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6 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler on Long Road Trips + Maxi Cosi Car Seat Giveaway!!

This fun ideas for long road trips post is sponsored by Maxi Cosi, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for helping me to support the brands I love.
Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children


With winter gearing up, most people are getting ready to do a little holiday vacation or traveling to visit friends and family while the kids are out of school.  I’ve already been thinking about where all Leighton and I should go during the holidays, what all we should do and of course what I should pack to make the trip go even smoother.

Let’s face it, toddlers get bored.  Even adults do, and if we do, we can’t expect our children not to get tired of riding in a car for hours upon hours.  So today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and fun ideas to entertain your toddler while on long road trips.  With each new age we’re given new challenges, and what worked when she was 2 doesn’t necessarily work these days.  = )

6 Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips

1.)  Only pack what you can’t rent, buy or borrow at your destination.  Remember everything you pack into your vehicle on your trip, you will have to pack, unpack, pack and unpack again.  If you don’t absolutely need it, then don’t pack it.

2.)  Pack some new and exciting toys that your child only gets to play with on road trips.  This way, they’re not already tired of them.  This also includes new or favorite movies your toddler hasn’t seen before so they don’t get bored.  = )  I also highly recommend this fun little travel easel.

3.)  Pack plenty of snacks.  And then pack some more.  And the same rule applies as with number 2.  Pack different, exciting or new snacks that your toddler loves but rarely gets.  And save the extra special ones for last when the meltdown won’t seem to end.

4.)  When the movies get old, try some music.  Leighton loves the Frozen and Moana soundtracks, so we play those, she sings, and we’re both happy.  = )  She’s also really gotten into music sang by other kids like Kidzbop, so check into that too.

5.)  Pack smarter.  When you’re driving or in the front passenger seat and your toddler needs something, you need to have it within arm’s distance.  I always pack the snacks and toys in a good bag with lots of pockets for organization.  Also pack plenty of wipes for messes, a plastic bag for trash and a change of clothes in an easily accessible bag.  You don’t want to have to stop and dig to the bottom of the suitcase pile to get what you need constantly.

6.)  Pack blankets, pillows and a neck pillow.  I usually like the air on full blast, but Leighton freezes in the backseat.  No matter how many great toys or snacks you have, if you’re cold or uncomfortable, you’re not going to be happy on a road trip.  This also pertains to your toddler’s car seat.  They need to be comfortable!

We use Maxi Cosi’s new Magellan Max 5-in-1 Convertaible Car Seat, and we love it!  It is so roomy and so plush and comfortable.  It is made with premium fabrics that are still machine washable too.  It includes an EZ out harness system to keep straps and the buckle from getting caught and bunched under your child.

It accommodates children from birth to age 10 or 5lbs. to 120lbs.  And it easily transitions between five modes of use:  baby rear-facing, toddler rear-facing, toddler forward-facing, child forward facing and belt positioning booster.  The Magellan Max is also the only convertible car seat equipped with Maxi-Cosi’s patented Adjustable Side Impact Protection which creates a customized fit for all growth stages and ensures maximum protection in the proper position.

I wish this car seat would have been around when Leighton was even younger!   I love that it can accommodate so many ages and sizes.  I love that I could also use it on my new niece for baby rear-facing or with my older nephew for belt positioning booster when I’m babysitting.

P.S.  I’m so excited to also be teaming up with Maxi Cosi to give away this same car seat to one lucky reader!  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck mamas!

Do you have any last minute holiday vacations planned?  Do you have any great traveling with toddler fun ideas to share long road trips?  Have you tried the new Magellan Max?

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Loving these fun ideas for long road trips? Click here now for more travel essentials!!

Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children: image of a toddler in her Maxi Cosi car seat Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children: image of a toddler in her Maxi Cosi car seat Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children: image of a toddler in her Maxi Cosi car seat


Loving these fun ideas for long road trips? Click here now for more travel essentials!!

Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children: image of a toddler in her Maxi Cosi car seat Top US lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, features some Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips to entertain your children: image of a toddler in her Maxi Cosi car seat


Loving these fun ideas for long road trips? Click here now for more travel essentials!!


  1. Mollie

    Snacks and new toys are such good idea! My mom always packed a few new toys for me on road trips, and every hour I would get a new one. It kept me entertained the whole ride!

    xx Mollie

  2. Lee

    such great tips – ive gotta share this post with my sister who will be driving home with her toddler & baby tomorrow!

  3. Ruthie Ridley

    Awesome tips and I love her car seat!!

  4. Kayla Norris

    Snacks ! And stop BEFORE they complain about peeing.

  5. Annette

    Pack lots of entertainment that can be reached easily like in a tote bag since it can get quite messy. Books and travel games are always a hit.

