loved their Layers from last week’s linkup!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Nora Minassian

    Thank you so much for the feature! Love your athleisure look, so cute 🙂

  2. Chez-rama

    The pants are so cute to go with any sweater and this is why I fall in love with your outfit. It is casual but not yet screaming (go for a run or workout look ) I really like to rock similar look when I donot feel I want to wear jeans during a walk downtown.
    this is perfect.

  3. Lanae Bond

    I love your pants, they look lovely with your top! I love that athleisure is still trending!

  4. Laura

    I love your cozy athleisure look! Those leggings are awesome!

  5. Amber

    I wish I could wear athleisurewear more often – this is such a cute look on you!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  6. Gentry

    Those leggings are adorable! I’m so glad that athleisure is here to stay!

  7. Vanessa

    Love your leggings! So cute and they look so comfy too!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. rebecca

    Athleisure is DEF the way to go! Love this pullover, it looks so so cozy!

    xx Rebecca // the crystal press

  9. Anna English

    I love the mesh side panels! Such fun leggings.

  10. Nailil

    This outfit is so fun. I love the leggings.

    Xx, Nailil

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  12. Jessica

    Now that’s a cozy athleisure look! Love the leggings dear, so cute on you!

    Jessica |

  13. Kileen

    This is such a cute outfit Laura! I absolutely love Athleisure, so comfy and cute!

    cute & little

  14. Deborah

    I’m loving athleisure as well! My favorite is just wearing sneakers with an athletic dress!

  15. Laura Leigh

    You are inspiring me to step up my athleisure game!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  16. Dawn

    I love your athleisure look! And those leggings!

  17. Liz

    Those leggings are too cute! Love how you styled them!

  18. Denise Kokinis

    Your athlesiure wear is sooo cute! I love a good print and those leggings are just perfect!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  19. Tara Fuller

    i could live my days in athleisure – so comfy!

  20. ashley hargrove

    I love a good athleisure look!! And that pullover is the coziest thing EVER!!

  21. Shira Rosenbluth

    Athleisure is my favorite thing of life and I am loving those leggings!

  22. theeyetraveler

    I’m also a huge fan of athleisure trend! women have so much responsibilities these days, we should be able to dress comfortably as we wish ;p

  23. Kelly

    Thank pullover looks SO cozy!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Taylor Mobley

    I love athleisure. It is so cute and comfy!

  25. Vickie

    Love this look! So comfy looking!

  26. Lauryn Hock

    These leggings are so so cute! I love pairing a cute set like these with a comfy sweater on a “hang out” day!

  27. Morgan

    That teddy fleece looks all kinds of cozy!

    How 2 Wear It []

  28. Gricelda Castro


  29. Kimberly M.

    I would choose the Nomad Blue.

  30. Jeanna

    Magellan Max 2018 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  31. Shannon

    I love the athleisure look with a heavy fleece!!

  32. Michelle Fiorelli

    Always cute and stylish!!!

  33. shannon fowler

    I would go with the nomad purple. Its such a gorgeous color.

  34. Azanique Rawl

    I’m loving mesh side athleisure pants this year! So comfy and cute 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  35. Dawn Kaestner

    I would choose Nomad Sand to match the cracker crumbs!

  36. Pam Flynn

    Nomad Purple is a really cool color!

  37. Suzanne Stewart

    Love the snake print dress!

  38. Milcah

    Well the fleece for me. Looks absolutely cozy!

  39. Clarice

    I like the sherpa jacket!

  40. nicole margrif


  41. Jessica DuBose

    I love the Pink for Fall.

  42. beth shepherd

    Super cute! I love the fleece! Thank you

  43. Tammy Catterton

    Nomad Blue love this color blue my favorite color here

  44. Tricha Leary

    I am most interested in the jacket it is adorable

  45. Megan Blumenthal

    I am excited for the jacket! Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Anita Duvall

    Those leggings are so very cute on you! I would love to own a pair!

  47. Cheryl Burns

    leggings are great

  48. Laura Lanza

    The leggings look so comfy!

  49. Lisa

    I love the leggings.

  50. Michelle Dawson

    I love the athleisure style!!

  51. Michelle Dawson

    I would like the leggings!!

  52. Kim Naumann

    Love the fleece! I’d be more excited about the top but really like the leggings too!

  53. mariya levtonyuk

    looks so comfy

  54. miranda

    the leggings!

  55. abbie guerrero

    I’m looking forward to the jacket

  56. celia husmann


  57. Brian

    The Teddy fleece jacket of course!

  58. Dexlyn Mingo

    Love fleece Jacket ??

  59. autumn mckenzie

    i love the leggings, and the fleece is warm and cozy!!

  60. Sheila V.

    I love the fact that both clothing items are so comfortable!

