May 2, 2013

Rebel Run 5K Recap

This past Saturday my mom and I ran a 5K at my old high school.  By the way, I’m trying to convince my mom to do a guest post on her running and weight loss journey so far.  Is anyone interested in that?  So I ran the same 5K last year and got first in my age group, so I was hoping to do pretty well again.  It started pouring down raining all Friday night and Saturday morning, but my mom still wanted to run that morning.  My bed sure was comfy too.  There were water puddles everywhere, which I documented on Instagram, and no I didn’t pee in my pants. = )  I wear really thin, lightweight running shoes.  My shoes and feet were completely soaked within the first few minutes of getting to the course, but at least it wasn’t raining anymore.  I don’t think I realized how chilly it was going to be either, but luckily I had a lightweight windbreaker jacket in the vehicle with me.  Once I got started, it got a little warm though, so I was happy about the way I dressed.

With all the rain, the race turnout was even smaller this year, but I didn’t mind a bit.  = )  I got first in my age group again, and my mom got third in her age group.  I finished in 27:15, and my time at this same race last year was 27:04.  I was just a little slower, but not too bad considering the rain and cold.  The good thing about smaller races like this is that you have a chance to place, and then you’re pumped about the next race.  It really helps to motivate me and my mom to try to set a PR.  My mom and I are doing another 5K together this Saturday.  It’s going to be a new course for us, but I hear it’s pretty flat.  I’ve been running 4 times a week for the last couple of weeks now, and I’ve still been working on my speed, so I’m excited to see how I will improve over the next month.  What races do you have coming up?  Do you like to run smaller races?   Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here for a clothing item of your choice, here for a Starbucks gift card, here for a Shabby Apple gift card, here for a Target gift card and here for a set of note cards and matching gift tags.  #longestsentenceever Have a great day before Friday, and I’ll see yall tomorrow for the weekend!


18 thoughts on “Rebel Run 5K Recap”

  1. Yay to running with your mom. I started getting my mom into doing these 5ks back when I first started running. Together we have been able to watch each other grow. She has seen me go from walking an entire 5k, to running an entire 5k, to running and winning a mud run in my age group, to running 6.2 mile race, and my latest accomplishment of running a 10 miler. I have been able to see my mom walk her first 5ks, run a 5k, and now I've seen her complete 6.2 miles. We never thought this would be possible.

  2. YES! Definitely have your mom guest post!! I think it's so awesome that you two run together! And if she does write a post, I'll have my mom read it–I'm trying to get her to sign up for a 5K with me. She says that she's going to do the c25k program with my brother but those two looove to procrastinate, so I figure getting a race on the calendar will help motivate her!

  3. Hey! Just found you through Instagram. I live just 20 minutes outside of Memphis in Cordova! I always like finding other bloggers around the area. Are you planning on running the St. Jude Half this December? I just signed up and it'll be my first half 🙂 You can check out my blog at if you're interested. I look forward to following you!

  4. That's WAY TOO COOL that you're able to race with your Mom!!!! As you know, I have set a goal to WALK the St. Jude Half Marathon. I want to walk some 5Ks between now & then….but I would have to have the stroller with the girls. I NEED to research some 5Ks around us that allow strollers…..

    Have an awesome day!

  5. Great time! I'm trying to lower my time to around that as well… I gotta get my butt outside and start running faster these days! I always hear that speed work is key, but that just sounds miserable to me haha
    And I know I said on Instagram earlier today, but I'll say on here as well- I'd love to see a guest post from your mommy! My daddy made his new year's resolution to run a marathon this year after seeing me run one and love it a few years ago. He completed his first half last month and is obsessed… it's always fun to inspire your parents to do something, since sometimes it's the other way around!

  6. Way to go! Congrats to you and your mom! My mom has decided that she wants to get on a weightloss journey and run a 5k too. I am totally excited for her and hope she sticks with it. I would love to read her guest post! Good luck on this weekend's 5k too!

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