    • Carol Ehrhart

      Could definitely use this for my new grandbaby

  6. Lesly F

    I always have snacks, water,and movies since we have a dvd player in our van and extra clothes just in case they get dirty

  7. Liz

    Such great tips! I’m going to send this post to my sister. She’d love that seat for my niece!

  8. sandra

    We put on books on tape to listen to in the car.

  9. Jessica

    We always pack snacks and tablets!

  10. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Best travel advice with little ones is to pick up lots of little surprises & treats to periodically give them along the way. And don’t forget the iPad!

  11. Clem

    Love these tips! It’s always super hard to entertain a toddler… or a teen for that matter! 🙂

  12. Samantha Englund

    Lots of snacks!

  13. Samantha Englund


  14. Candace

    Great tips! I don’t have kids, but still I always pack snacks and blankets.


  15. Amanda

    I want one!

  16. Katherine puleo

    Thank you for this opportunity. My dad sometimes watches my daughter and does not have a car seat so we end up switching cars. This would make things easier! We always bring lots of toys! The latest thing we got it a drawing board called the boogie board that we have been loving!

  17. Brinon

    Love the new toy idea to keep it exciting!

  18. Mary Burkhead

    We love maxi cosi!!! Would love to win ❤️❤️It’s hands down the best car seat ever!! We have had the infant, and now use the Pria 85 ❤️So comfy and our daughter never complains about her car seat!!

  19. heather w

    have a bag of tricks to keep the little one occupied! I always try to get a bunch of little things from the dollar store or target’s dollar spot to pop out during trips for new entertainment!

  20. Elisha Jerry


  21. Kelly D

    My tip is to bring some new activity books to keep them busy.

  22. Amber

    I borrow toys from friends or family before a road trip so they’re brand new to my kid!
    I also keep a special book that has little figures to play with in my car just for restaurants! It helps keep my son entertained while out to eat since he doesn’t normally get it ?

  23. Kristen N

    Pack a couple new toys and fave “treat” snacks when times get desperate!

  24. Casandra LaMonaca

    Bring lots of distractions like books, toys, snacks, play games, sing, talk and stop to take a stretch after awhile.

  25. Tiffany C

    Wrapped presents!

  26. Rach

    These are great tips! I definitely tip #1 can apply to anyone!

  27. Azanique S. Rawl

    I love road tripping! These are such great tips 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  28. Em

    Great giveaway! My nephew is 1.5 and they’re always trying to find new ways to entertain him for trips ha!

  29. Alina

    Nice tips! My best tip would be to ensure you have enough snacks to keep them going.

  30. Stafford Brix

    I always remember to have plenty of books and one or two toys to keep them entertained along the way.

  31. Sean

    We load up on snacks, music and some movies for sure!

  32. Ashlei

    We love packing new toys and activities for them! Dollar bin at target is great for things to bring!

  33. Chelsea

    Always bring snacks and wipes

  34. Marlene

    What a great giveaway and tips! We have this car seat too.

  35. Kim

    These are all such great tips! I think you can’t go wrong with a new toy, snacks and a movie!


  36. Judith Bayer

    I’m best tip to plan your travel time during their nap time. I know you can’t always do that but it helps for not just them but everyone else in the car. Also, be prepared with snacks and activities to keep them happily and safely occupied.

  37. Catrina H

    Snacks, drinks, fun music, favorite toy, blanket, neck pillow, patience!

  38. Christi

    Much needed tips! My go-to is a special toy that she only gets on certain occasions.

  39. Erin

    Always go to the dollar store for new gifts and then wrap them in gift wrap. Every thirty minutes or so when they get board out comes a new dollar toy that they are thrilled with

  40. Asia Ali

    This is awesome!!

  41. kathy Persons

    Snacks and frequent exercise breaks

  42. Michelle Dawson

    LEAVE EARLY EARLY in the morning so they sleep half the time, take short breaks, pack snacks and water!!

  43. Vera

    When we travel long distance with our kids, we like to make frequent stops. We found some unique and free things to see by getting out to stretch and take a break that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Everyone is also in a better mood when not stuck in a car from point A to B.

  44. Kathleen Whitney

    Dependent on size make sure your child has some type of entertainment so he or she does not distract you when driving.

  45. Sheila Nelson

    Toys, books and snacks should keep them busy.

  46. Natalie Hartmann

    Be prepared for anything!! We have our emergency kit, activities, snacks, etc!! We travel heavy!

  47. Anne S

    A cooler of snacks like baby carrots and popcorn and movies and music we all can sing to

  48. David ODonnell

    My little one always has her tablet in the car to keep her occupied during our road travels.

  49. Ashley B

    Frequent breaks, snacks and patience!

  50. Jenny H

    Keep treats and activities by me and slowly give him them throughout the trip rather than all at once at his access.

