April 2, 2020

Living Room and Dining Room Furniture Top Picks

If y’all have been keeping up over on Instagram, you know that Matt and I built a house! We just moved in, and we are loving it! It’s been a non-stop process of unpacking boxes, organizing everything and putting things where they need to go, and picking out and setting up each room with fun decor!

After seeing my Instagram stories, lots of y’all have asked about my living room and dining room furniture and decor, so I thought I would share it all in one place! We love the way everything has come together so far and I can’t wait to show y’all more pictures!

Before we moved, we planned which existing furniture we would use for each room, and which new furniture we would need to buy for which rooms. In the dining room, we started fresh with all new pieces except for my dining room chairs. In the living room, we kept Matt’s couch and chair and stocked up on all new pieces with a little help from Wayfair.

Since I knew we were keeping the couch and chair, we knew there would be a lot of brown in this room. Because of that, we decided to get this pretty 9 x 12 rug in white with a subtle pattern on it. We thought that would help brighten up the room against the dark couch and chair and the dark hardwood floors.

Since Matt’s couch and chair have such a rustic feel to them, I wanted to add in some modern pieces to pair with it and found these armchairs at Allmodern. I think they pair perfectly with everything in the room to really balance out our styles. For a finishing touch on our built-in bookshelves, we added a fun variety of family heirlooms, books and vases like this one to bring in a little more color.



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