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5 Cute Vests to Layer with + $100 Lauren James Gift Card Giveaway!!

Cute Vests to layer in the Winter, featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Lauren James plaid dress, a Lauren James red vest, Sole Society black booties and an ASOS double pom pom beanie


You always hear people talking about sweater weather, but I prefer vest weather!  It’s time to layer up in your favorite pieces.  Not only does it keep you warm, it completes your look, adds more visual detail and can even make you look more slender.  It’s like adding a belt basically.  Though you might think adding more layers might make you look bigger, it usually has the opposite effect.  I’m sharing 5 of my favorite cute vests below including this Laruen James one I’m wearing here.  As a special treat, I’m also teaming up with Lauren James to give away a $100 gift card to one lucky reader.  To enter, just use the widget below.

Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post to check out my top 5 cute vests from Lauren James!

Which vest is your favorite?  What is your favorite piece from Lauren James?

Cute Vests to layer in the Winter, featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Lauren James plaid dress, a Lauren James red vest, Sole Society black booties and an ASOS double pom pom beanie Cute Vests to layer in the Winter, featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Lauren James plaid dress, a Lauren James red vest, Sole Society black booties and an ASOS double pom pom beanie Cute Vests to layer in the Winter, featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Lauren James plaid dress, a Lauren James red vest, Sole Society black booties and an ASOS double pom pom beanie


Cute Vests to layer in the Winter, featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Lauren James plaid dress, a Lauren James red vest, Sole Society black booties and an ASOS double pom pom beanieHERE ARE MY TOP 5 CUTE VESTS:

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Loving these cute vests? Click here now for more of my fashion favorites!!
  1. Shira Rosenbluth

    That vest is perfect on you!!

  2. the cape on the corner

    oh man, their loungwear looks so soft and comfy. but i’m also loving the rigby sweater. thanks!

  3. Cathy

    What a cute and cozy vest! I love how you paired it with a dress, so chic!


  4. Elle

    I like The Shaggy V-Neck Sweatshirt.

  5. Rach

    Oo yes to vest sweater! They are seriously the perfect layering piece and I love how you styled yours with a plaid dress. So cute!

  6. sandra

    I like the hayden boyfriend flannel,

  7. maureen

    I love the Plaid Dakota dress in the Ivory colorway.

  8. Tara Wiscott

    Plaid or navy blue

  9. Elise

    I love all of these vests, especially the quilted one you are wearing, so pretty!!

    xx, Elise

  10. Stephanie Thurow

    I love cranberry colored anything pretty much 🙂

  11. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I’d either get the Plaid Dakota Dress or the Gemma Dress if I win – love them both!!

  12. lisa mcfarland

    the linden sherpa

  13. Andrea Darst

    I love the flannel skirt!!

  14. Tara Peterson

    I’ve never heard of this store before! Such cute items! I love the Tatum tunic, boyfriend shirt and flannel tunic. Also the stone hoodie and the sherpa pullovers! So many choices!!! Thanks for the chance, I love your blog!

  15. Lesly Figueroa

    I like the alpine pullover

  16. Jenny Patton

    I’m loving the Rigby sweater in sage

  17. Lee

    i love love love that red vest!!!

  18. Vickie

    Love their clothes! So cute! I like that Camden vest you’re wearing.

  19. Megan

    I love a good vest and this is right up my alley. I will definitely be checking these out.

  20. Ashley B

    I would get the Beckett Trench

  21. courtney b

    I love the ashton popover @ so cute

  22. Stephanie Grant

    I think I would get the Out for a Drive Long Sleeve shirt along with one other.

  23. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I think I would get the Carter boyfriend tunic. There are so many cute things.

  24. Katey

    Their pajamas look so cozy!

  25. Catherine Guzik

    The khaki vest is awesome!

  26. Kelly D

    I would get the Stephanie sweater.

  27. Jessica

    I love the navy one

  28. Anabelle

    That flannel dress is too cute! Love how you styled it & love Lauren James!