  51. Candice

    I am a new mom, so don’t have a lot of tips. We just went on the plane with our baby, and snacks, toys, and lots of supplies was the key for us.

  52. Marci

    Bring drinks and snacks

  53. Susan Campbell

    I bring Colorforms, snacks, and IPads!!!

  54. Marianne Koukios

    Great ideas, and as a concerned grandmother of a one year old that car seat looks fantastic.

  55. Rebecca Breland

    Great tips. Thanks.

  56. kate rivas

    Love all these new baby products….grandkids have it so much better than my kids did!

  57. Amy rouse

    Books and toys that are ONLY kept for road trips. Not allowed to be used at any other time, so they always appear to be “new” and interesting

  58. bo Bills

    Lots of snacks and activities!

  59. Addie

    Mess-free art activities like whiteboards keep my little ones entertained!

  60. Johannah

    We always bring snacks and drinks — and we bring the ipads — they watch video’s themselves and play games.

  61. Kelly Bills

    Patience and things to take their little minds off of the travel and more patience.

  62. Charlotte

    Bring food, drink a blankie and a toy every time.

  63. Kristy Barrett

    Lots of snacks and toys

  64. Jessica Mcfarlin

    Lots of disney dvds and car friendly snacks!

  65. Beki Jones

    Portable DVD player and a lap desk to color.

  66. Alex Montana

    think ahead for potty breaks…and lots of snacks to keep little hands busy!

  67. christina

    My husband works nights, so luckily we can leave at night close to the kids’ bedtime. We also bring toys that we ‘reveal’ throughout the trip. OOoo our new thing is audiobooks! They’ve helped a ton and can be interactive!

  68. Mary Baum

    Play a game on the way there!

  69. Sandra M

    We always had fun surprises along the days long road trips…I wrap little toys and activities that would entertain them for a good portion of the trip. And sweet treats too!

  70. Beth Lackey

    Have lots of things to keep them entertained, from snacks, to movies and games, kid friendly music that you can all sing too and their favorite blanket and neck pillow for them to fall asleep with some support.

  71. Tina Helmstetter

    This carseat would be so comfy for my grandson!

  72. Rachel Williams

    I haven’t tried the car seat – but with 5 kids we need a new one! I pack lots to do for each child and of all things – Band-aids are a big hit! They put them all over their feet for an hour of fun in the car seat!!

  73. Candace

    Make a kids playlist and sing along with the kids!

  74. Sheryl Holden

    stop and stretch at least every 1 1/2 hours to 2, their legs get cramped and have them run around

  75. Dawn Kaestner

    My best idea is to schedule driving during their bedtimes or naptime.

  76. Becky Boden

    What great tips! We travel frequently and these are some wonderful ideas .

  77. lisa leonard

    i have plenty of snacks on hand

  78. Kim Naumann

    Pack an activity bag and snack bag!

  79. Chris Ramsey

    The best tip I can offer is to plan your rest stops well. Try to plan them so that they are around timed to eat not naps.

  80. celia husmann

    Books on tape!

  81. Theresa J

    Snacks and entrertainment


    Bring snacks in handy baggies and drinks in well-sealed bottles and sippies.

  83. Bridget Calfee

    Great looking car seat

  84. Philip Lawrence

    My best tip for traveling with a little one is for the driver to deal with the car driving details and leave the task of attending to the little one with a fellow passenger.

  85. Jess

    Great tips! Thank you!

  86. Tricia Dix

    Pack their favorite books, coloring crayons, and their plushie. Make snack time fun by using one of those compartment boxes with a variety of snacks.

  87. Lisa O.

    Snacks, sippy cup, sing~a~long~songs, Tablet, movies

  88. Alison V.

    Bring a lot of snacks, and a toy.

  89. Karen Behrman

    Snacks and car and road trip games

  90. Laura

    Snacks and music!

    • Georgette

      Agreed snack & music

  91. Eva Mack

    music …. have a few favorite car only song list

  92. Treia

    When traveling with a little make sure to bring snacks, travel games, & an extra set of clothes.

  93. Jean Millsap

    This seat looks more comfortable and secure than others I’ve seen while shopping around for my grand daughter when she stays with me. Fingers crossed!

  94. Cheryl Montgomery

    I have never tried the magellan max car seat

  95. Raymond McGrath

    Be sure to have escape plan if any emergency that may come up.Plus goodies,drinks,and what they enjoy watching,reading,plus other states car tags we see on our trip.

  96. Christine Burd

    have a list of fun songs

  97. Debra Guillen

    Take along a white board and some dry erase markers to keep them entertained.

  98. Elsie

    Having a little toy or stuffed animal to hold, that is fastened on a very short tie to the car seat, is helpful and fun!!

