December 16, 2022

How to Make a Christmas Sandwich Board for Your Kids

christmas sandwich board

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Looking for a great (and fun!) way to feed your kids next week? Try a board! I love them all from sandwich boards to candy boards to snack boards. And they are so fun to make too! Try a Christmas sandwich board! I’m sharing my 5 tips below. Let me know if you try making one. = )

How to Create a Christmas Sandwich Board

1.) Choose the board you want to use. I knew I wanted my board to be Christmas-themed, so I went with this whiteboard so it would look like snow and be the perfect backdrop to my Christmas-themed board.

2.) Pick what type of food you want on your board. I had Christmas week on my mind when all the kids are out of school. I know they will already be getting tons of sweets and treats, so I wanted to make sure they had some actual real food and meals, not just sweets. But…make it fun! I decided on a sandwich board and of course, I added in a few cute treats that I knew the kids would love too. Don’t forget the meat, cheese, fruits, veggies, and sauces and dips too.

holiday charcuterie board

3.) Add a few small bowls or ramekins. around the board to put in small food items, sauces, etc. Jelly for a pb&j, mustard, or honey mustard to put on your sandwiches. And even little m&m’s or chocolate chips or Hershey’s kisses in a little bowl.

4.) Add decorative Christmas items on the board or create Christmas shapes and designs with the food itself. I used adorable little Christmas-shaped cookie cookies for my sandwiches, and they added some fun holiday flair that the kids loved!

5.) Add kid-friendly touches like mini utensils, rounded cocktail picks, or even pretzels for them to poke through their food and have some fun with it!

christmas sandwich board

Remember, keep it fun! Kids love anything cute, mini, and fun! Trust me, a sandwich board is much more exciting than putting a sandwich on their plate. Anytime you can switch it up, do it because kids love something out of the ordinary every once in a while. Are you going to try any fun boards with your kids next week while they’re out of school for 2 weeks?


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