  29. Kileen

    Such a great vest for layering!! Love the color too, perfect for the holidays and Fall/Winter!

    cute & little

  30. Donny

    I’d give the gift card as a gift for Christmas

  31. MargaretAnn Rice

    I would gift it to my 17 year old granddaughter, and see her eyes light up as she shops!

  32. Robert Hogan

    I’d gift this to the wife and let her pick

  33. Ellen Willett

    love the Gamma dress

  34. Lisa

    I think I would get the Chiffon Work Blouse.

  35. Melissa Thompson

    Love all the vests. I would buy the blue one

  36. Kelli Swearingen


  37. Brenda Schrider

    Love the blue vest….

  38. Debbie Penney

    I would love the Lauren James Coat!

  39. drmoe21

    vest for my wife

  40. monique s

    I like the hayden boyfriend flannel,

  41. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I think I’d get the Rigby sweater

  42. Pam Flynn

    The Hayden Boyfriend Flannel shirt is really cute.

  43. Stacie Humphrey

    I love the alpine pullover.

  44. Diane Sabatini

    I’d get the Chloe coat.

  45. Krista P

    I love it! So cute.

  46. Krista P (again)

    If I won, I would love the vest!

  47. Nancy

    If I won, I’d let our daughter pick out something. She might choose the Tilly Dress or the Mallory Dress.

  48. Melissa Livingston

    Would love to win thanks for the chance

  49. Michelle Fiorelli

    adorable!!!! and I love the whole outfit with the vest

  50. Summer

    I’d be all over that stone hoodie!

  51. Rose Reeder

    I love vests so the vest on you is great.

  52. Natalie Hartmann

    The flannel with the puffer vest!!

  53. courtney hennagir

    I am loving the Alpine pullover in emerald! That and the stone hoodie in sage are my faves.

  54. Tiffany S

    I would get the alpine pullover.

  55. Alina
  56. Stafford

    The is absolutely stunning. I’d get that one.

  57. Brix

    I love the The Plaid Dakota Dress.

  58. Sean

    The Alpine Pullover has my name written all over it.

  59. Iris Gonzalez

    This is truely a holiday gift for me!!!!

  60. Sandra Watts

    I love the The Shaggy V-Neck Sweatshirt. It looks so comfy!

  61. Anna Pry

    maybe the lainey dress i think i could wear as maternity dress

  62. jodie filogomo

    I might get the “up to snow good” sweatshirt!! It’s so cute!

  63. Alice F

    If I were to win, I would select the Plaid Dakota dress. It is so cute!

  64. Cindy A.

    The Lainey dress would definitely be on my shopping list.

  65. Deirdre Kovalcik

    You’re so cute and love the vest!

  66. Rita A

    I love the Stone Hoodie!

  67. vikki parman

    The Camden vest

  68. Alex Montana

    Probably have to choose something from the Ann Taylor sweaters…so many cute ones, hard to chose!

  69. Eva Mack


  70. heather havlin

    this is so Q’t!

  71. Lynda Del

    I have my eye on the The Plaid Dakota Dress!

  72. Heather C

    I love the Camden vest. My closet needs one!!

  73. Kimberly L

    The Hudson Pullover

  74. miranda

    the Gamma dress

  75. gary

    I would get a vest

  76. Bill

    I like the Mimi PJ set

  77. Kelly Kriefall

    I’d get a Hayden Boyfriend Flannel along with a vest.

  78. Eileen Boyce

    I’d get the sage vest. Thanks

  79. Rania R.

    I would get a Linden Sherpa 2.0. It is great to wear all winter long.

  80. Shirley Emitt

    I really do like the
    Lainey Dress.

  81. Sue W.

    Gemma Dress

  82. Anita Duvall

    I would chose the ‘Up t Snow Good’ Reed Sweatshirt. So cute.

  83. Kayley

    Cute vest! I think if I won, I’d get a couple of sweaters such as The Rigby Sweater and/or The Shaggy V-Neck Sweatshirt.