  99. Jessica Marinaccio

    Pee before you leave – snacks and ipad and lots of breaks

  100. Ellie Wright

    Be prepared with extra clothes and plenty of snacks.

  101. Onyinye Elochukwu

    My best advice will be to pack a new toy or their favorite one. Keeps them busy longer

  102. Kendra S

    Snacks and music!

  103. Kris Mihalov

    Packs lots of snacks and take frequent potty breaks

  104. Denise Blount

    Great ideas! When I was little, many years ago, Mom just said bring something to do (coloring books, small toys, etc.). Car seats weren’t required back then either. Dang, I am old.

  105. Tom Bellamy

    The best tip I can give is to travel at night when you have a little one.

  106. Christy Peeples DuBois

    She is so cute. It’s been so long since mine were toddlers but I tried to make sure I had paper and colors they could draw and color or write. And I would keep snacks with me for them also. My daughters little boy that is 5 months old now goes asleep every single time he gets in his car seat which has been great.

  107. Laura Lanza

    have snacks and toys to keep them occupied

  108. pam Irwin

    always pack snack and toys to keep them busy

  109. Stephanie

    Movie time.

  110. Alicia Brown

    I always load my music up with songs I know my toddler likes! New toys are a must too!

  111. AJ

    Nice tips!

  112. Carrie A

    Expect delays. Plan for them. Flow with them.

  113. Natalie

    My tip is to take frequent breaks on car trips with kids. They need to run around every hour or less!


    Pack toys and or electronic devices that will keep the kids busy.

  115. LaTanya

    We like to get some stickers since our daughter loves them

  116. David Alms

    Bring lots of snacks!


    This would be perfect for my grandson.

  118. Tara Peterson

    We’ve gone on a couple road trips with our 3 kiddos and I am so happy we have the DVD players bc those movies keep them occupied for awhile! Also, our kids have their Kindle tablets which are great. Since they are all under 4, they don’t REALLY understand games at this point but that will be implemented later on! And of course all the snacks, but not too many drinks bc heyyyy potty breaks every exit! haha!! Thanks for the chance!

  119. DeniseJ

    Find low cost, or handmade, travel games. They keep kiddos occupied and having fun while traveling.

  120. Lisa S

    Extra clothes, PJs if traveling at night. And movies and games on the iPad

  121. mariya a levtonyuk

    This would be an awesome car seat for my little one! Thanks for sharing all this info

  122. Tina W.

    Snacks, and new or ‘long lost’ toys or stickers. I also like the water drawing books.

  123. Lynda Walls

    Make sure everybody’s well rested (including yourself) before you set out. Sing alot of songs, play alot of talking games. Think safety. Have fun

  124. Wendy Browne

    We don’t travel!

  125. Amanda S

    We took a 42 hour road trip over the summer with my girls, and the best tips I have are to keep snacks and various activities handy. We brought activity books, tablets, and a few toys, and would tell the kids what we were going to be doing next…little things to give them things to look forward to. We also made sure to split the days of driving up nicely which helped a lot.

  126. Lisa

    My best travel tip is to give them their own travel money! We give each kid a few dollars per day to spend and nobody harasses is for drinks or treats. They can spend their own money, feel independent and learn how to budget.

  127. Brenda Schrider

    Make sure the little one uses the bathroom before leaving, comfortable clothes, movies if there is a dvd in the car. Books and music.

  128. Susan Taylor

    Snack, books, toys and ipad are helpful

  129. Christina Z

    Plan ahead with naps and meal time. Bring music cds for kids to listen to

  130. Susan OBryant

    Taking small bags of snacks and drinks, as well as always making sure we have some wet wipes for messy fingers and seats! 🙂

  131. Rosanne

    Drive at night when they are sleeping

  132. Tanvi Rastogi

    These are all some great tips. I would have to add blanket even to my adult list 🙂


  133. Rob N.

    best idea for trips with the little one is to pack plenty of healthy snacks. they come in handy!

  134. Evangelina

    We travel at night when the little ones sleep. Packing plenty of snacks and water.

  135. Debbie Jensen

    Always bring extra clothes for baby and yourself!

  136. Megan N Tilley

    We bring snacks, dvd player and some small toys we also plan on stops so she can get up and move.

  137. Brigitte Bauman

    Always pack snacks and their favorite toy.

  138. Annmarie Weeks

    My best tip is to always have snacks & toys with you!

  139. carole toohey

    Always pack snacks and movies

  140. Teresa Fowler

    Someone to sit in backseat with child so they feel comfortable.

  141. Michelle

    Bring snacks and plan exciting excursions if you can.

  142. Catherine Lewis

    Keep the trip short!

  143. Debbie Erickson

    I like to have a bag of snacks and books/toys/dvds to break out as kids get restless. We also play a lot of I Spy games

  144. Lizzette

    Plenty of snacks and toys

  145. ashley hargrove

    I absolutely LOVE road trips! I always pack WAY too many snacks and not enough things to keep me occupied!

