January 19, 2022

His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 for him and her featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.


I was on a roll from Christmas, so I went ahead and ordered all of Matt and the kids’ Valentine’s Day gifts a couple weeks ago. I am SO glad I went ahead and ordered them with still so many shipping delays. Plus, it gives me more time to put them together and make sure I’m not missing anything.

For Valentine’s Day, I especially love using one practical items to put all of the gifts in. No need to waste a gift bag! For Matt’s gift, I used a toiletry bag to put all of his stuff in, and for the girls’ I got them cute little heart backpacks to put all of their gifts in. I think it really makes it personalized and so much sweeter too!

Since I’ve already got all my gifts ready to go, I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorite gifts for his and her – some of these I got for Matt, and for the girl gifts, these are things I would all love myself! We tend to get more practical and thoughtful gifts for each other instead of just flowers, chocolate and stuffed animals. We love to get things that we can use together for a date night in like this thermometer when we cook our Valentine’s dinner together.

What is on the top of your list for Valentine’s Day? Do y’all typically celebrate and go all out or just do something small and special?


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