April 22, 2024

10 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Kids

Looking for some fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your kids? Here are ten of my favorite ways to incorporate my children in the day!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I love spending it with the kids. It’s usually just me and the kids, so I don’t really plan on my husband planning anything the day of. Instead, I just plan to spend the day with the kids. It can be a long day, so you might as well have fun, celebrate with the kids and enjoy it together. = ) Keep reading for my top 10 ways to spend the day with your kids.

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Kids

  1. 1.) Order breakfast to be delivered and enjoy it together in pjs – Sleeping in may not really be possible with kids, but letting someone else do the cooking while you all stay in your pjs is! This is a win win!

2.) Plant flowers together – This is the perfect time to add some florals and color to the house or backyard. Go flower shopping or even work on a little kitchen herb garden together.

3.) Make artwork and crafts together – You can make impressions of the kids hands. They can make homemade cards. You could even all paint canvases together. Get creative!

4.) Go to the movies to see a family friendly film – We love going to the movies every few months. This is a nice way to get out of the house and have a little relaxing time together. It’s one of the only way all the kids will be quiet together lol!

5.) Have a picnic together in the backyard or at the park – Y’all know we love our picnics around here. And the best part is that you get outdoors together for some sunshine and…you don’t have to clean up a mess in the house!

6.) Make a family photo album together – Buy an album and let your kids pick their favorite photos to print out and add to the album. They can even add details about the images or sweet little notes about how they felt at that moment.

7.) Cook dinner together and don’t forget the popcorn or dessert afterwards – My kids love helping to cook, and sure it may get messy, but they honestly just want to do something sweet for you and fun together. Let them. = )

8.) Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner – One of our favorite ways to walk off dinner and have a little time to ourselves is to go for a walk. It is relaxing and also so good for us. It’s also a great way to bond and wind down for the night.

9.) Play board games or cards together – This is fun way to have a little friendly competition and bond as a family together.

10.) Have a dance party together before bed – What kid doesn’t love a dance party?! Everyone write their favorite song on a piece of paper and draw them to see which song you listen to next. And have fun!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? What is your favorite way to spend the day? If you’re looking for gift guides, check out my blog post here!


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