September 28, 2022

Happy 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

couple on their anniversary, married couple

Today marks my 3 year anniversary with Matt (check out our wedding post here)! In some ways, it seems so much longer, and in others, it seems so much shorter! We have made it with 3 kids, 3 different houses, 4 different jobs, and 2 states. I feel like so much has changed in our lives already! And I love it.

We have 3 amazing kids, we get to travel together a lot, we love our jobs, and I feel blessed to be exactly where I am right now with Matt and our family. Sure, it’s not always a cakewalk, but I truly love this life we have built together.

I can honestly say that every year is an adventure. An adventure with a newborn, with kids starting school, with building a house. There is always something new, and we end up learning more about ourselves and each other. And in the end, we come out even stronger together on the other side.

A few of my favorite rules we live by is not going to bed without talking through any problems, always being on the same team, always communicating with each other, always apologizing if we are wrong and forgiving each other, and always dating each other. These may be pretty standard rules, but they are for a reason. We choose each other each day.

Here’s to another year together! I can’t wait to see what another year brings. More memories, more patience, more learning, and more love. Happy anniversary Matt!


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