August 29, 2013

Boho Dress




Happy Thursday everyone!  I’m off work today and Friday and am enjoying the long weekend.  It’s time to get in some of the last pool days I’ll have before fall gets here, though in Memphis, it might be hot until December.  You never can tell around here.  I was debating on going to the lake with my family, but I think I might just stay here and get caught up with school work.  That’s one of the only downfalls to online classes; they give you lots of busy work and they just dive right into the new semester!  I’m also planning on running each day I’m off.  For the last week I’ve been leaving my running shoes by the door so when I walk in the house, I will immediately see them, put them on and run before I have a chance to sit down and talk myself out of running.  I plan to line up some more 5Ks in September.  Are there any good ones in the Memphis area anyone has heard of?  Some of my favorite ones have been cancelled or were rescheduled, so I’m looking for some new, few ones to do soon.


Boho Republic is a casual, comfortable, chic clothing line that is handmade by the owner, Tina, in her Seattle studio.  She is hoping when you first put your Boho Republic dress on, that you feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but when you look in the mirror, you look chic!  I can completely attest to that; this dress is so comfortable and easy to throw on, yet it instantly made me feel girly and chic.  All the designs are based on the same silhouette with the elastic smocked shirring at the waistline and a simple a-line shape, but the necklines, sleeves and hemlines vary to create an easy wardrobe, but one that doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same dress each day.  Tina tries to incorporate recycled textiles whenever possible, and she tries to choose easy to care fabrics.
When Tina first contacted me, I picked out the fabric design I wanted, and then I told her what shape I wanted for the dress.  I provided her with my measurements and even told her I wanted the sleeves to be to elbow length to create a long straight line visually.  I love the a-line shape as it balances out my really broad shoulders, and the shorter hemline makes my legs look longer.  The dress I’m wearing is made out of a light, breezy material, and it is definitely going to be an easy-to-wear, go-to dress.  Make sure you check out her shop because she has some really stunning designs!  When Shane saw me in this dress, he loved it and said it looked like it fit me perfectly, then I had to tell him that it was made for me.  There is definitely nothing better than having a custom dress made for you that fits your unique body shape perfectly.
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Photography by Allison Fay.

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  1. Love that dress! And the shoes are great! Hope you enjoy your long weekend. My hubs will be spending the majority of it working on school work too, BOOO!


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