February 16, 2024

Our New Sectional from Interior Define

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Drum roll please…our new couch is finally here! Matt and I have been planning on getting a new couch for several years, and we finally found the perfect one a few months ago. We ended up picking out the James 4 seat chaise sectional from Interior Define. We looked at so many places both online and in stores, but ultimately I wanted to be able to completely customize the sectional to our family and our needs. And we did just that!

Our Experience with Interior Define

Last year I ordered several free swatches so I could start looking at them and deciding on a color and fabric for our couch. I knew I wanted a pretty grey color, but I didn’t want it to be too dark or too light. I also wanted it to have a tine of beige in it too. After looking at about 30 fabric samples and several different online furniture stores, I decided on getting our sectional from Interior Define, and I decided on the color cloud.

From there, I was able to customize my sectional and decide on the length, width and height, chaise side, cushion, down or down alternative and even firmness of cushion. You can literally customize almost everything! They make it so convenient and easy. After picking out each detail, I was able to add on a 5 year protection plan too. And less than 2 months later, my sectional was delivered early! I am so happy with how it turned out. It looks good, the color is perfect, and it is so comfortable.

And most importantly…it seats all 5 of us! The couch we had before could only sit 3 people comfortably. I love that we can all pile up on the new sectional for a movie night, and there is plenty of extra room! It was definitely worth the wait! Y’all know I have been working on my decorating our home room by room furniture by furniture. It’s been almost 4 years, but it’s a process. And an expensive one at that. But it’s been fun going piece by piece to add to our home. And out living room is finally coming together! Up next is our eat-in kitchen on the list. = ) What area of your home are you working on?


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