February 11, 2013

Bright Colors + Cosmetic Bag Giveaway!!

Giveaway CLOSED

Happy (early) Monday!  To make up for the all the late posting last week, I’m doing a Monday post on a Sunday.  I know crazy, right?  I’m sorry, but going to grad school full time right now while working full time is definitely kicking my butt.  I’m thinking I may have to go back to only taking 2 classes again next semester.  I’ve got midterms coming up next month along with a ziliion projects due this month and a huge certification test for work in May.  So…if anyone wants to do a guest post for me anytime over the next 4 months, I would be so, so grateful.  Just leave me a comment below letting me know.  = )  Anywho, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for you today, and I’ll be announcing the 2 winners from last week’s giveaways, so make sure you keep reading below.  

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Have yall checked out the new Prabal Gurung for Target Collection?  I love the bright colors, the lace details, the colorblocking, and I adore the Nolita print that you see on the dress below.  I’ve included my favorite pieces below.  What do you think about the Target and designer collaborations? 


Remember the Lendperk giveaway last week for a month of free dress rentals?  Well, the owner of the company Star Li has decided to do a free 9 day trial for all first-time users, so get on over to Lendperk, and go ahead and pick out a free dress to try for 9 days!!  And while you’re out surfing the web, make sure to stop by Antoiller Chocolates and order yourself some yummy chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

Now for the giveaway winners!!!

The winner of the month free of dress rentals from Lendperk is…
Elisha Jerry!  Elisha is actually one of my good friends IRL, so I’m so excited for her!  Email me for details, thanks!

The winner of the $50 basket of gourmet chocolate from Antoillier Chocolates is…
Tasha Reeves.  Email me for details, thanks!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks everyone for entering!  I appreciate you all reading each day.  = )  Below are the details for this week’s giveaway!

Meet my long lost blogging twin, Laura from Serrano Style.  Today she has so generously agreed to partner with me to give one lucky reader a comestic bag of their choice from her Etsy shop Nerdy Pumpkin.  All of the ones pictured above are chevron, but she has many other styles available.  Check out her Etsy shop to see her awesome designs.  Laura is a stay at home mom, and she enjoys making these pouches in her spare time.  She loves organizing, and these pouches help organize her on the go.  She spends a lot of time on each bag and makes sure her customers are getting a quality product ,with style.

She started her shop because she was making these bags to help organize her chaotic life. As a SAHM, she’ always on the go – a lot!  Keeping her car and purse organized on the go was always a challenge and finally she thought, “I need some zippered bags that can contain all these loose things!”  She was so tired of having legos, hot wheels, Polly Pockets, pens, crayons, crackers…you name it….it was loose in her purse or car.  Once she became an expert at making these bags, she wanted everyone to have one!  So she opened up the Etsy shop – not in hopes of profit – but as something fun to do, and share with everyone else.  Making these bags is time consuming, so you’ll never see her shop fully stocked with hundreds of bags – she replenishes inventory as needed, or when an item is really popular.  She enjoys making these bags for her customers, and is so thrilled that people like them.  She uses them everywhere, especially traveling!  They’re durable, stylish, and unique.  No two are alike.  The giveaway starts today and will run through Saturday, February 16 at 7:00pm CST.

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is:
1.)  Make sure you’re following me via GFC.
2.)  Make sure you’re following Laura at Serrano Style via GFC.
3.)  Leave me a comment saying you completed both steps to enter the giveaway.  Which bag would you choose?

61 thoughts on “Bright Colors + Cosmetic Bag Giveaway!!”

  1. I love the collaborations between Target and the various designers. I really liked their Liz Lange line when I was pregnant. I will totally do a guest post for you while you're busy with school. Just let me know the details. I am following both you and Laura. I found her through Lora's giveaway and love her bags. I think I would have a really hard time choosing a pattern, but I really love the gray chevron with the orange zipper in the picture.

  2. I'm following both you sweet girls!
    And I don't know which ne I'd choose…it's either between a gray chevron with a colorful zipper or the light blue chevron with the orange zipper!
    Too many cute codices!!

  3. I already follow both of you. =)

    The chevron ones are all cute but I love the red circles with grey accent fabric. Too cute.

    And I don't know how you are able to blog, work, and go to school. You're amazing!

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