  84. Kimmy Ripley

    Love the Alpine Pullover!

  85. Christina Cohen

    I loved the plaid vest because it’s different. I feel like I would get that if I won. ?

  86. B. Bachman

    Love the plaid vest!

  87. kimberly a grong

    I love the vest

  88. Mary

    I’d get a plaid tunic. I’m so into plaid recently!

  89. Cheryl Everitt

    If I were to win this awesome gift card I would purchase the Beckett Trench.

  90. Dee Parker

    I love the Mary Kate Sweater in pink!

  91. Jennifer Blanton

    I would get a couple of Rigby sweaters

  92. Kelsey Vinson

    I would definitely choose the Mimi Pajama set.

  93. Sunnie Iacovetta

    I like the like a fine pine shirt.

  94. Cheryl Montgomery

    A vest and a dress

  95. brittany doerfler

    I’d get the camille sweater

  96. Nanette Olson

    I would get the Plaid Dakota Dress.

  97. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I really love the hayden boyfriend flannel. Thanks

  98. clynsg

    I would probably get one of the long sleeved tee shirts–my supply has become very limited.

  99. tammy

    I would love a new jacket

  100. Young M

    Pretty! I’d love to buy some jeans or a dress. 🙂

  101. Karin T

    Very nice!

  102. Karin T

    I like the vests.

  103. Jessica DuBose

    Love the vests

  104. Donna Evans

    I would buy my granddaughter jeans and a hooded vest.

  105. Loyd Stewart

    I think my mom would LOVE your dresses!

  106. Joanna A.

    I would get the Alpine Pullover!

  107. Meghan H

    I love the vests and the lounge wear!!! 🙂

  108. Christine Kusser

    …something BLUE!

  109. Saundra

    I love the Alpine pullovers.

  110. Lisa Ellison

    I really like the vests!

  111. Saundra Bowers

    I love the The Shaggy V-Neck Sweatshirts!

  112. veronica sandberg

    rigby sweater in sage , love it

  113. robin stevens

    I would probably pick one of there tshirts.

  114. Jean Millsap

    I’d get the cream/blue vest if I won!

  115. Ramona Kako

    I really like the Plaid but everything is gorgeous

  116. drimeth

    The Hayden Boyfriend Flannel!

  117. celia husmann

    I would get a vest.

  118. Drea

    Well put together from clothing, props, etc.

  119. Julie Tardi

    I love the Camden vest.

  120. Christina O

    The Blair Swing Dress.

  121. Lynne

    I would get the Stone Hoodie in Primrose.

  122. Caroline Bock

    I would buy the Hayden Boyfriend Flannel.

  123. heather padilla

    so much cute to choose from,couldn’t pick just one thing. something for me and my daughter.

  124. Felice

    Love the Tatum Tunic and Rigby Sweater

  125. Sarah s

    I really like the Hayden Boyfriend Flannel.

  126. elizabeth brooks

    love the boots and vest

  127. Jon Heil

    All depends what mom wants since it would be her choice!

  128. Cynthia Richardson

    I love the Adaline sweater in cranberry.

  129. Howard Steeley

    I would give it to family and let them choose.

  130. Valerie L

    Blair Swing Dress

  131. Alessandro pampolino

    buy a pajama for sharah

  132. Jessica Brogan

    I love the Camden Vest!

  133. Cyndie McDaniel

    Everything is so nice so it would be really hard to decide but I would probably use the money to buy something for my mom.

  134. Jessica

    I am in love with the olive vest!!

  135. Mary E

    I’d get a Rigby Sweater

  136. Caryn

    Love the plaid Dakota dress!

  137. Melissa Storms

    I would get the Stone hoodie.

  138. Melissa Johnson

    I would buy a green and black puffer vest.

  139. Tom Bellamy

    I would get the Alpine pullover for my daughter.

  140. Margaret Papetti

    I would get the Alpine pullover for my daughter!

  141. Ali

    I love the alpine-pullover perfect for the snow and cold winter months.

