May 19, 2023

Our Living Room Chandelier

living room chandelier

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Y’all might remember that we previously had a ceiling fan instead of a living room chandelier. And though we absolutely loved our fan, it wasn’t quite making the statement in this room that we had hoped. We originally planned our entire living room design around the fan that we loved, but sometimes things don’t do exactly what we were hoping.

We have 14-foot ceilings in our living room, so our fan doesn’t really do its job of cooling this room. It is also a large area that is connected to our entryway and our kitchen. So cooling down a room with a 52″ fan in this area isn’t really working. That’s when we made the decision to swap up our lighting and fans and add this pretty 12-light chandelier!

living room chandelier

Our family room has 9-foot ceilings upstairs and had a chandelier in it. It has a large sectional in it, and we really wanted a fan in that room for friends or family who ever needed to stay over and sleep in there. In the family room, the fan does a much better job of making a statement and cooling down the room.

And in the living room, this beautiful 12-light 44-inch wagon wheel style iron chandelier makes a much better statement. It looks elegant, but it still goes with our modern farmhouse style. I am SO happy with how it looks in the living room. I feel like it really makes the room look so much nicer, but it also pulls all the chandeliers and lighting together so well. What do you think about our new living room chandelier? I’m not going to lie, it reminds me of an antique chandelier in a castle. = )


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