  61. Josh Lippman

    The jacket is looks amazing

  62. Valerie L

    Would love the teddy fleece jacket



  64. Laura Martin

    The girls would love these, they live in leggings

  65. Blanca Marissa Garza

    The leggings!

  66. April Morin

    I love the Nomad Purple and the leggings. I love the camo trend this Fall as well.

  67. April Morin

    The Teddy Fleece Jacket!

  68. Angela Knight

    Totally looking forward to the fleece! I love being warm.

  69. Rena Walter

    The Teddy Fleece Jacket.

  70. shelley

    I love this look!

  71. Karen Behrman

    I like the teddy fleece jacket

  72. Lor Q

    I am looking forward to winning the teddy fleece jacket but I love the leggins and all your clothing.

  73. Amy doerfler

    The Teddy fleece jacket-it looks so cozy!

  74. Annmarie Weeks

    I love them both, but I’m most looking forward to the jacket!

  75. Eva Mack

    teddy fleece jacket …it’s that time of year

  76. Beatrice P

    The leggings are cute and comfortable looking

  77. brittany doerfler

    I’m looking forward to winning the teddy fleece jacket!

  78. Carol

    Love it. Need it!!

  79. B. Bachman

    I love the fleece jacket. It looks perfect for the Fall, especially where I live in Michigan. The nights (and days) are getting colder.

  80. Dee Parker

    The leggings – I live in leggings as much as possible!

  81. Debbie P

    I like the Teddy Fleece Jacket.

  82. Caroline

    I would love to win the teddy fleece it looks so comfortable.

  83. Treia

    Love both but I’m looking forward to the fleece!

  84. Sandy Klocinski

    I am most looking forward to winning the Teddy Fleece Jacket. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. Love the casual look. There’s definitely a chill in the air and that jacket would be perfect

  85. Nicole Acuna

    The teddy fleece jacket looks so cozy and pretty!

  86. Arlene

    i would like the trench coat

  87. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I love the leggings.

  88. Loraine

    The leggings

  89. Alina

    Love the leggings. That pattern is so fun!

  90. Cheryl Montgomery

    cute outfit that offers warmth and comfort.

  91. Charity Martin

    That Teddy Fleece Jacket looks so FLUFFY! I could cuddle up in that all day!

  92. Dawn

    The leggings for sure! I spend a lot of time in the gym and am always looking for new leggings 🙂

  93. Tammy

    Teddy Fleece jacket would be awesome!

  94. Stafford Brix

    The Teddy Fleece Jacket looks so comfy and cozy. I want it!

  95. Samantha

    Those leggings are hot a cool and comfy look with great prints to stand out I love it

  96. Krystal Coleman

    Those leggings look wonderful!

  97. Jamie Lukoss

    This outfit looks so comfy and warm.. Perfect for a fall day outside <3

  98. Christina Hawkins

    Love the jacket!

  99. Maria


  100. Jo Shaneybrook

    Looks like such a nice warm jacket. Need that for winter.

  101. Rhonda Fuller

    I love the fleece jackets

  102. Sean c

    Athleisure all day for me! Simply love that fleece. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately.

  103. Brittany Potter

    Definitely the teddy fleece jacket! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  104. sandra

    looking forward more to the leggings

  105. Perlita Mata

    Both ! I am more excited about the leggings however. I love everything

  106. Shavalerie Thurman

    great products and great prize, thanks for the chance to win.

  107. Monica Kirkham

    I love the fleece jacket!!

  108. Deborah Beyer

    I love the jacket! Looks so warm and comfortable.

  109. Jen G

    The fleece looks so cozy!

  110. Candice

    I would love to have the leggings the most. Thanks!

  111. latanya

    the leggings

  112. sandra

    the leggings are a must have thanks for the chance good luck everyone!!

  113. Ae Minx

    I love the leggings!

  114. veronica sandberg

    I love both, but I just discovered leggings. Love them

  115. joanie

    I love the look and and think it is so comfy looking

  116. melissa kreiser

    so hard to choose but leggings for me!

  117. Joan Leonard

    leggings would be great

  118. Lori Clark

    The teddy fleece jacket it looks so comfortable and warm

  119. Angela Kern

    If I had to pick I would say the jacket!!! It looks so warm and comfy!!!

  120. Robin Pearson

    I would love a pair of leggings. I have some, but yours looks so nice and comfortable.

  121. Tabitha Metcalf

    Love all your cozy jackets!

  122. Jody Arbogast

    I love the Teddy Fleece jacket!

  123. Lisa McCloud

    My first time on here and I have to say these are some beautiful clothes and shoes. Look very comfy

  124. matt


  125. Natalie Hartmann

    Both are cute but the leggings I love!

  126. Kelly D

    The teddy fleece jacket is my favorite.

