A Complete Spring Trip Packing List + Delsey Spinner Carry-On Suitcase & Trip to Paris Giveaway!!

Spring Trip Packing List featured by top US travel and fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman with a Delsey spinner carry one suitcase


Happy hump day! Between the changing of the seasons and all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, packing has kind of become my specialty!

I’m sharing my packing tips for your own spring trip packing list today and keep reading below because I’m teaming up with Delsey today to give one lucky reader this pretty pastel pink spinner carry on!


1.) Pack Light Layers.

A lightweight cardi, scarf or a denim jacket for those car trips, plane rides or cool nights is perfect. You never know when the rain will come through and cool temps down on your vacation.

2.) Pack 3 Pairs of Shoes

And make sure most of them are comfy! I usually take a pair of running shoes, sandals, some flats or mules and then one dressy pair. Definitely look for comfort or versatility though. I usually opt for neutrals so they will match everything.

3.) Pack 1 Pair of Jeans, 1 Pair of Shorts, 3 Blouses and 1 Dress.

This is usually enough versatility for most trips and will give you enough options without overpacking. And don’t forget you have a cardi, jacket and scarf, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

4.) Don’t Forget the Workout Clothing and Bikini.

You never know when you might squeeze in some time at the hotel pool. And…if you DON’T pack your workout clothing, you won’t workout. At least pack them so you won’t have an excuse not to hit the gym.

5.) Stock up on Mini Sizes of your Favorite Beauty and Toiletry Items

… so you don’t have to take up too much room and pack them in a separate little bag in case anything leaks. Make sure you tape up tops to help prevent that also!

Now to the fun part, the Delsey giveaway! There are 2 different giveaways, so make sure you enter for both! To enter to win a 5 day trip to Paris, tickets to the French Open and the Delsey Chatelet Roland-Garros edition luggage, click here and enter your details along with my name (Laura Smith.) To enter to win a Delsey Spinner Carry-on, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck! If you won the giveaway, what color Delsey bag would you choose? What do you always make sure you pack on your trips this time of year? A hat? Your favorite headphones? A good book? Let me know in the comments below

Spring Trip Packing List featured by top US travel and fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman with a Delsey spinner carry one suitcase
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  1. Cathy

    Love your travel outfit! It’s so cute! I need to check out this luggage, I need a new suitcase!!


  2. Amanda

    This travel outfit is darling! And great tips for packing…I ALWAYS overpack

    • Vickie

      The Delsey Chatelet in Champagne is my favorite!

      • Rachel C

        I really love the Rose Gold, it’s lovely.

    • Buddy Garrett

      I like the Rose Gold. I always pack a rain coat.

  3. sandra

    I like the coral.

    • Steven Grimes

      Coral for the wife.

    • Frances Stone

      Rose Gold…..Thanks!

  4. Maureen

    I like the blue.

    • Elizabeth ruiz

      I can definitely put this bag in use

  5. Janine Markham

    Loving the coral colour! <3

  6. Laura Adney

    This travel look is so cute! & the suitcase is a must have

  7. Cynthia Gaarder

    coral for the win 🙂

    • Joni Metcalf

      Would love a delsey spinner!

  8. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I couldn’t get the embedded links to Delsey to work. But I love the pink/rose gold color you’ve shown and the dark grey color!

  9. Nicki

    I love the rose gold!

  10. Amanda

    OMG NEED a rose gold carry-on– so pretty! I have a weekend trip coming up and will be attempting to pack minimally– definitely using these tips!

  11. Jamaria Johnson

    These photos are so cute! Thank you so much for the tips! xo

  12. Annamarie V

    I like the pastel pink, this will keep my Husband from borrowing and then taking over my suitcase.

    • Vickie

      The Delsey chatelet in champagne is my favorite!

      • latanya

        I like the mint green

  13. Megan

    You look so stunning in all of this pictures. I also love all of your tips.

  14. Lily Wolfe

    I love the light blue!

  15. Laura Leigh

    Great post lady! And an awesome giveaway. Their bags are fabulous!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  16. Angela Williams

    The coral color!

  17. melanie

    the seafoam one is so cute!

  18. Angela Williams

    Coral color!

  19. Em

    I always stock up on my favorite beauty products in travel sizes, too!

  20. Alice F

    I like the coral color best!

  21. Jessica

    That pink is such a cute color!

  22. Dana Rodriguez

    I love the Plum!

  23. Karen L


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    rose gold

  25. Camille Sanchez

    Rose Gold of Course!

  26. Dawn Kaestner

    Sea Foam…perfect for a vacation to the islands!

  27. Casandra LaMonaca

    I love the light pink color, it is so pretty.

  28. Courtney H.

    Rose Gold!

  29. Sheila V.

    The rose gold is very pretty. I actually love all of the colors!

  30. Danny Goode

    like the coral

    • R. Vinson

      Love the blue!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  31. Jeanne Simon

    Love the coral!!

  32. Ellen Willett


  33. Cheryl Johnson

    Really need this today to get out of here & the snowstorm we are having. No more snow—please!

  34. Cheryl Johnson

    Need this today to get away from the snow storm we are having today.

  35. Tammy Horn

    I love the rose gold.

  36. Telon Weathington

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    I love the Light Blue

  48. Ellen B

    anthracite gray – I’m just into gray lately

  49. Jenny


  50. tammy s

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  51. Kim Naumann

    I like the coral but really like the ice blue the most!

