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Trend Spin Linkup – How to Dress up for the Holidays + My 7 Year Blogiversary & $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!

How to Dress up for the Holidays, styling tips featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing an Adrianna Papell tulle gown, BB Dakota faux leather Moto jacket, and Valentino Garavani block heel sandals.


Oh my goodness, where did 7 years go?!?! It is crazy that I’ve been blogging for 7 years now. In case you’re wondering, I started blogging while working full-time at my current company in credit and in grad school full time at the same time. I was on a break from school and off work for a few days (hello Thanksgiving break), and was just sitting around at the house bored (hello pre-mom life lol!) and thought why not google how to start a blog and then type up my first post?!

I know, it sounds crazy, right? But that’s exactly how and why I started. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! What started as a fun hobby where I could express my love of writing, fashion and taking pictures has turned into another full-time job, and I feel extremely blessed to get to do so each day. Doing what you love is such a blessing. And I’ve met SO many great people like you!

I’ve also made some great blogger friends, worked with some amazing brands and tried out some new products that I’ve fallen in love with. I truly love sharing my life, my favorite products and my family with y’all. = )

Since it’s my blogiversary, I just have to do a little something for you! I am going to give away $100 to Target to one lucky reader. I appreciate you all, and many of you have been with me from the beginning. Thank you! To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and let me know what you love seeing on my blog the most. I want to make sure that I’m sharing what you want to see, so I would love your opinion! = ) Good luck!

How to Dress up for the Holidays, styling tips featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing an Adrianna Papell tulle gown, BB Dakota faux leather Moto jacket, and Valentino Garavani block heel sandals.
How to Dress up for the Holidays, styling tips featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing an Adrianna Papell tulle gown, BB Dakota faux leather Moto jacket, and Valentino Garavani block heel sandals.
How to Dress up for the Holidays, styling tips featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing an Adrianna Papell tulle gown, BB Dakota faux leather Moto jacket, and Valentino Garavani block heel sandals.
How to Dress up for the Holidays, styling tips featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing an Adrianna Papell tulle gown, BB Dakota faux leather Moto jacket, and Valentino Garavani block heel sandals.


Walking in Memphis in High Heels | The Fashion Canvas


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  1. Shelbee on the Edge

    You are stunning! What a beautiful white dress. And happy blogging anniversary. I have been at this for 4.5 years and I do believe I have been following you for that long. It is crazy! I absolutely love seeing your outfit posts the most. You are always so creative and give me great styling inspiration! Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  2. Sharon Rooney

    I love seeing your outfits and how you put them together for different occasions.

    • Janet Hilliard

      Happy anniversary

      • Tanea

        Congrats 🍾🎉🎊 on your anniversary!

  3. Anne

    Congrats on the blogging anniversary! I love seeing these trend spin linkups especially – always fun to see what theme pops up each week.

  4. Kellyann Rohr

    I love seeing affordable style an beauty! Congrats on 7 years!

    • Tyler G

      Everything, but if I’m being honest… giveaways.

  5. Amy Johnson

    Happy Blogaversary. I love the fashion posts the most.

  6. Julie Updike

    I love the style and the clothes you show, especially right now, the ideas for holiday parties!

  7. Janine Markham

    I always love your outfits and your hair is just freaking goals.

  8. Ellibelle

    Such a beautiful look! Happy Blogaversary!
    Ellibelle’s Corner

  9. B

    Thanks! Of course I come here for fashion, but I also like the glimpses into personal life.

  10. Kimberly C

    I love all your outfit and beauty posts!! Happy Blogiversary!! Seven years is amazing!! I’ve been following along for about four now and I love your content! 😊

    • Laura

      Thank you!

    • natosha

      Aweso me post! So happy for you. I would love to learn how to style an outfit that is of one color, allowing something to make it stand out.

  11. maureen

    I like to see how you style an outfit. Perhaps when it is one item and multiple uses or wearing.

  12. jess jannenga

    Congratulations Laura on 7 years! I am approaching 6 yrs and I know the amount of effort it takes. Love your blog and style. Beautiful dress with jacket.

    • Heather

      I like the giveaways!!!

  13. Kelly D

    I love to see your fashion posts. Happy 7 years!

  14. Lisa Richardson

    Congratulations on 7 years. You look beautiful!

  15. LaCinda Brooks

    Congratulations! Beautiful blog that I really enjoy reading. I’d love to see more fashion and I’m a beauty junkie too.

  16. Carol N

    Love the fashion. Congrats on you 7 year anniversary!

  17. Samantha

    Congrats on your blogging milestone!

  18. Jana Style Blog

    Congratulations on your 7 YEAR Blogiversary!!! That’s amazing!!! So glad I’ve found your blog 🙂 xo Jana |

  19. Nicki

    Love all the sale/deal prices!

  20. Will G

    I enjoy the giveaways.

    • Lesly F

      Congrats!! I just love your blog your style posts and giveaways.

  21. Dana Rodriguez

    Congrats on your 7th anny! I think that is about how long I have been following. I love your fashion ideas and of course your daughter is adorable.

    • Rachel Jackson

      The outfits

  22. Sara Zielinski

    I love seeing the pictures of your outfits because they are all so cute and cool!