  127. Sarah

    Love the pullover!

  128. Diana Penn

    Teddy Fleece Jacket

  129. Brittany Deaver

    I’m loving that pullover! ? I’m a creature of comfort, so anything soft and fuzzy wins me over.

  130. Taryn Colmenares

    I would truly love the teddy fleece. TTank you so much for the chance

  131. Rita A

    The jacket! It looks so warm and cozy!

  132. bn100


  133. Beth Cooper

    I look forward to winning the leggings the most.

  134. Barbara

    very prety

  135. drimeth

    Leggings! I’m a weird size so jackets always fit me terribly

  136. Kelly

    I’ll bet that teddy fleece jacket is comfy-cozy! Perfect for Winter!

  137. neeha

    love the fleece jacket

  138. Patricia Lamontagne

    I love the cozy fleece jacket. XOXO

  139. Deb jensen

    Would love to winthe leggings!

  140. heather padilla

    Well there were just too many to pick just one style. Alot of pretty looks to be had.

  141. Shelly Solease

    I would love to have the sweater!

  142. Chau BUI

    I love to look nice and pretty

  143. Cameron

    Pants are so cute!

  144. Katy

    I like both pieces a lot. I love that they’ve designed a cold weather athliesure top that will really keep you warm. But, I’d have to choose the leggings. I really love unique pairs ove the pattern and cut on these.

  145. Laura beringer

    Leggings baby!

  146. Patricia Biggar

    I look forward to winning the teddy fleece jacket most – because it looks so comfortable & it would keep me warm this winter!

  147. Kristin Morton

    I love this look!! Yes the best and easiest look especially for being a busy mom is DEFINITELY cute leggings and a cozy pullover!! I love this Pullover!! ?

  148. shirley delp

    teddy fleece jacker

  149. Luisa

    The fleece looks so cozy and warm!!

  150. Kara Bryant

    Both because the top looks cozy and warm and I love the leggings!

  151. Tiffany Schantzenbach

    I would love the fleece jacket.

  152. Sara

    I love wearing my Sherpa pullover with leggings, too!

  153. Kelly Hanley

    leggings for sure!

  154. Judy Swanson

    That fleece looks fantastic – and I bet it FEELS great too!

  155. Chrissy

    Definitely the leggings! I have the hardest time finding leggings that I love and I’m optimistic that I’d love these!

  156. Frankie Pinnix

    I think I’m definitely looking forward to the #MarcNewYork leggings more!

  157. Tiffanyf

    The jacket! It looks so cozy!

  158. Celena Metzger

    The Teddy Fleece Jacket!

  159. Rosanne

    They are both great and I would prefer the leggings

  160. Nancy

    I’m looking forward to the comfort and warmth that the outfit will give me! (Sorry. Couldn’t pick just one!!)

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  162. Paula

    Looks perfect for watching snow fall with cocoa

  163. lena edwards

    I love them all, but I am looking most forward to the fleece jacket.

  164. Caitlin

    I love both! How can I pick between comfy and cozy?!

    The best combination.

    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Happy Fall 🙂

  165. jamie

    Super cute outfit! looks so comfy!

  166. Alena Svetelska

    I really like leggings,so adorable

  167. Victoria Scott

    That is tough! I think the leggings!

  168. Mira V

    The teddy fleece jacket!! with the cold weather in NY, its perfect!

  169. Elizabeth Cruz

    I would so love to win ?? these are so cute hopefully you guys get back to me

  170. Jodi Hudson


  171. Tara Davis

    Looking forward to the leggings! Love comfy clothes!

  172. Cherie Johnson

    The fleece jacket would be perfect to win. Looks so comfy and warm and it’s cold and rainy here today.

  173. Sierra

    The fleece jacket ??

  174. Julie

    Absolutely love this! I’m a warm and comfy type person. Would love that Teddy Fleece.

  175. Jae

    Looking forward to the cozy fall athletic wear

  176. Cheryl Roper

    Definitely the fleece jacket…looks warm and comfy…

  177. Autumn Jojola

    Definitely would LOVE th o win leggings!

  178. April

    This looks sooo beyond comfy! I think the teddy bear fleece would quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe.

  179. Kim Jacobson

    I Love wearing leggings with a big soft sweatshirt.

  180. Brandi locke

    Jean’s a fuzzy pullover and ankle boots!

  181. Terry

    Great clothes! Love the styles

  182. Danielle S

    I absolutely love both! But the Teddy Fleece Jacket looks so comfortable and the cold weather is already upon us, so this would be absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the chance, and good luck to all ?

  183. Melissa Curtis

    I’d love the fleece jacket! It looks so snuggly and my teen daughters would probably steal it. Lol

  184. Kim Avery

    I love the Teddy Fleece Jacket!

