March 8, 2024

10 Ways to Prioritize Your Health while Traveling

Y’all know we love to travel, and it’s not unusual for me to be gone about every other week for work. I love it, but it sure can make it hard if you are a very structured and organized person. It can also make it hard for your health and workout habits…but it doesn’t have to! As much as we are gone, I have still fit in 4 workouts a week every single week for almost 6 months now. And it’s not as hard as you think. It’s all about prioritizing and planning. Keep reading for my top 10 tips to help prioritize your health while traveling.

10 Ways to Prioritze Your Health During Travel

1.) Schedule your workout on your calendar first thing. You schedule your trips; you schedule your doctor appointments. Schedule your workout too. I usually plan to add it to my calendar first thing in the morning, before you lose motivation.

2.) Start small. Move your body! You don’t have to do an hour sweat session of cardio. You don’t have to lift the biggest weights. Just do something. Lift weights for 30 minutes. Walk before bed for 3o minutes. Just get moving!

3.) Prioritize protein. Start with a protein shake or protein overnight oats. I know it’s so hard to schedule out your meals and meet your calories or macros while traveling. If you’re in a hotel, you’re kind of bound to the food they have there. But you can at least pack your protein powder to add to water or milk in the morning, or pack it with oats to make protein oats at night. And you can always make other high protein, low fat choices like egg whites, chicken, fish and turkey.

4.) Hydrate with water (and electrolytes if needed.) When we travel, drinking water sometimes goes out the window! Then we end up being dehydrated and not feeling our best. Make sure you get your water in. And if you’re going to a hot climate or a higher altitude, you will need even more water. When flying, I typically add electrolytes to my water too to make sure I keep everything in check.

5.) Pack your favorite go-to snacks that are protein packed. On top of protein powder, you’re going to need some snacks. They’re great while flying or traveling. I don’t know about you, but when I get busy, I forget to eat. Make sure you have some great snacks on hand like Chomps sticks and RX Bars.

6.) Get outside and get some fresh air every day. It’s no only good for your physical health, it’s good for your mental health. Go for a walk or just sit outside for a bit. It’s the perfect way to get in the vitamin D you need too.

7.) Pack your supplements. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you just let everything go for the week. I pack my supplements with me too. I take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D and DHEA daily. Pack that with your protein powder, and you’re good to go.

8.). Put on your SPF first. First thing in the morning, slather on that sun protection. Whether it’s sunny or not, you always want to protect your skin. It will thank you later.

9.) Don’t forget your skincare regimen each day. Makeup remover, vitamin C serum, retinol, moisturizer. I pack my favorites for when I’m traveling, just like I would at home.

10.). Get 8+ hours of sleep each night. This can be hard when you’re traveling for work and have a full day or work, but it’s really important for your body to rest and heal while you sleep. I typically aim for 9 hours each night.

With just a little prep work, you can have a great trip and still come home feeling great instead of tired, sluggish and bloated. When is your next trip? Do you squeeze in staying active while traveling?


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