July 5, 2023

A Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Picnic

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A couple of weeks ago I had the best afternoon summer picnic to celebrate my birthday! It was such a fun day with a few close friends, and it was such a nice afternoon! Throwing a picnic can take a lot of planning and work, and you want to make sure you don’t forget any of the details! Keep reading, and I’ll share my favorite tips for planning the perfect summer picnic below.

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1.) Send your invitations out at least 4 weeks in advance. We used Minted, and the invitations were just perfect! They always do the best job, and I have been using them for about 8 years for all our invitations. Make sure to put an rsvp date and details on there as well.

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2.) Use fresh flowers. TCB & Co. did our florals, and they were just stunning! She created the perfect centerpiece that is the perfect combination of elegance and whimsical all at the same time. I love how colorful and feminine they are. Not only did she do the centerpiece for our picnic table, she also did the florals to decorate the piaggio, and it was the perfect touch! Not only did we have gorgeous fresh flowers at the picnic, but our venue Dixon Gallery & Gardens was perfect, having a backdrop of trees, greenery and more flowers throughout the gardens. You can never go wrong with adding more florals than you think!

summer picnic flowers

3.) Pile on the layers to create a cozy picnic area. Bluff City Picnics does such a great job with all the picnic touches, and they supplied us with everything we needed to create the prettiest and comfiest picnic! We layered blankets, pillows and cushions to create the perfect backdrop for our picnic. Not only was it super comfy and perfect for having a picnic, but it was so aesthetically pretty too!

4.) Use elevated tableware. Bluff City Picnics used the prettiest paper and plasticware for our picnic, but trust me, they didn’t look like it one bit! The glasses had the look of real glass, and several people thought they were real glass. But as a bonus, they are shatterproof and perfect for outdoor picnics! The silverware looked real as well, and the table was finished off with a tablecloth on it and candle holders and candles. These touches will really take your picnic above and beyond!

5.) Finger foods are great for picnics. For a picnic, you want things that are easy to eat with your hands and carry around on your plate. you also want items that work well in the outdoors and aren’t too messy. Park + Cherry at Dixon Gallery & Gardens created al the food, and they did an amazing job! The meat and cheese board was beautiful and decadent. It had homemade fig jam, meats, cheeses, fruit, olives and mini espresso brownie bites. It was all SO good! They even made sure that everything was gluten free too. Yum!

6.) Don’t forget the cake! I used Smallcakes Collierville for my cake, and it was amazing as always! They created the yummiest gluten free strawberry cake. It has rosettes on it, and it tasted just as good as it looked! They are always my go-to for cakes because they are so moist, and everyone always raves about them and asks where I got my cakes from.

7.) Create a signature drink for your picnic. Ours was Spiked Peach Tea, and it was amazing! Everyone fell in love with this drink. The drink was made by Bubbles & Brews Memphis. They showed up with their adorable piaggio and their homemade drink. the decorated the Piaggio and got the drink all set up to pour straight from the tap. It was so cool! They brought all the perfect garnishments, peaches, and apples on skewers, and it looked so pretty and tasted so good!

8.). Don’t forget the decorations. Pretty Fancy Events created the prettiest colorful balloon arch to go on the Piaggio at the picnic. It 100% completed the picnic. From the florals to the tablescape to the Piaggio to the balloons, it was all so pretty. I definitely recommend adding some fun elements to your picnic!

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