  185. Suzanne Hartsburg

    I look forward to winning leggings as I do not own any

  186. Janet Hilliard

    Thank you so much!I love your clothes,they are so cute!

  187. Meredith Beard

    I love both but I love that jacket!!

  188. Karen McMillan

    I couldso see my daughter rocking this outfit. She is a single mom of twin girls. And a 8 year old son.

  189. MaryAnn

    Love the fleece it’s perfect for the Michigan winters to keep me warm.

  190. Laura Benjamin

    love them and would be thrilled to win them

  191. amber bennett

    Super cute and looks sooo comfy. 😉

  192. Robbie Bailey

    I need warm clothes for winter. Thanks.

  193. rachel myers

    the jacket!

  194. Rose Libat

    I love the chic comfinessof this style!
    Look great and feel cozy at home or busy on the run!

  195. Kathryn

    Love those leggings!!!

  196. debbie wilson

    I Love The Athletic Leggings S0 Fashionable !!

  197. Kim Bakos

    I’d love to wear that jacket!

  198. Jennifer S.

    I don’t tend to wear athleisurewear out, probably because when I’m at home (and I currently work from home) I’m in sweats, so I actually try to look “nice” when I’m out. But I’d love those leggings to work out in…and the comfy top as part of my “hang out at home” outfit!

  199. Jennifer S.

    Opps — I forgot to say what I’d want most…the leggings, because I have so few pairs of actual leggings. And most of them are solid black!

  200. sandra

    teddy fleece jacket

  201. Diana

    the fleece jacket looks so cute! love it!

  202. Shirley Emitt

    Really love the the teddy fleece jacket.

  203. Vonne

    I’m loving this look.. I would definitely wear it.

  204. Sharon Rooney

    I am most looking forward to winning the Teddy Fleece jacket. It looks super comfy and warm.

  205. Abigail

    I’d be psyched about both but especially the leggings!

  206. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I love BOTH the performance bottoms & the teddy fleece top!!

  207. Erica Beaver

    That is such a hard decision, I think i would pick the leggings. They are super cute.

  208. Laura Sexton

    Everything looks comfortable! Everything is so cute!

  209. Katrina Brockavich

    I really like the jacket, it looks so comfy! It’s a hard decision to pick which is cuter though, the pants or top!

  210. Mary Rutter

    I like the Teddy Fleece Jacket

  211. Elizabeth Miller

    I love them both so much but I would have to say that I would be most excited over that jacket. It is so warm and cozy looking.

  212. Jamie Martin


  213. Laura

    I love the outfit, the sweater looks so comfortable!!

  214. Stephanie Lopez

    Loove these items!

  215. Kayla Klontz

    I most like the Teddy FLeece.

  216. KV

    I like the leggings.

  217. Megan Trush

    I love a stylish and but also comfy athleisure outfit. Also love the teddy fleece jacket.

  218. jessica cox

    This whole look! This outfit is something i would pin on Pinterest. Obsessed!

  219. Kelly Brooks

    The fleece pullover looks soooooo comfy!!!

  220. MaryEllen S.

    I like the both, but especially the teddy fleece jacket

  221. Terri S.

    I’m excited about winning the Teddy Fleece Jacket.

  222. maritza y baez

    i would totally rock these

  223. deanna hanson

    i love the fuzzy top looks warm and comfy

  224. Shannon Rabren


  225. sharah hanna pampolino

    jacket is it

  226. Andrea Darst

    Hard choice but I’ll say the sweatshirt!!

  227. Carie Dukes

    This is the best?

  228. Denise M

    I love the outfit, especially the pants

  229. dana germain

    I’m most excited for the teddy fleece. It looks so warm

  230. Sarah

    The Teddy Fleece!

  231. Paol Trenny

    I’m excited about the Teddy Fleece Jacket.

  232. Jillian Too

    I’m excited about the fleece jacket.

  233. Nichole

    The leggings are so cute!

  234. Erica Boscio

    I love the jacket. It is perfect for fall weather!

  235. Cynthia Richardson

    I live in leggings on the weekends, so another pair would be wonderful!

  236. Melissa Grubb

    Athleisure is life ? I love the teddy fleece jacket

  237. Stephanie Grant

    I’m most excited about winning the leggins!

  238. marlene a harris

    love the leggings

  239. Kelsey Vinson

    The jacket

  240. Molly

    They both look so comfy. The leggings look awesome.

  241. Kaitlin Talanca

    The fleece jacket!

  242. Jennifer Scott


  243. Anita Jude

    love the jacket it looks cozy

  244. Cassandra D

    What I look forward to winning the most from Marc New York is the teddy fleece jacket.

  245. Lily D Wolfe

    Definitely the jacket!

  246. samantha seal

    the jacket is what I would love to win <3

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