February 7, 2024

Valentine’s Day Basket Ideas for Kids that Aren’t All Candy

Looking for some great kids’ Valentine’s Day basket ideas that aren’t candy?

valentine's day basket ideas for kids

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The truth is that between parties and school and everything else, they will already get plenty of sweets and treats. So today, I want to share some great gift ideas that include minimal candy. I did get 1 bag of Hershey’s Kisses and 1 bag of Sweethearts to sprinkle throughout their baskets. And then I bought each of the girls a candy necklace because they always love those. = )

valentine's day basket ideas for kids

First I started with picking out some cute stuffed animals (or pillows) that each of the kids would love. Then I added their larger items like swimsuits and accessories and heart pajamas. I found some adorable fuzzy socks that I knew the girls would love and added that along with some cute earrings. Amelia got a Valentine’s themed card matching game. They all got new, colorful labels for school and home. Then I sprinkled in smaller items like pop its, bubbles and slap bracelets. I can’t wait to give them to them and see what they think. On the larger items, they were things they needed anyways. And on the smaller items, they were very inexpensive.

valentine's day basket ideas for kids

It really doesn’t take anything too crazy or too expensive for your kids’ gifts. The kids will just be happy you thought about them and gave them a sweet basket of gifts. = ) Have you bought V Day gifts for your kids? What are their favorites?


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