  146. Bridget Calfee

    small dollar gifts to give every hour to keep enterained

  147. Camille Sanchez

    Bring snacks and have music that the kids can sing along to.

  148. Steph

    Lots of movies always helps!

  149. Elisabeth

    We definitely try to pace ourselves, I don’t want to use up all our snacks and new toys right away. If we’re at the airport we do lots of exploring if we have extra time, and save movies for the plane.

  150. Rebecca O.

    My best tip is to plan for frequent stops and keep wipes readily available.

  151. Sarah Spjut-Wilcox

    Snacks, coloring books, and books on tape for kids. It’s fun to listen to and have conversations with the littles.

  152. gloria schulte

    We always take snacks and drinks along on long trips

  153. Steve Weber

    Make sure you bring snacks, water and electronics!

  154. linda ricotta

    candy for motion sickness

  155. Ladonna Wilson

    Snacks to keep them fed, toys for entertainment, and make sure to take lots of bathroom/ stretch breaks

  156. Trina L

    She’s such a cutie! Nice giveaway!

  157. Brenda M

    bring snacks and their favorite blanket/toy

  158. brandi halstead

    Make it fun! Have fun kids music and activities, point out fun things on your trip to them to make it interesting.

  159. Ally

    I like these road trip tips! I always try and pack a small bag for my older kiddos of their stuff so they can easily grab some toys or a coloring book or a book to read and I’m not reaching back every five minutes to give them something.

  160. margaret Buchanan

    Such great tips. Long trips can be so stressful, we are always looking for fun ideas. Thanks

  161. Erica Beaver

    Be prepared with snacks and entertainment. My toddler wants out right away so we have lots of activities for him. His tablet works great for traveling.

  162. Laura R. Oliver

    We bring a potty chair for our four year old who doesn’t give you much warning when she needs to go. It is by far the quickest way to have lots of potty breaks and I can feel good about keeping her hydrated properly without making tons of extra pit stops at nasty bathrooms.

  163. Laura Oliver

    We bring a potty chair for our four year old who doesn’t give you much warning when she needs to go. It is by far the quickest way to have lots of potty breaks and I can feel good about keeping her hydrated properly without making tons of extra pit stops at nasty bathrooms.

  164. Morgan

    I tend to overpack so your first tip about only packing what you can’t get there is really a good one for me!! So true that it would be so much easier (especially with a toddler!) to pack lighter!

    How 2 Wear It []

  165. Nancy

    Always have non-perishable food and water in the car with you!

  166. Kristina

    That carseat looks super nice and I’m sure the flip-down movies are always a hit!

  167. Anna English

    Oh my gosh her smile, what a happy little girl! I always have water and snacks in the car when we go anywhere. Great tips!

  168. Marja Bjarnson

    Snacks and coloring supplies are a must.

  169. Caitlin Houston

    We absolutely LOVE this car seat! Great tips 🙂

  170. Candace

    Roadtrips are so much fun!! I always pack snacks and blankets. Cool tips!


  171. rebecca oquendo

    My best advice for long road trips for you little ones, would be to make sure you bring plenty of snacks and also a movie to pass the time. We even play games with the kids while were on the road like i see and even just looking at the scenery.

  172. Brenda Schrider

    healthy snakes, books, and movies

  173. Dana Andrakowicz

    Always be prepared for anythiny!

  174. Angela Kern

    My best tip is to always have snacks and a change of clothes!!! Just never know!

  175. Lori Rush-Hower


  176. Barbara Carter

    Snacks and toys are great for car rides, I know my kids love to color.

  177. Sarah Leatherman

    I have a few tips for traveling with littles (we travel often);
    1. Be super organized (I package each of the kids outfits for each day we’re going to be gone into gallon baggies and write on the bag which shoes, etc. go with it.)
    2. Pack extra (If you’re going to be gone for 6 days, pack for 10, you’ll need extra.)
    3. Snacks & Activivites (I bring one of those plastic stands with drawers for the back of the car and a container for in between seats. We travel long distances and it cuts down on stops if we don’t have to stop for food all the time.)
    4. Stop early! (It seems like a good idea to drive longer but maintaining your usual schedule makes everything run more smoothly)

    We stick to these and it makes the whole trip more fun for everyone!

  178. Rebekah

    Keep a bag packed with activities and snacks!

  179. Jennifer M Kunik

    Lots of snacks and music

  180. Trina Chadwick

    My big traveling with children is stopping at play places to let kids stretch their legs

  181. Veronica Witty

    i always bring an extra change of clothes, snacks and either water bottle or juicebox..especially if its a long trip or going to park,mall,etc

  182. Barbara

    I can see my son loving this Maxi Cosi car seat! Love the cup holders in it! Ready for road trips!!

