November 14, 2022

Grayson’s 2nd Birthday Party at Jumpin’ Jellybeans

Happy 2nd birthday Grayson! We spent all day yesterday celebrating Grayson at his 2nd birthday party. We celebrated at Jumping’ Jellybeans and had a fun tractor-themed party. He played in the ball pits, and went sliding, climbing, and riding around on bikes all morning! It was so much fun finally getting out of the house for Grayson’s birthday party. Giving him a place to run, ride and play with all his friends and family was just perfect for him!

I’m still in complete denial that Grayson is now 2. I know everyone always talks about how quickly they grow up…but with that last baby…it really goes by faster! I have been looking at all the baby pictures of Grayson, and I feel like the last 2 years really did fly by in the blink of an eye!

Grayson is kind, loves to stay busy and play, loves to climb, loves to go fast, loves heights, loves to eat, and loves to be the center of attention. I think he might really be my child, lol! = ) I love his light blonde hair just like I had, and I absolutely love how he likes to stay busy and talk to everyone. He keeps me on my toes!

2nd birthday party
2nd birthday party

Little man has had a busy couple of years! He has traveled to so many places and has had trips well into the double digits in states like Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Florida. Now we’re ready to start working on more states out West and East soon. He loves to travel, and he loves to be outside and explore. And he loves to move. He would be happy walking on his feet or in his stroller all day long!

2nd birthday cake
2nd birthday boy

Happy 2nd birthday Grayson! We love you so much, and your sisters wouldn’t know what to do without you! They love you too, and I’m so glad they have a little brother and we added a silly, busy little boy to our family. We love you! = )


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