March 16, 2013

Vegas Part 4 + Downtown Chic Poshmark Party

Yay, it’s the freakin’ weekend ladies!  It was 75 degrees yesterday, and it will be close to that today.  I’m so excited as I think spring is LONG overdue!!  I’m actually typing this outside on my screened in patio as we speak.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already knew that.  = )  While you’re at it, I would really appreciate it if you’d follow me on BlogLovin too since Google Reader will be shutting down in a few months.  As promised, here is the last group of pictures from Vegas.  These are from the last day.  We went to the Nascar races all day, and then left there about 4:00 after they were over.  We went over to the Strastophere and got some awesome pictures of the city and the skyline.  We had just eaten lunch, so we were all too full to ride any of the rides.  = (  Definitely next time though!  I’ll be back in May for work so I hope to get to ride them then.  I hope yall enjoy the pictures, and also I’m hosting a party on Monday, March 18 in the Poshmark app, so please come by and shop and share your favorite items!  The party theme is Downtown Chic, and it will run from 9:00pm CST to 11:00pm CST.  Enter offer code HJBXV when you join Poshmark and you’ll get a $5 credit to use off any purchase!







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14 thoughts on “Vegas Part 4 + Downtown Chic Poshmark Party”

  1. That's AWESOME that you got to go to the race! We get to go to Bristol in August & I'm BEYOND excited as it will be my 1st live NASCAR expereince! I LOVE your pics of Vegas….I've never been but hope to some day.

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