  183. Sarah Pohorence

    When I am traveling with my crew, I’m always sure to bring snacks, drinks, and extras! Extra clothes, socks, diapers, wipes, etc! I’ve been in a situation where I didn’t have any, it was a stressful mess!

  184. cassandra register

    On road trips we always bring a variety of snacks, and a box of toys! You have to keep them babies busy!

  185. Stephanie Savage

    Books and snacks are always what we bring on any road trip.

  186. Laura

    These are such great ideas for keeping your toddler entertained while on the road. I always make the mistake of not having enough in arms reach for when Mason gets bored or needs more snacks!

    xo, Laura

  187. Tammy Inman

    I always think extra snacks and frequent stops are amazing! Great children’s music and songs little games as well.

  188. Sam Sasek

    Toys, activity books, snacks and drinks!! We got a small lap table to help with her drawing and playing area!

  189. misty roberts

    always have snacks and art supplies

  190. Therese Duchesneau

    I would love to give my granddaughter a great seat like this one.

  191. Rija

    New toys and lots of road stops !

  192. Yvonne

    Great tips! You can never bring enough snack, no matter where you go! Love the car seat, looks so comfy!

  193. Sunnie Iacovetta

    WE like to leave early so he sleeps most of the way!

  194. Melissa Dailey

    Never heard of a maxi cosi car seat but from the pictures it does look comfy. I would love to have one for my daughter. Some Road trip tips I can give is bring a portable CD player with some good movies/favorites to choose from, make sure you have extra battery chargers charged up for cell phones because they like to watch a lot of YouTube and cartoons and just have a good selection of books, food and some car board games like Checkers, Connect Four, & Battleship just to name a few those are always fun.

  195. Alexis Yoakum

    We do not have any holiday vacations planned at the moment but will be making plans here soon!  We always pack snacks and coloring books for long trips because it keeps the kids busy. I have not tried the new Magellan Max yet but would absolutely love too!!

  196. Anna morales

    Always keep snacks and their fave toy.

  197. Carla Pullum

    I invested on a portable DVD player to play her favorite Disney movies/shows. I also have Disney music as a back up.

  198. Destiny Ward

    Hands down, cheap junky dollar store toys And washable markers are the best way to occupy on a road trip! Use paper or let your kiddo use themselves as a canvas because it’s washable!

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    They trade without their egos in the way and enjoy great profits when they win. Visual displays develop into
    ineffective if you find yourself using the same ideas over
    and over. Don’t skip the preliminary work before you move out.

  201. shirley delp

    take breaks

  202. Claudia Garcia

    I always take snacks, dvd player, and coloring pages to make traveling easy. Also i try to see what fun toddler friendly sites or parks, they have in each so the kids wont get so fussy.

  203. Jessica Gronau

    Bring lots of snacks and water

  204. Annie

    My mom always packed lots of coloring books and crayons for us, and I don’t know how she did that yet managed to keep her van clean! Moms are amazing!

  205. Molli Taylor

    I always bring new toys that they have not seen before so they are new and exciting and they dont get bored of them on the trip

  206. Susan A Liebert

    I LOVE this car seat! My grandbaby – Abigail needs a new car seat – and it would be awesome for this first time grandma to win it! Thanks for the chance….Happy New Year!

  207. Dandi D

    My best tip is to bring lots of books, music and snacks!

  208. brittany doerfler

    Keep them busy or else they will get grumpy

  209. Kristin

    great tips. Dollar stores are good for road trips.

  210. Kelli

    It is a must that we have plenty of snacks but also everyone must get out and stretch when we stop for gas. we have to make it a game for the little ones. otherwise they will complain about getting back into their car seats. there is usually a basket of toys to play with too so they do not get bored too easily.

  211. Alexy lemmon

    New toys are a must. Also make them a little coloring pad using a tin lunch box and magnets.

  212. Helen

    Snacks, games, songs and movies are a must for long trips. I also have to pack extra clothes for my little girl just in case she gets car sick along the way.

  213. Elle

    Plan for the unexpected b/c anything can happen.

  214. katherine ellis

    Great ideas! I love to play “I Spy” when we are traveling. It’s a fun game and keeps everyone entertained!

  215. Rachel Speelman

    Plenty of snacks is a great idea always helps my kids at places!

  216. Sandy Reis

    A couple new toys always help keep them entertained.We usually buy a couple new things at the dollar store.And snacks are a must.Thank you so much for the chance

  217. Mary anderson

    If we are traveling a good distance we leave at night so the kids sleep through

  218. Gabby Anderson

    I always pack toys and snacks

  219. nickie

    Lots of snacks!

  220. Nicole Gase

    I always pack lots of snacks and load the iPad up with games and movies!