  142. Sharon Rooney

    I think I would get the
    Linden Sherpa 2.0.

  143. Pam Scott

    I would order the Camille sweater in black.

  144. Angie Fiack

    I’d get the
    Ashton Popover and a cute skirt!

  145. Danielle M

    Really love that Dakota Flannel Dress

  146. Dawn Ballo

    I like the “Cheers Y’all” Reed Sweatshirt.

  147. Edye

    the cheers y’all shirt!

  148. cindy tiberi

    I love the Chloe Coat

  149. Marilyn Nawara

    I would choose either the Alpine or Holden Pullover — like them both.

  150. Robin Pearson

    I would love a vest.

  151. Stefanie G

    I would get the Adaline Sweater in cranberry.

  152. Philip Lawrence

    If I won, I would get a Camden Vest.

  153. Carolsue

    I would get the Cheers Y’all” Reed Sweatshirt for one thing

  154. Brittany

    The Lauren James vest is my favorite.

  155. Jill Sabo

    I would pick the Camden vest if I won! 🙂

  156. Elizabeth Miller

    If I were to win, I would get the mini pajama set and the rigby sweater. Actually, I would get of the sweaters in differnt colors.

  157. Helen

    I am loving the Linden Sherpa 2.0 in blush.

  158. Ashley Simmons

    I would purchase the Ivy blazer

  159. Abigail

    It’s so cold here today – I’d love an Alpine Pullover to snuggle up in!

  160. Laura Lanza

    I like the tilly dress

  161. Latanya

    The Gemma dress

  162. Allyson Tice

    If I won, I would have to get the The Shaggy V-Neck Sweatshirt AND the Hazel Top!

  163. Chrissy

    I’d get the Dakota flannel dress in blue!


    Paid dress

  165. Sandra Mace

    I love the olive vest!

  166. samantha seal

    Chloe Coat !

  167. Rosanne

    I’d get the Mimi Pajama set

  168. Barrie Yancey

    Love the vest, but I’m crazy about the plaid dress from Lauren James!?

  169. stella methvin

    I see some sweet tees I like and I would probably let my daughter pick something

  170. Annmarie Weeks

    I’d love to get the Alpine Pullover in Emerald!

  171. Casandra LaMonaca

    I would either get the Linden Sherpa or the Alpine Pullover.

  172. April Morin

    I’ve been looking for a great vest and all five of these fit the bill.

  173. April Morin

    I’d get the Camden vest in the burgundy.

  174. Kimberly French

    Pullover would be amazing. I hate being cold always good for winter easy peel off.

  175. Shauni Reidi

    I love the vests!

  176. Johannah

    I think I would start with a new scarf or two!

  177. Jen

    If I won I’d get a sweater.

  178. Nancy Hansen

    I like the Camden Vest thanks

  179. Nicki

    I love the vest you are wearing in this post!

  180. Jeremy McLaughlin

    My wife would love one of the flannel shirts.

  181. Sherri Jones

    Plaid dress.

  182. Paige Byrd

    the lounge wear looks heavenly

  183. Lisa Stover

    I love the dakota flannel dress! I could definitely wear it to work or on the weekends.

  184. danielle

    I love the Hudson pullover. It’s so cute!

  185. Margaret Koehler

    Cute vests!!

  186. Tabitha P.

    I would get the Beckett trench.

  187. Paula Gustin

    I would love to get a Gemma dress! They are so cute!!

  188. Anissa

    The cranberry colored vest is to die for! The Gemma Dress has been on my radar for a while, it’s gorgeous!

  189. Michael Heseltine

    My wife would look very sweet in the padded vest.

  190. Shannon L

    I love the Chloe coat!

  191. Shannon L

    I love the Chloe coat!

  192. Samantha

    I want so many things I actually just shopped for 30 minutes on there LOL I want the mimi pj set and so much more !!

  193. Cassandra D

    I would get the Gemma dress.

  194. Shietha Paschall

    I would have never thought to pair a vest with a dressd the look is so fun!

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