April 29, 2024

7 Favorite Bakeries that Offer Gluten Free Options in the Memphis, Tennessee Area

Looking for a Gluten-Free Bakeries in Memphis for curing that sweet tooth? This post is for you! I’m sharing 7 of my favorites!

gluten-free bakeries in memphis

Y’all know I love trying to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, but I also love an occasional sweet…especially when that means chocolate! Being gluten free, it can be hard to find a bakery that offers several gluten free options. I’ve already shared my favorite restaurants that offer a gluten free menu, and keep reading below for where to find gluten free desserts.

Gluten-Free Bakeries in Memphis, Tennessee

Jacques Louise – 100% gluten free bakery in Memphis, TN. I have had their chocolate chip and sea salt cookies, and they are amazing! The kids ate them too and had no idea they were even gluten free! If you frequent Congregation Coffee in Germantown, you can grab a few different Jacques Louise gluten free desserts there too.

Smallcakes Collierville – My favorite spot in Collierville to get sweets. They make gluten free cookies by special order, and they make gluten free cupcakes every day. Their flavors change each week, but I have yet to have one I don’t like. They even make gluten free cakes, perfect for birthday parties (like the one pictured above.) = )

ES Sweet Shop – ES is an in home bakery, and everything on the menu is gluten free. Her daughter is gluten free, so she started learning how to cook so many different desserts and sweets that are gluten free. They are opening back up in May, and I am excited to try them out!

Bedrock Eats – I’ve been a fan of Bedrock for about 15 years now. They have a bunch of different great gluten free desserts like cookies and more. They also serve food there too and have other allergy friendly items on the menu too. It’s one of our favorite spots in Memphis where we can get gluten free food.

Midnight Star – Inside is Cafe Eclipse, and it’s on my list to visit very soon to try out their gluten free desserts.

Sweet LaLa’s Bakery – This is a favorite of our entire family in Memphis. The kids love all their cookies, and I love their gluten free options.

Lydia’s Healthy Edibles – This is another that is on my list to visit. Everything they make is gluten free!

Guilt Free Pastries – Everything the chef makes is allergy friendly, including gluten free. They are known for their avocado brownies, but they carry so much more!

If you try any of these spots, let me know what you think. Do you know of any gluten free bakeries in the Memphis area that aren’t on my list? Let me know!


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