  221. Rachael

    Have plenty of snacks and a cup on hand..

  222. Heather

    I find it easier to travel at night when the little ones sleep

  223. Avery Cooper

    We use magnets and sheet pans. Magnets stuck to the back of markers, game pieces, magnetic letters. Kept my kids busy for hours.

  224. Andrea Thibodeaux

    I think kids are never too young to enjoy music – which makes it easier to play the music you like if they do too or learn car games (headlight game, punch buggy, license plate game… if too young to read, can tell the kids the name and what cool things you know about the state etc)

  225. Kimberly

    My kids’ fire tablets have made traveling so much easier! They are happy to watch a video of play learning games on their tablets and it gives me full control of the radio and zero whining crying children.

  226. Brooke

    Great tips! Thank ya!

  227. Tandi Cortez

    Best tip would have to be, bringing lots of stuff to keep them busy and occupied. Books, toys and snacks!

  228. ashley

    Snacks and a variety of snacks are a life savor

  229. Sierra Martin

    We use a DVD player and bring along a bunch of toys!

  230. Pamela Doss

    We love sing along dvd’s! Classical music soothes when they start to tire.

  231. April Sprinkle

    For long trips we try to travel at night, so the littles will not get their sleep pattern messed up. We also take snacks and tablets… for the older ones.

  232. Kathy Ford

    You have to have SNACKS. And I like to have a portable DVD player!

  233. Tammy Woodall

    All of your tips are excellent. My tip is to bring activities to keep the kids busy. For example, play road games, sing, movies, and of course drinks and snacks.

  234. Rebecca

    Pack new activities and lots of snacks. Plus, build in time for fun detours and stops along the way to stretch your legs and enjoy the journey itself more.

  235. Brandi Browning

    On road trips we always bring favorite toys movies and snacks for sure

  236. Tia ludwick

    Plenty snacks and games or dvd player for movies

  237. Ginger Harless

    Plenty of snacks are a great idea! Toys & music would be great slso!

  238. Jaris

    Comfy clothes and their favorite pillow and/or blanket

  239. Jasmine Vargas

    Thankfully my kids aren’t toddlers anymore but I remember those days when I would pack almost everything for them. So I definitely agree with packing ONLY the things you really need.

  240. steph

    This is so good! I am not a mother yet but these are such great tips for when I am!


  241. brianna cruz

    MOVIES! I love having my built in dvd player

  242. Jamie Martin

    Bring plenty of snacks!

  243. Valerie Lerma

    Take snacks and something for children to be occupied with

  244. Jessica

    Great tips dear, this is super helpful for me, especially number 5! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |

  245. Shirley Emitt

    Best travel advice with little ones are favorite book, toy and snack.

  246. Joy F

    Movies and music. Usually helps.

  247. Renee

    Play “I spy…” or alphabet game. Great for toddlers learning letters.

  248. Ken Ohl

    snacks and the sing along game

  249. Erica Rich

    We’ve been wanting to get one of these carseats. Has awesome reviews.

  250. Maureen Blatz

    I bring drinks, snacks and have activity for him to do

  251. Samanthas James

    This would be a blessing our friend is taking care of her granddaughter since parents want nothing to do with her want to bless them with this seat

  252. Anna Pry

    we never travel without kids dramamine, saved us from cleaning up puke so many times since they always get car sick without it

  253. Nicole Zerbini

    Create a fun road trip kids activity bundle to always keep in the car.

  254. melanie

    tire them out before leaving by running laps haha 🙂

  255. Donna C.

    Make sure they have activities that they can do to keep them occupied.

  256. Holly

    Don’t give them the same toys/books every drive. Switch it up! They love new stuff.

  257. Angella L

    Bubbles they saved us so many times (we got the wedding favors kind so it wasnt a huge mess) we would hold the wand in front of the vents and just let them flow

  258. Sarah

    Best advice for traveling with a little one (I have a 17 month old and a 7 month old) is patience!! And LOTS of it lol 🙂

  259. Amy doerfler

    lots of snacks and movies!

  260. Christene

    Plan for scheduled stops to stretch and move/play. And buy new little dollar store type gifts to pick from as needed.

  261. shawna smith

    Snacks, tablet for movies, an extra phone or tablet for other kids that don’t want to share, and drinks! Makes my whole life easier in the car, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours!

  262. Kayla Doan

    Bring snacks and something to entertain them for the long ride.

  263. Amie Jensen

    Great tips. Thanks!!

  264. Aubrey Daniels

    Keep extra snacks, blanket, and change of clothes in the car!

  265. Stefanie G

    always have snacks and a playlist ready!

  266. Stephanie Lopez

    Love the seat! And great tips!