  52. Kim Naumann

    Love the iced blue!

  53. Electron S.

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  54. Deb Cohen

    The rose golg is my fave such a stunning color

  55. Deb Cohen

    The rose gold is my fave such a stunning color

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  56. jgross

    luv the silver delsey spinner!

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  75. Emily Wilkerson

    All of the colors are fabulous, but I LOVE the PASTEL PINK the best!!

  76. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I love this luggage. I looked at all the different colors and like the last two the best. The next to the last is my favorite. It looks to be a rose gold but I couldn’t find the names.

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    I like the Anthracite Grey color of the Delsey Spinner.

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  88. Kayley

    I like seafoam color the most, although if I was going to get one, I’d probably get anthracite grey to hide scuffs better.

  89. Stephanie V.

    ice blue — love it!

  90. sarah

    i like the light grey

  91. Barbara B.

    Love the pink spinner- delightfully girly! And I really appreciate your packing tips. I always pack way more than I need!

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  98. Georgette Castillion

    I love the pink Delsey Spinner! This is definitely a piece of luggage that everyone needs! Some items that I always make sure to pack are an extra usb cable, a few face masks, sunscreen, and my headphones! -xo

  99. Darlene

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  100. Angela Knight

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  103. Lisa V.

    I lilke the light grey the best.


    looks sturdy to me

  105. LaCinda Brooks

    Rose gold

  106. Gail Lindsey

    I would pick the gray, because then my husband and I would both use it. I don’t think he’d feel comfortable with the pretty rose gold!

  107. Manda B

    I love the CHÂTELET HARD in Angora! So classy!

  108. Tori

    Loving this luggage

  109. Michelle Coles

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  110. Joy Marish

    I would love to win . I need a new carry on

  111. Joy Marish

    I like the Rose Gold.

  112. Janna Briggs

    I love that rose gold but their ice blue is gorgeous, too! I always make sure to pack a tiny umbrella. It doesn’t take up any space and is invaluable!

  113. Michael DeFren


  114. Peggy Johnson

    I love the Rose Gold

  115. michelle hill

    Love the coral

  116. Cheryl Montgomery

    I like the rose gold, but if I win I would probably pick a blue or gray, they are less likely to get stolen at the airport, FYI

  117. Catherine Bradford

    Rose Gold

  118. Karen Clark

    Anthracite Grey

  119. patrick jones

    anthracite grey

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    I love love love the pink blush color!!!!

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    I really love the light pink. The mint color is also really amazing.

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    love the gray

  123. Derek

    Anthracite Gray is really nice

  124. Jessica S

    I LOVE Ice Blue!

  125. Debra S.

    I’d go for the coral color for sure, so pretty

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    I love the Seafoam Delsey. It’s such a pretty color.

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    Rose Gold is my favorite!

  128. Ali

    I love the Rose Gold all are very beautiful colors though.

  129. Dee Parker

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  130. Doug Whitlow

    I’m going for the gray so everyone in the family can ‘borrow’ this beautiful and sturdy luggage.

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    I love the champagne color, and the pictures are super cute!

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    Love the outfit and the suitcase 🥰🥰🥰

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    Honestly it’s a toss up between the Coral and the rose gold. They are both beautiful.

  146. Rebecca O.

    I would choose anthracite gray. Classic and goes with everything. <3

  147. the cape on the corner

    i like the living coral or seafoam. thanks!

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    I love Delsey. I have one but it is old. Time for a new and shinier one. This is perfect.

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  158. Rosemary Loolen

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  164. Kelly Hanley

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    I overpack and yet never have what I need! Love this!

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    There are so many nice colors but I love the pink.

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  192. Peggy Friewer

    Always good to pack light for Paris because you will want to purchase so much while you are there <3

  193. Jessica White

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  226. Amanda Ellis

    Such a great list of tips! I always end up overpacking. I have a bad habit of that. With your tips, I am going to try my best to pack way lighter but still packing the essentials! Thank you!

    • Jamie A Nelson

      Going to Italy! Just need a suitcase!

  227. kimrk56

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  228. Amanda Ellis

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    The rose gold is very pretty too.

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    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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    • Lisa Lawton

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    Would be perfect for summer travels 😀

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  286. Rosanne

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    I love the seafoam one!!

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  305. April Behounek


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  316. Paige Byrd

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    Rose Gold

  319. John Patterson

    My bag is falling apart, 30 year old soft bag should be

  320. Sue Barney

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  321. Margo

    I like the blue spinner because it reminds me of Disney colors.

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  323. Jessica Staley

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  328. Pamela Grogan

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  331. MaryLynn Hayes

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  332. Charles Miller

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  333. Robert Wright


  334. Cherry Wright


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  336. Mr. S. J. BARMAN

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  338. TeaJay

    I really love the Ice Blue, but I love the Rose Gold too! I would probably go with the Ice Blue!

  339. TeaJay

    I really love the Ice Blue, but I love the Rose Gold too! I would probably go with the Ice Blue because I am partial to blues.

  340. beth casey

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  341. Angelique Gonzales-Sage

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  349. Jerry Tabor

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    • Mya Murphy

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  351. Lenora Crowder

    Would love to spin my way to a destination trip!

  352. rivka

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  395. Lesly Figueroa

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    anthracite grey

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  495. Andrew P


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    Thanks for the tips! I’m headed to FL and these tips will help with my packing!

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  512. Frances


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