March 7, 2024

3 Easy Ways to Wear the Feather Trend Right Now

Let’s talk all things feather! This trend is strong right now, so I’m sharing a blazer, bag, and dress that incorporate this fun style!

feather bag

Shop the Feather Trend

Have you been wanting to try the feather trend but aren’t ready to jump head first into full-on feathers?? Then you would probably love to try some of these feather pieces. It’s a great way to just get your feet wet! I am wearing the cutest feather bag today, and it is hands down my favorite bag. I LOVE it! It comes in several colors, and it is the perfect piece to really step up any outfit you’re wearing. Weddings, brunch, date night, special events…I carry this bag most any time I get really dressed up.

feather bag
feather trend

Another great option for wearing the feather trend would be to try some more accessories like these earrings or these heels I linked above. And if you’re ready to try the feather trend on some clothing, a great way would be to try a feather blazer like this one. I ordered this pretty blazer and the shorts in blue, but it also comes in some other pretty pastel colors. The purple is so pretty too! It’s a great statement set to have.

feather blazer

And if you’re really ready to try the full on feather trend, you know I have this gorgeous dress. It comes in yellow, pink or black, and it is such an elegant head turner. It’s another classy, easy way to wear the trend. And it’s a lot easier to pull off than wearing a dress that has feathers on it from head to toe. It’s definitely a great way to start. Before long, you’ll be decked out in the trend for all those fun events where you really need a glam look. = )

green feather dress

What do you think about this new trend? Would you try it out? Which piece is your favorite?


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