  267. Tiffany R

    Keep Calm
    If and when your lo picks the absolute worst time to turn into a screaming terror, take a deep breath and try to keep calm.

  268. nicole brown

    Im about to buy a carseat so that you for that information

  269. Terri L Scialpi

    Awesome! Great tips. Snacks and entertainment. Love it.

  270. Danielle Chagdes

    We always have our favorite snacks handy, and the kids make sure to have their favorite blankets! We never travel anywhere without the blankets, even small trips to the store or daycare!

  271. Chrissie N

    Love the seat!

  272. Megan Wilson

    We have an Amazon fire tablet for our little guy and it works wonders while traveling!

  273. Janine

    Keep plenty of snacks and toys in the car! Especially the coloring pages where the markers won’t write once they get off of the page!

  274. Carrie Lancon

    Take breaks so that they can stretch their legs and get out some of the restlessness. You can do stretches and some simply yoga with them to help them relax and calm down. Have a music they love to listen to or a book to read.

  275. Amy Hall

    Don’t be in a hurry. Kids just make it take eons longer to do anything, especially travel.

  276. Jamie

    I always pack lots of snacks, movies he hasn’t seen and new dollar tree toys. Works perfectly most of the time. ?

  277. Liz L

    My littlest brings her doodle board and small toys to stay entertained. My oldest brings something to write and draw with to make stories and also brings books on audio.i pack them both lots of snacks and make lots of stretching stops. They love to play “I spy” and the “animal guessing” game.

  278. Julie

    My kid loves her food, so definitely all kinds of fun snacks and I love the idea of new toys. We stopped at Target’s dollar spot and let her pick out a few new toys. They had shape/color flash cards and that was the hit of the trip!

  279. Tamra H

    Snacks, wet wipes, and a coloring book or tablet are definite life savers!

  280. Barbara

    Plenty of snacks and drinks. Frequent stops to run if traveling long distance. Singing songs, road games to play and window blinds for bright sun shine through.

  281. Keisy Puterio

    Thanks for the tips

  282. Misty Davis

    Bring lots of snacks! And a tablet.

  283. Blaire Ruch

    Bring trash bags

  284. Tiffany Losey

    Awesome tips! whenever I travel with my 3 and 4 year old the most imporant things are blankets and snacks and their tablets.

  285. Melissa Krause

    I would love to win this thanks so much?

  286. Melissa Livingston

    Snacks and juices

  287. Rebecah Clark

    Snacks and oh YOUTUBE ? worked for me all the time! Thanks for the opportunity for a much needed car seat!

  288. Telon Weathington

    snacks are a must!

  289. Brittany Millsaps

    Always take extra clothes and snacks!

  290. Greta

    I don’t have kids but my brother has two toddlers. These tips are so helpful!

  291. Jessica Herndon

    Plenty of snacks and activities to keep them busy

  292. kayla brown

    always prepare for the worst and try to prevent that from happening! bring lots of snacks games drinks activities and a special treat even to bribe them when it gets really bad plan on taking a few breaks if you’re on a really long journey do some exercises if they’re a little bigger such as jumping jacks running around the car exedra. also if you’re not familiar with nursery rhymes pronouncing lyrics are very useful

  293. Suzanne Stewart

    My best tip for traveling with a little one is sit in the back next to them and read, read, read! I always did that with my son, and now I have the chance with my grandchildren.

  294. Chrissy McPherson-Lee

    Be prepared. I make & take activity books, charge all electronics & always have snacks, wipes & anything we might need while out on the road.

  295. Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige

    Great carseat!

  296. Brenda C Whitley

    Bring snacks an favorite toy

  297. Joyce Harrell

    I like to buy small goodies/treats and wrap them and have a little grab bag every little while….keeps them looking forward to the fun.

  298. Stacy F.

    Snacks, surprises, songs, games, movies. And if car trip have them run or kick a ball at the rest stops to get out some energy.

  299. Rita

    The best thing I ever did was buy a dvd player that my kids could use while we drove. Also, make sure to have a back-up portable batter source.

  300. Inna Tsypan

    Maxi cosi is my favorite car seat brand! I would love to win this for my daughter! Thank you so much for the chAnce!

  301. Christina Cohen

    The best thing to have when traveling with little ones is a portable potty ( just in case you can’t pull over fast enough to find a bathroom), activities for the car, and definitely snacks!

  302. Donna Kozar

    Bring plenty of activities/toys and treats.

  303. Christie Murray

    Before any type of trip, I go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of toys. They are new, exciting and keep them occupied!

  304. Deanna

    Pack snacks and movies! Also a few toys. We also pack wipes and trash bags in case there’s any accidents ?

  305. Jenna P

    My tip is when you think you’ve packed enough snacks, go back and pack the same amount again.

  306. Tyler Ginter

    Bring LOTS of distractions

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