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3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Staying Healthy this Season

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for helping me to support the brands I love.
Omeprazole | Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Be Healthy featured by top US lifestyle blog Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Can y’all believe the holidays are in full swing?! Well they are! And whether you’re staying close to home or traveling to visit friends and family, I’m sharing some of my best tips on surviving the holidays. : )

Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Be Healthy:

1.) Set realistic expectations and plan ahead.  Flying on Christmas Eve?  There may be delays.  Always had a tough time getting along with Uncle Buck?  That may not change. Driving with young kids?  There will need to be lots of bathroom breaks, stretching breaks and snack breaks.  Though I love the holidays and know we all want them to be magical, they can still be work.  If you expect these things to happen upfront you can better plan for them and not be let down later.

2.) Don’t over-commit yourself.  If you’re already stressing about something and don’t want to cook breakfast for 20 people or go to a 5th place that day to eat Christmas lunch, then just say no.  Though everyone especially loves being around friends and family during the holidays, if you’re going to do something but not be happy about it, just don’t do it.  People will understand.

3.) Take care of yourself too.  Sleep in, get in bed early.  Take a long bubble bath.  The holidays can get crazy and if you have kids, it’s usually all about them.  Make sure you’re well rested so you can have the energy to keep going because if you’re toddler is anything like mine, she will keep going all day…and I have to keep up!  And the last thing I need is heartburn slowing me down.

Omeprazole now makes an orally disintegrating tablet that is perfect for on the go, especially during the holiday season.  With all the food most of us will be eating, heartburn is sometimes inevitable.  I stay stocked up on it and even keep it in my travel bag wherever I go.

Omeprazole ODT dissolves on your tongue with no need for a glass of water, and it provides long-lasting heartburn relief for up to 24 hours.  It works just like the regular Omeprazole but only dissolves.  It’s so convenient wherever you are, from running around from house to house for Christmas lunch, running through the airport or chasing your kids around.

Don’t suffer during the holidays when you can be prepared and have Omeprazole ODT in your purse and ready to go. You can use the store locator here to find which stores near you carry Omeprazole ODT.  Does heartburn ever affect your ability to handle the hectic holiday travel season?  What foods trigger your heartburn?

Omeprazole | Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Be Healthy featured by top US lifestyle blog Walking in Memphis in High HeelsOmeprazole | Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Be Healthy featured by top US lifestyle blog Walking in Memphis in High Heels Omeprazole | Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays and Be Healthy featured by top US lifestyle blog Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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  1. Vickie

    Sounds great for people like me who hate swallowing pills!

  2. Kimberly Smith

    Thankfully, I’ve never had to take any sort of medicine like this, but my son had awful acid reflux when he was younger and Omeprazole was the only thing that helped him!

  3. roxy

    Those heavy holiday meals have me and Alex reaching for antacids after eating. I will have to pick these up!!

  4. Jasmine Vargas

    I can’t stand taking Tums so the fact that there’s a brand that has pills for heartburn, makes me happy. Because I can’t swallow the Pepto either. Makes me barf lol

  5. Nailil

    Number 2 is a big one for me. This year I feel so overwhelmed. And I know it’s due to me over committing – lesson learned…

  6. Tanvi Rastogi

    Love all your tips. Also, thanks for the recommendation because I know I need it for the days with big meals.


  7. Avani

    Looks like a great product to try.. will have to keep this one in mind..

  8. Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    Good to stock up over the festive season! xx Maria

  9. Lee

    Such great tips; looks like a great product to have on hand in your purse!

  10. Jessica

    Such a great read dear. Lovely tips you have here. I need to check out this acid reducer.
    Jessica |

  11. Rach

    These are great tips! Already been implementing them during the holidays and it’s helping me feel a little more relaxed! And I’ll have to check out Omeprazole. I know some family members can benefit from it!

  12. Cathy

    These are such great tips! The holidays can be so crazy, #2 is so important!!


  13. ashley hargrove

    Oh, I definitely should try this! And I love all of your tips too. The holidays are such a stressful time!

  14. Mollie

    It’s so important to take care of yourself during the holidays! I think the stress can get the best of a lot of us!

    xx Mollie

  15. Ada

    These are all great things to keep in mind during this stressful season.

  16. Kileen

    Ooh, definitely need to try these! Heartburn can be so miserable!

    cute & little

  17. Danielle

    Agh, the struggle with holiday heartburn with all of the wine is REAL! These sound great.

    xx, Danielle

  18. Rachel

    I need to print off this list and keep it somewhere I can refer to it often!

  19. Stephanie

    Heartburn is basically inevitable during the holidays, with all the different foods people are making and eating. It’s good to know there’s an option like this for when you’re on the go!

  20. Stefanie

    I definitely used to think heartburn was an old people thing but ever since I’ve had kids (got it during pregnancy) it still comes back sometimes! I’ll have to try this! thanks!

  21. Erica (@ericaligenza)

    I do feel a bit over-committed already this season – probably since we’ve got a newborn and I just want to stay home! ha!

    But this is so good to know re: heartburn, since with being postpartum, my everything has been all outta whack.

    Coming Up Roses

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