  23. Lauren Becker

    Congrats on 7 years – that’s fantastic. I’m of the mind that you do you, but I always love anything lifestyle related. 🙂


  24. sandra

    I would like to see more decor ideas and ideas of things to get at JCP.

  25. Amanda B.

    Happy 7 years! I love your fashion, lifestyle, and health/wellness posts!

  26. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Happy 7th Blogiversary! I think I’ve been following along for most of these years. I always look forward to your fashion posts – everything is my style & my price point!!
    Cheers to the next 7 years!

  27. Trina

    I love seeing all your fun fashion posts!

    • Rachel Clarke

      Happy Anniversary!! I just love to see the looks that you put together.

  28. Julie

    The style tips are definitely my favorite

  29. Sheila V.

    I really enjoy all of the travel & fashion posts.

    • Tera Culverwell

      I love seeing your posts and tips! Happy Anniversary!

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    I love to see the different outfits!

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    I love the fashion the most! Next would be beauty and lifestyle.

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    Fashion. Different ways to dress for various occasions.

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    I love your style and seeing the great outfits you wear.

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    I love checking out all of the classy stylish fashions!!

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    Congratulations on the anniversary!

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    I like to see outfits and accessories.

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    I love the high fashion and lifestyle lived by a non-celebrity, which makes everything on this blog ‘real.’

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    I enjoy seeing cute fashion for less.

  39. Nerlande

    I love to see your outfits and accessories

  40. Erin Walsh

    I tend to gravitate to Lifestyle type articles the most.

    • Kristina Bode

      Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

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    I love the fashion ideas that I would never try until I see you pull them off!

  42. michelle Kinnaird

    Happy Blogging Anniversary!!

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    Love the excitement you always show and your outfits

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    Here’s to a great 7 years! I love how you find bargain deals on high fashion looks!

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    I’m all about fashion and food.. 2 of my hugest passions ever!!

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    Happy 7 Year Blogiversary!! Thank you for all you do for your followers, specifically the affordable fashion recommendations. During this time of year especially, you have no idea how helpful your gift guides and recs are for affordable gifting. THANK YOU<3

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    Congratulations on 7 years!! In love with this look, gorgeous tulle dress!

    xx, Elise

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    I like looking at the fashions, although virtually all of them are either not appropriate for my lifestyle or my age–or both. But I can still enjoy looking!

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    I love seeing the travel posts as well as the home decor posts best.

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    I honestly love your style and sense of humor! You are so sweet and down to earth 😊

  89. Carrie Copeland

    I love seeing all of the outfits. I suck at dressing this body of mine. I had always been thin but after my last pregnancy, I haven’t been able to lose this weight and on top of all that I was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy with high blood pressure which prevents me from doing strenuous workouts and such which makes it harder to lose this weight and now I’m even heavier because I was just recently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid GEE WHIZ If it’s not one thing, it’s another!! So trying to dress my body has been quite a chore with the fluctuating weight. I don’t know what looks good on me anymore. But anyway, I love all the styles that you show because I can screen shot the outfits and hopefully find something close to that style and hope that it looks good on me.

  90. sandra

    recipes and giveaways

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    Love following you! Thank you for all the outfit inspirations!

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    I really like seeing the shoes and accessories for all your great outfits. It really brings everything together!

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    You are absolutely stunning. I love seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces. Not mention your dresses are to die for 😍 Congrats on your anniversary.

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    happy 7 years!!!! i love all the beautiful pictures and creative outlook you give….

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    I am a huge fan of hats…all kinds of hats. I’d love to see more hats for all seasons, paired with your fabulous outfits you put together! I “tip my hat” to you and your fabulous fashion sense!

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    I just love all the amazing up to date fashion that you have and how the product and quality of the clothing looks amazing…..

  123. Valerie L

    I have no sense of style so I really enjoy seeing how to put your outfits together for different occasions.

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    I like to see outfits for petites and also low budget finds

    • Desiree Grubbs

      I love seeing outfit options on a budget!

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    honestly i love it all from the tips to the reviews and more

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    I love to see the fashions and the cute kids.

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    Yes! Always looking for unique gift ideas instead of the same old stuff! Love these suggestions!

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    I have just found your blog but I love it so much I have subscribed!

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    I absolutely adore the fashion, the tips and the low budget finds, it’s all pretty amazing

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    I love seeing all the clothes and the smile on your face s pure joy!

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    I love the beautiful put-together outfits complete with links to where to purchase!

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    I like the versatile outfits. Happy Blogiversary!

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    I enjoy seeing fashion and the different outfits, I’m particularly a fan of the low cost fashion posts (ex: outfits under a 100).

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    I like your giveaways.


    I definitely love the fashion posts… So much inspiration!!

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    Congrats. I would like to see places to visit near memphis or getaways

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    Congratulations and happy anniversary. Love your white dress and biker jacket. Gorgeous.
    Alison xx

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    I love seeing the clothing chooses. However, it makes my heart so happy when I see pictures of you and Matt! When I first seeing him show up in the Insta photos with no explanation, I was like hmmmm. As time went on and the relationship turned into an engagement and now marriage; it has been a joy to watch it evolve.

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    For blog content, I’ll be honest that I always love to see the giveaways. 😉 Beyond that, I also enjoy the sale round up posts that highlight different items. Like today, I’m going around to different Amazon round-ups to find items to buy and/or put on my wishlist (my family likes to buy my gift from my Amazon wishlist.)

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