February 19, 2024

Easy Finger Food Ideas for Your Spring Parties

Looking for some easy finger food ideas for your spring hosting? I’m sharing a few fresh ideas below!

finger food ideas

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Don’t know what to fix for your next get together?! Look no further! Sometimes it can be hard to come up with fresh, new ideas on what appetizers and snacks to make for a party, but today I’m sharing some easy but yummy ones. Whether you’re hosting a party, feeding the kids or throwing a baby shower, these are great finger foods that pair perfectly together. And they will all be crowd pleasers!

finger foods

Finger Food Ideas for Parties

1.) crackers topped with cream cheese and cucumber slices

2.) crackers topped with avocado and mango

3.) crackers topped with cottage cheese and peach slices

4.) crackers with chicken salad and grapes

I started with Wasa gluten free crispbread crackers, but you can use any kind of cracker, chip or bread base. These Wasa crackers are large, crispy and so good. And I love that they are gluten free! Last time I made all these, not a single person had any clue they were even gluten free. They are that good! All of the toppings are super easy to make. All you have to do is spread the dips on the crackers and slice up the fruits and veggies. The only topping that took a little more time was the homemade chicken salad, and even that one was still easy. I just use Primal Kitchen mayonaise, salt, pepper and pecans. Then I sliced up grapes and topped the chicken salad with them.

finger food appetizers

I love how these all turned out. Not only are they pretty, but they taste so good too. And they are sure to please any crowd. No more racking your brain on what finger foods to make, resorting to using store made appetizers or spending hours cooking difficult snacks. If you end up making any of these combos, let me know what you think! What get togethers do you have coming up?


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